Unforgettable Scenes #11: Possession

Looking for the greatest, most outrageous, daring and incredible acting performance in a horror movie? Well, look no further than Isabelle Adjani in the cult horror classic Possession. I went into this movie not knowing what to expect, and was thoroughly floored by it. It’s one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen (though sadly one that’s difficult to find), and though it’s an incredibly difficult watch (and that’s putting it lightly), I can easily see myself watching it again in the future, if only to marvel some more at Adjani’s talent and incredible ability. She really throws herself into this movie – no literally, she throws herself. There are countless scenes where we are stunned and lost for words at the things she is doing. Few actresses would dare go to the lengths she goes to, and even fewer would be able to pull it off. Adjani does it like a pro.

One scene I found particularly haunting (actually fuck that, it’s downright terrifying) is a scene in an underground subway tunnel, in which Adjani has a physical and mental breakdown which culminates in her… I won’t put it into words. This scene you need to go into completely blind, but be warned: it is difficult to watch. I’m still in awe of how Adjani was able to do this all – in only a couple of takes. You might think you know where the scene is going after a minute or two, but keep watching. It’s a scene I find astonishing just thinking about.


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  1. The second I saw the title of the post I knew it will be that scene. Truly unforgettable moment indeed, probably the most freaky part of the movie even more so than that tentacle thing.

  2. Ugh, I need to see this already.

  3. Great post, it’s one of those scenes where it is so shocking that you can’t help but watch.

  4. It’s quite the performance.

  5. Isabelle Adjani is so stunning. I wonder if she’s still acting these days.

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