Hello, and welcome to Southern Vision. My name is Tyler; I live in New Zealand and I am the sole writer of this blog. Here you will find reviews, lists and other random content involving movies that take my fancy. You’re likely to find a generous helping of foreign or independent movies here. I’ll admit, I enjoy them more than mainstream movies. And you will see a lot of them around here. Check out my Favourite Directors and Top 100 Movies pages for more info on the movies I like.

This site will be updated very regularly; there is a post up usually each day, and comments are welcome and encouraged. I’m hungry for feedback, so it’s always nice when people leave comments, even if they’ve only got tiny little things to say. Or if one of my posts inspires you to rant lengthily in the comments, that’s welcome, too. I rant a lot as well so I know what it feels like to get all fired up about something to do with movies.

If you have any personal questions about the blog, movie-related topics you’d like me to bring up or just subjects you’d prefer to talk more in-depth about than the comments, you can email me at (southernvisionblog at gmail dot com). No spammers or else… there will be blood.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Jailson Rainer

    Great blog!

  2. Justine Giannetti

    Have you read, “Understanding Movies,” by Louis Giannetti? If not, I recommend it.

  3. :O Another person from NZ!

    • I know. We’re like an endangered species! 🙂

      • I know! You’re only the third NZ blog I’ve come across. This is exciting! If you don’t mind me asking, which part of this wonderous land are you from?

    • Invercargill. I’ve read your blog so I know you’re from Dannevirke.

      • I had a wisdom tooth removed in Invercargill, needless to say I haven’t got the fondest of memories of the place 🙂


      • Hey, that’s unfair. Just because you had a tooth removed you associate the city with that? It’s a great place, and quite quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of the more major cities.

      • I know I am just pulling you leg. It is a great place with very gentle dentists!!, the cinema was cute too!!

        No I am from UK. We (the wife and I) travelled the world in 2003/4 and spent quite a while in NZ. Half of my wife’s family live in Rotorua, but some are in Christchurch.

        We would love to move out there too but I guess that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Not much need for my skill set out there.


        • Huh. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. It’s not a paradise, but, it’s nice, if you’re looking for something simple. The only disadvantage is film availability (if you’re looking for something really specific, you may have to pay more than usual to get it). At a brief point a few years ago I was considering moving to the UK but decided not to. Everyone I know is here, and Ashley (my girlfriend) has all her family here, too. It’s too complicated to move at the moment, with the economy the way it is. We’d all love to travel, though. I better stop before I start rambling. Anyway, it was nice to have you here in NZ.

  4. Very nice blog. We have a lot of favorite movies & directors in common ^^

  5. I’m glad I found this blog, it is very cool and the post are very interesting.

    I have a movie blog myself but it is in spanish, I live in the Dominican Republic (in the caribbean). I will like to stay in contact here is my info:

    twitter: @cinemaforum

    blog: cinemaforum.wordpress.com


  6. Hey man I run a movie blog and I really like yours and I would love to recruit you to post features, reviews or anything else for my website, you would be a great addition to our family of writers! Here is the website: http://www.mrmoviefiend.wordpress.com and please contact me at mrmoviefiend@gmail.com

    Thank you so much! I look forward to your email!

    Nicholas (MrMovieFiend)

  7. Terrific blog. I’ll be back. I’m a big movie fan. Used to watch black and whites on a little TV in our basement. I wrote a book called “The Black Bird” which is a fictional account of the production of the film ‘The Maltese Falcon’. I also wrote a book called ‘Making Movies’ which is a fictional account of a movie director and his band of actors. My daughter is now in the business as a sound editor. Seems like you’re deluged with people. Remember one thing. It’s all about the story.

  8. Have had a bit of a read, and I have to say, I am impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I’ll definitely be back!

  9. Love your blog!!!! Very insightful and great film selections!!!

  10. hey tyler, i was going through the images of “the three colors trilogy : red” and got onto ur blog 4m somewhere,, and Now m gonna follow it regularly,, i liked the way you r managing directors’ list and everything,,

    4m india

  11. Hello there Tyler. I don’t know if your into the whole blogging award thing but was recently mentioned for the ‘7×7 link award’ and asked to pass it on the others noteworthy blogs. I choose you as one of them. Here’s a link, if you want to take a peek? http://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/7-x-7-link-award/

    • Hi Mark. I have already had the 7×7 link award passed on to me and I have already written a post about it, which you can find here. I’ll make sure to go and edit that post so that you are credited for also passing the award on to me even if it is a month later than I first received it. Thanks Mark.

      • Your welcome mate. I had a feeling you might have already recieved something. Your blog is excellent. It would have been a crime to have been overlooked. Keep up the good work buddy. 🙂

    • I have also added your site to my blogroll.

  12. Just stopping by to let you know i’ve bestowed upon you the honour of the One Lovely Blog Award. Good work, really enjoying reading your posts!


    • Wow, it’s an honour to be one of your selections. I’ll have to remember to do what you asked in the post, I’ll try and do it later today or tomorrow. Thanks again!

  13. I´m really glad that I´ve found this blogg of yours. There is too much Hollywoodish reviews and movies that I don´t like.

  14. Just arrived to your blog (from Argentina!). “Buffalo 66” post and “Eternal Sunshine…” pic as header in this page!? I swear I’ll be back for more reading!

  15. I am really enjoying your blog. Some great films and thoughts here. Since you have a heart for many of the same films and directors I do, I thought you might like to see my short film “IF A TREE FALLS.” http://nobudgefilms.com/post/32238062412/if-a-tree-falls

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  17. Hello my name is Michael McCallum. I’m a filmmaker/writer/actor and I would love to have you review my newest feature, Buffalo. The trailer is located on my site, http://www.rebelpictures.net. Please contact me! – Michael

  18. It’s very cool to know there are other Foreign and Indie films enthusiasts out there! Looking forward to digging in your blog ^_^

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