The Liebster Award

Thanks to Kyle at The Movie Scene, Ethan at A Reservation at Dorsia and Anna at Defiant Success, I’ve been gifted the Liebster blog award, an interesting meme that has been floating around recently. Since I know you’re all insatiably curious, the rules of the blogathon are:

1: Each person must post eleven “things” about themselves.

2: Answer the eleven questions each person has given you.

3: Create eleven questions for the people you will be giving the award to.

4: Choose eleven people to award and send them a link to your post.

5: Go to their page and tell them.

6: No tag backs.

Right, well let’s not fuck around. Here are eleven “things” about me:

1: My favourite song of all time is “And You and I…” by Yes.

2: My favourite movies to watch while drunk are Evil Dead II and Delicatessen.

3: I am an avid cyclist.

4: Very few things please me more than finding an incredibly rare but great movie on YouTube, like this one.

5: My favourite movie five years ago was The Green Mile. My second favourite was Jerry Maguire.

6: I firmly believe Sex and the City 2 is the worst movie ever made and that nothing will ever beat it (and no, that’s not a challenge). It is the only movie to have ever made me vomit.

7: I would trade every movie I own for a thirteenth episode of Fawlty Towers.

8: If I see someone doing something they shouldn’t be in the cinema without good reason, I will speak up. In my lifetime I’ve asked at least a dozen people to leave.

9: I watched an unusually high amount of horror movies when I was a teenager, then fell out of love with the genre, and am only just now falling back in love with it again.

10: Once took a girl to see Ocean’s Twelve. Can’t remember if the relationship ended because the movie was terrible or I was acting like an asshole. Probably the latter, but you never know…

11: I’m a sucker for a good long take or tracking shot in a movie. Throw a few in there and no matter how bad the movie is, it’ll gain some favour from me.

Now to answer the total of 33 questions Kyle, Ethan and Anna have asked me.

Kyle’s Questions

How has film influenced your day-to-day living?

Well… hugely. I try to watch at least one or two films a day, so yeah it does affect it greatly. It also influences the things I talk about and do.

What film has had the most impact on who you are as a person?

Werckmeister Harmonies. Easily. There is just no question about it. Every single facet of my personality was refined by that film the moment I first saw it last December.

Godard or Truffaut? Why?

I love The 400 Blows and Day for Night, but I have to defend Godard since I know most people will go for Truffaut. Truffaut is the great filmmaker, Godard is the genius.

What is your favourite era or wave in film?

The seventies. So much greatness emerged during that decade and refined itself.

What is a film you wished you liked more, but for some reason can’t?

Brief Encounter. I love British movies, I love classic romances… I don’t like this movie.

If you could remake a film, what film would it be, who would you cast for the leads, and what would you change about it?

I don’t like remakes, I don’t see the point in them, I wouldn’t remake any movie.

What is the best remake of a film you’ve seen and what did they do right with it?

Probably Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear. I prefer it to the original and think it’s one of the scariest movies I’ve seen. Fucking fantastic remake.

Are you a proponent of the auteur theory?

Certainly. The director is always the most important part of a film crew.

If you could collaborate with a director on a project, who would it be and what would the project be?

Michael Haneke on whatever he decides to do next.

Do you prefer black-and-white cinematography or colour?

If you’d asked me this a while back I wouldn’t have been so sure, but now my answer is definitely, without any doubt, black-and-white. That’s one preference I’m absolutely certain of.

What is the most number of films you’ve watched in a single day?

Feature films? Seven.

Ethan’s Questions

Which do you prefer: foreign or English-language films?

Foreign films, but not by as wide a margin as you might think.

Black and white or colour?

As I said earlier, black and white, always and forever.

Has any film changed the way you look at something? If so, which one and what did it change?

Yes. Krzysztof Kieslowski’s A Short Film About Killing made me change my mind about the death penalty. I may change it back at any time though.

What part of the filmmaking process interests you the most?

Cinematography. Easily.

Have you started working on creating your own films?

I’ve made a few arthouse shorts, and I put one of them online, but I’m reluctant to share them because I know they’ll immediately be described as “pretentious arthouse trash” (which they probably are).

Did you discover film on your own or did someone expose you to it?

The latter.

What’s your favourite genre?

Ingmar Bergman. Just kidding, it’s arthouse/avant-garde.

Do you just enjoy watching films, is it actually a career path that you want to pursue, or do you already work in the film industry?

At the moment, I just enjoy watching movies.

When a novel is adapted to film do you read the book before watching it or vice versa?

Sometimes. My girlfriend’s a huge book buff so I read some of what she reads. Interestingly, the worst book I’ve ever read is The Da Vinci Code, which I read before seeing the movie but couldn’t finish. Dan Brown should put down his pen and pick up his crayons.

What do you think is the most powerful creative medium? Why?

Either music or film. It’s so impossible to choose between those two. Probably film.

What’s the best use of music you’ve ever seen in film?

Oh that’s easy. This scene right here (the music kicks in at around six minutes, and lasts until the end of the clip):

Anna’s Questions

Any actors you show promise for?

