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I’ve been building up my DVD collection regularly for about sixteen months now, striving to collect as many of my favourites and “classics” as I possibly can. Now the idea I’m going to present to you might not sound like the most original, but nevertheless I’m going for it: if I had to trade one of my top ten DVDs I own to keep the other nine, which would it be? Well, in order to make that decision I have to figure out my top ten favourites, right? Well, five of them are the five Criterion DVDs I own:

1: The Seventh Seal (1957)

2: The Double Life of Veronique (1991)

3: M (1931)

4: Short Cuts (1993)

5: The Vanishing (1988)

Okay, so those are easy picks, but the other five… not so much.  There’s definitely Magnolia, my favourite movie ever, and Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s best movie. I don’t own any other Ingmar Bergman movies (well, I’m planning to get my hands on Persona… somehow) but if I did, the choice would be much harder. I don’t really like to pick two films from the same director, but There Will Be Blood is definitely on the list so that’s eight (thank you, P.T. Anderson). Kubrick’s another one of my favourite directors, so 2001 is way up there, and if I had to squeeze in one more, I’d make it The Big Lebowski, my favourite comedy DVD.

So there are the ten most valuable DVDs (to me, anyway) in my probably undersized collection of 160-ish. If I had to get rid of one, I wouldn’t want it to be one of my Criterion DVDs, but perhaps it will have to be. I’m definitely not getting rid of the latter five, so it’s up to those pesky Criterion Collection DVDs to make the trade. You see, in New Zealand the only way you’re gonna get access to a Criterion DVD is by ordering it from Amazon and paying twice the product value for shipping. The invoice is seldom a pretty sight, but its worth it to know you own these mint-condition movies. But… I think The Double Life of Veronique can be replaced pretty easily. It’s my least favourite personally of the Criterion DVDs I own (don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I hate the movie, I just like the others… well, more).

A DVD collection can be a casually disregarded thing or it can be something you invest a hefty amount of spare cash into, depending on how dedicated you are to movies and how much you can afford with the other basic living expenses. I know all these DVDs (and the ones yet to come) will total up to a lot (cash-wise, time-wise and otherwise-wise), but the value I feel in holding a classic movie that so few people I know own, and having it proudly displayed on the shelf is a tiny little part of life I truly love.

So… whaddabout you…?

What are your ten most prized DVDs and which one would you give up? What do you think of the Criterion Collection and what Criterion DVDs do you own? Leave a comment below letting me know.

Thanks for reading.