Top 100 Films

One of the biggest lists I write, and the one I take the most seriously, is my list of one hundred favourite films. It changes all the time, as every month I am seeing new movies that battle for a position on the list, as well as rewatching movies and often giving them higher ratings and praise than after the first time I saw them. The previous updates for this list on my site were in August 2011, January 2012 and June 2012. Since June, there have been a lot of changes, and I updated the list in parts through blog posts. If you want to view an almost constantly updated one, check out my Top 100 Films list on Letterboxd, where new changes are recorded immediately as I make them. You can see that page here! But enough of that… here are links to my top 100 films of all time, in ten posts:











  1. There are no links to any positions from #80 to #1.

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