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The Weekly Discussion: The 60s in Cinema

I’m starting a new feature here at Southern Vision called The Weekly Discussion, in which I will introduce a subject (and an accompanying poll) for the reader to talk about/discuss, in the comments or simply by voting in the poll. You don’t have to stick to the subject either, you can say whatever you like about whatever you think might be relative to movies in general. Basically, it’s a place to come together each week to talk about and express their views on a movie-related subject. This week it is…

The 60s in Cinema!

What have you got to say about the swingin’ 60s? What’s your favourite movie of the 60s? What, if anything, do you have to say about cinema in this glorious era? Anything is welcome, feel free to bring up any comments or opinions about this cinematic time, no matter what they are. Opinion is not only welcome, it’s preferred!

This week’s poll is… Who do you think was the most influential director during the 60s?

Go ahead, please vote, even if you’ve only seen one or two of the films of these directors, it doesn’t matter. Different people’s opinions make for a wide variety of answers, and that’s much better than everyone just picking the same one. Be different. Be honest.

So… comment time! Who wants to start the discussion?