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The Ten Most Outlandish Acts Larry David Has Committed on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm has just started its eighth season over in the States, and we can rely on Larry David once again for consistent hilarity. Of the seven seasons so far, here are the ten craziest, most shocking things LD has done on TV, in chronological order:

Called Cheryl’s Aunt a Cunt, Beloved Aunt, Season One

“Devoted sister, beloved cunt?” Incredibly unexpected, this is an example of the worst possible typo, which shocked and appalled Cheryl’s family, just moments after he won them over with a Marlon Brando impression. Speaks for itself:

Tripping Shaq at a Basketball Game, Shaq, Season Two

Larry’s just being ignorant here, with his legs stretched out, completely careless, and along comes Shaquille O’Neal… The best part of this clip is Richard Lewis: “It’s not an assassination attempt, for Christ’s sake!”

Commented on a Young Child’s Penis, The Nanny from Hell, Season Three

What a cringe-worthy moment! Things are running fine between Larry and Hugh until the latter’s son’s penis is mentioned. Fuck Hugh, Larry David!

Stabbed Ben Stiller in the Eye, Ben’s Birthday Party, Season Four

“The toothpicks… there’s nowhere to put the toothpicks!” Larry is working on his golf swing, avoiding a tedious classical song and accidentally blinding a famous actor all at once. I can’t find a clip for the scene, sorry.

Stole a Golf Club from a Dead Man’s Coffin, The 5 Wood, Season Four

To be fair, the 5 Wood was stolen, and Larry deserved it back, but to think all of this could’ve been avoided if he hadn’t been a smartmouth to a kid. I can’t find a clip for this one either.

Befriended a Sex Offender, The Seder, Season Five

“Cheryl, he’s a JEW! He’s a JEW!” Larry befriends a bald sex offender and invites him for Passover, with unexpected results.

Stole Flowers from a Memorial Site, The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial, Season Six

After getting into an argument with the Dean of Admissions to an important school at the ice cream store, Larry steals flowers from a memorial site to give to the woman as an apology. It does not end well. Here is the aforementioned argument:

Got His Therapist Jailed, The Therapists, Season Six

In an episode jam packed with hilarity, Larry convinces his therapist to help him stage a mugging and rescue to help him get closer to Cheryl’s therapist. The cameo is funny enough before we see what he actually makes the therapist do.

Urinated on a Painting of Jesus, The Bare Midriff, Season Seven

In what is officially my favourite ever episode of Curb, Larry “splashes” a painting of Jesus, which has unforeseen results. Not only one of the funniest episodes of Curb, but also one of the funniest episodes of… well, anything.

Brutally Murdered a Beloved Swan, The Black Swan, Season Seven

Not too long after inadvertantly killing an old man, he proceeds to accidentally do away with a country club owner’s beloved pet, Kyoko the black swan. Only LD.

There. That’s my list of the top ten craziest, mot controversial, shocking things Larry David has done on Curb Your Enthusiasm. There are hundreds more crazier things throughout the whole series, and I can’t wait until Season Eight hits screens over here. Anything you’d like to add? Leave a comment below.