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The Ten Best Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bald Asshole

Recently, I became addicted to the hilarious HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, and have since bought all seven seasons on DVD and watched them religiously, and I can’t help but notice a little bit of Larry rub off on me. So… I’m going to present the ten BEST ever episodes, a task which is extraordinarily difficult, and also provide reasons, quotes and classic moments to back me up.

So, without further ado, the ten best episodes of Curb, in chronological order:

S2E3: Trick or Treat

Never before have I heard someone respond to the question “Are you Jewish?” with “You wanna check my penis?” Larry David opened that door into a world of easy offence, especially to two teenage girls who commit a “hate crime” and the disputed inventor of the Cobb salad. Terrific.

S2E7: The Doll

“Sweet Judy Brown Eyes?” Larry manages to commit more atrocious yet seemingly acceptably accidental incidents in this rollercoaster of an episode. From a misinterpreted genital examination to a horribly misplaced drink bottle, Larry David serves up countless offensive comments and acts yet again in this season highlight.

S3E4: The Nanny from Hell

“You don’t comment on a four-year old’s penis!” I have complete sympathy for the nanny here, that tune is atrocious and just might have the possibility to drive me to insanity. As to whether Lewis coined that oft-abused term is still to be disputed though I doubt anyone will dispute Larry’s outrageous gift of a dozen spongecakes which end up having an unlikely usage.

S3E8: Krazee-Eyez Killa

“You my Caucasian?” Larry gives lyrical advice to a black rapper, suffers the horrible consequences of adventurous fellatio and learns true jacket throwing etiquette in this well-known episode which is regarded as one of the best. As to whether Larry is a motherfuckin pimp is to be decided.

S4E6: The Car Pool Lane

Speaking of Larry the motherfuckin pimp, his adoption of a Big Momma prostitute for access to the car pool lane has unexpected results and the appearance of Jorge Garcia “Hurley” as a doubtful drug dealer is a shockingly perfect example of his shockingly imperfect behaviour.

S4E10: Opening Night

The longest episode yet, this hour-long season finale is one of my favourite episodes simply for Larry’s brilliant rendition of Max Bialystock in The Producers. His sudden burst into a comedic routine (“People, this is my cousin Andy, or as he is affectionately known by his nickname, The Primary Reason for Anti-Semitism”) is priceless and perfectly Larry, as is his determination to get his anniversary gift and a dislike for Republicans (“You have a picture of Bush?”)

S5E8: The Ski Lift

I was surprised all this could be crammed into one episode, with the big vagina thing and the ski trip and Larry’s yarmulke-toppling performance as an orthodox Jew. Also, seeing him swap places with Jeff in marriage, even if temporarily, is hilarious enough. And as well, I don’t know if edible underwear have ever showed up at a more perfect time.

S6E3: The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial

“I like being called Daddy,” says Larry to the dean of admissions to a sacred school which he is determined to get Sammie Greene and the Black kids into. Stealing flowers from a memorial site is perhaps the most atrocious thing he’s ever done (next to pissing on Jesus), but it seems strangely normal coming from Larry.

S7E2: Vehicular Fellatio

From Larry’s vicious assault of a sealed GPS to his distaste for oral sex in a car (which I seem to remember him receiving in Season One), this episode was a riot of mistakes and coincidences. Who was blowing who? No one can be sure, but vacuum-sealed packaging and a badly timed romantic moment between Jeff and Susie could be the end of all three of them.

S7E6: The Bare Midriff

Without a doubt my favourite episode ever, The Bare Midriff had everything. I’d never laughed so hard so many times in one Curb episode. A doubtful decision of office attire to a classic case of racism toward bald people to a gift Richard Lewis wishes he never got Larry to a stunningly outrageous desecration of Christ to a suicide attempt that nearly leads to Larry’s death… whew! There’s so much hilarity in this one episode that it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt, a reason to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Episodes That Didn’t Quite Make It:

S1E3: Porno Gil, S1E8: Beloved Aunt, S2E2: Thor, S2E9: The Baptism, S3E9: Mary, Joseph and Larry, S3E10: The Grand Opening, S5E7: The Seder, S6E1: Meet the Blacks, S6E9: The Therapist, S7E5: Denise Handicap

There you go, my ten favourite Curb eps. Now leave a comment telling me if you agree or disagree, and what your favourites are.

Thanks for reading.