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The 100 Best Films of the Seventies

The Weekly Discussion: The 70s in Cinema!

Welcome to the third installment of The Weekly Discussion. In the past two, we examined the most influential director of the 1960s and 1930s, respectively. I am planning on polling you to see who the most influential director of each decade of the 20th century is, in random order. This week, the poll looks at the sexy seventies!

Heaps of amazing, revolutionary movies were released in this decade, some of the highlights including The Godfather, Cries and Whispers, Barry Lyndon, Network, Apocalypse Now and countless others.

But which director had the biggest influence on the film industry in that decade? Vote in the poll below:

Thanks for voting. If you have anything to say about the subject of the 70s, directors, filmmakers and movies, then please leave a comment below. Thanks.