That aren’t already famous? No, not really. I could think of a few directors, though.

Anyone you’re hoping makes a comeback soon?

No, not really. Most of my favourite actors are either still working or dead. Same with directors.

Name someone in Hollywood you find overrated?

Jeremy Renner. There, I said it, have at me.

What do you do apart from blogging and watching movies?

I work, I sleep, I cycle, I read, I listen to music and I talk to people.

What TV shows do you watch?

Fawlty Towers, Spaced, Open All Hours, Curb Your Enthusiasm. I know three of those are history now, but I still rewatch my DVDs of them often.

Your most prized DVD?

The Seventh Seal. Criterion Collection reissue.

Do you watch movies in theatres more or at home?

At home.

You have the chance to go back in time to see a film premiere. Which film would you see?

I’d love to be at the premiere of Erich von Stroheim’s now infamously-cut Greed. Is there any other acceptable choice besides that?

Dog or cat person?


Whose movies have you seen the most of?

As of writing this I’ve seen 41 Ingmar Bergman movies. So yeah, that guy.

Name your guilty pleasure.

I don’t really have one, but if you paid me a hundred bucks to write “masturbating” in this space I would. Just kidding. Oh come on, it was a bad joke, lighten up.

Now to pass this “thing” on to another eleven people. Don’t feel like you have to do it if I choose you because it is quite a difficult task:

Jessica @ The Velvet Cafe

James @ The Cameraman’s Revenge

Scott @ Front Room Cinema

Steven @ Surrender to the Void

Mark @ Marked Movies

David @ Taste of Cinema

Cherokee @ Can You Dig It

Nostra @ My Filmviews

vinnieh @ vinnieh

Shantanu @ U, Me and Films

Sam @ Duke and the Movies

And my eleven questions are:

1: What’s the best film your favourite director has made?

2: What’s your favourite pre-1930 film (if you don’t have one – and you really should – what’s one you’d like to see?)

3: What’s the best movie you think not enough people have seen?

4: What’s your favourite musical album of all time?

5: Gus van Sant said he remade Psycho “so nobody else would have to.” Do you think this is an acceptable reason?

6: Rank these decades for film: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s.

7: If you only had a few hours left to live and chose to spend them watching a movie, what movie would you watch?

8: Citizen Kane or Vertigo? (if you haven’t seen one or either, the question for you is Alfred Hitchcock vs. Orson Welles).

9: My Dinner with Andre is a film which consists of nothing but two people talking. Le Quattro Volte is a film which contains not a single word of dialogue. Would you rather watch a completely dialogue-free movie or one that’s non-stop dialogue?

10: Think carefully about this one: what is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

11: What’s your favourite film score (not soundtrack)?


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  1. Ah, love your random facts! I was a big horror buff growing up as well. And, I wish I had your courage regarding movie theater etiquette. I just glare at them. I’ve thrown popcorn at their head though! I think I would trade half my collection for a new season of Fawlty Towers. (Def trade in Fat Girl, shoot me.)

    Awesome answers as well. 7 sounds absolutely draining. Long takes are awesome. You’re awesome! 😀

    • Haha thanks Kyle. Yeah, I get really angry at assholes in the movie theatre. In fact, a group of teenagers at Super 8 pissed me off so much that I smacked one of them over the head. Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they can get away with it.

  2. I get angry at people in movies too. They generally don’t fight it because I’m pretty big. I didn’t love The Avengers but I liked it a lot more just because it has a crazy tracking shot that made me like it a bit more. I liked Oceans 12 but that could just be me. Fawlty towers is hilarious, my family and I frequently quote it. Finally you could have made a good pun with the oh cum on in regards to the guilty pleasure (yes I have a sick mind). Oh good answers!

    • The Avengers sounds like the sort of movie I’d like more because of a tracking shot. I hated Ocean’s 12. Pleased to see some more love for Fawlty Towers. I have a pretty sick mind too, but “Oh cum on!” didn’t occur to me. Haha.

      • Just got that Yes album that song is fucking sweet.

        • Happy to hear that. Yes are one of my favourite groups. Their best songs – apart from And You and I – are: Heart of the Sunrise, Starship Trooper, Close to the Edge, Roundabout, Time and a Word and Long Distance Runaround. Check those tracks out if you haven’t already.

          • I have Heart of the Sunrise from the Buffalo 66 soundtrack and will check out the others. That was such a badass use of a song in film I cant listen to it without conjuring up images of the film and that scene in particular.

  3. Hey, I used to post under Luke Caxford, just because I didn’t want my mum to find out, but now I am using L Crossley, which is actually my name. I don’t have a blog, so this will be a log comment.

    My favourite song is “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.
    I really don’t think a 13th episode of Fawlty Towers is needed. In 12 episodes it has already established itself as possibly one of the greatest British sitcoms of all time (behind Blackadder). Maybe John Cleese did it justice?
    I actually think the 90’s is the best era for films.
    I wish I could like the Shawshank Redemption more.
    I would most like to work with Martin Scorsese. On anything.
    I prefer colour. Sorry.
    I would like to make movies a career path. I hope to be a writer/director.
    I fucking love Curb Your Enthusiasm. That and Ricky Gervais’ Extras are my favourite TV shows.
    My most prized DVD is the Godfather Coppola Restoration, because it took me three months to get it.
    My favourite director(s) are the Coen brothers, and their best film is O Brother Where Art Thou?
    For me: 90’s, 70’s, 00’s, 60’s, 80’s
    Citizen Kane. Easily.
    The worst movie I have ever seen is Clash of the Titans. The new version.

    • Haha it’s all good man!

      Twelve episodes of Fawlty Towers are enough, I agree, but still a 13th would’ve been amazing.
      The 90s are third on my list of favourite decades, after 60s and 70s.
      I don’t hate colour, I just prefer black-and-white.
      The Godfather Coppola Restoration is fantastic.
      I haven’t seen Clash, don’t want to.

      Thanks for contributing even though you don’t have a blog. Much appreciated.

  4. Some interesting little facts about you there Tyler. I’m surprised at your Green Mile and Jerry Maguire adoration. Good film’s though.
    Thanks for the mention my man but unfortunately I don’t think I have the time at present to pass this on. It may happen at some point and when it does I’ll be sure to remember you. I’m still very appreciative though. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the award, Tyler. Clocks up to 5 people that have given this to me now! I’ll add your questions to my post, and then get it up at some point today. Loved your answers, and the Sex and the City 2 situation made me laugh pretty hard.

    • 5 people? That’s 55 questions you have to answer. I am not envious.

      Yeah, Sex and the City 2 made me vomit. I don’t know how I survived it. Interminably long, horribly insensitive and absolutely despicable.

  6. Hmm…just a personal opinion, but I personally believe both Truffaut and Godard are geniuses. Sure, Truffaut’s filmography as a whole is highly inconsistent, but even geniuses can fall prey to pragmatism and the lust for profit if they don’t follow their intuition. It sounds corny, I know, but I do think Truffaut had genius in him. All I’m saying is geniuses don’t necessarily have perfect track records, but only a genius could make something as sublime as The 400 Blows or Antoine and Colette. That’s just me though. I’d also say Bertolucci is a genius who had a very faulty oeuvre.

  7. To make it simple, labeling someone a genius or not should be determined by what they’re capable of rather than by what they have accomplished. The question is do/did they have potential.

    • You misunderstood me (actually my fault for not clarifying): both directors are geniuses and great filmmakers. I just think that of the two, Godard stands out as more of a genius, and Truffaut stands out as more of a better filmmaker.

      • Okay, that I agree with.

      • By the way, are there any fillmmakers whose films you like, not because they’re guilty pleasures but because you legitimately think they’re good to great films, who you would under no circumstances consider a genius?

        • Hmm, I’d have to think about that. Off the top of my head I can think of some: Vincent Gallo, Sofia Coppola, Miranda July… that’s actually quite a difficult question.

          • Here are some filmmakers who have made very good films for whom I’m on the fence regarding whether or not to label them geniuses: Louis Malle, Scorsese, FF Coppola, the Coen Brothers, and perhaps the Dardenne Brothers, as well.

            • And here are some filmmakers with patchy filmographies who are definitely geniuses in spite of them: Bertolucci, Truffaut, Fellini, Kubrick, and John Cassavetes. Okay, maybe Kubrick’s filmography isn’t as patchy as those of the other four, but whatever…

              • Interesting choices. I love Louis Malle, Scorsese, the Coens, Fellini and Kubrick. I’ve only seen two Cassavetes films but I loved them both.

  8. From the Green Mile to Bergman, my how you’ve grown.

  9. Man, you had terrible tastes five years ago…

    It’s always funny to see where people came from in terms of the kinds of movies they liked before they got into watching a lot of different kind of films.

    • See here’s the thing… I still like The Green Mile and Jerry Maguire. Not on the level I liked them back then, but I still do enjoy watching them.

      • Likewise, I enjoy watching The English Patient, but only the scenes featuring both Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas.

  10. I hate Sex and the City 2 as well but I do feel there are worse movies out there, though I cannot recall any of the top of my head. However, being both atrocious and offensive, I can see why somebody would label SATC 2 as being the worst.

    I’m always impressed by cyclists, even if they are little kids as I don’t know how to ride one myself. I quit after my first fall at age 4. But I can ride the hell out of a tricycle though, bells and all.

    There are some gorgeous color films out there, but something about black-and-white filmography makes my heart jump a little. I think it’s because of its effect on the mood and essence of the film; a sort of mystery and dream-like quality. That’s what led me to check out Wild Strawberries because some of the google images I found beforehand were simply stunning. So yes, black-and-white all the way.

    You should unveil your films or make new ones if you’re still not pleased with the old ones. Given your eclectic taste in movies (hey, I never would have thought an arthouse lover would put Singin In The Rain in their top 100 films), the end result would be quite interesting. I truly feel that your taste in movies carries no bias and that you just like what you like. So do make some films and let us check them out.

    Also glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Jeremy Renner. I know it sounds awful but his face is off-putting and that is further exacerbated by his acting. He’s your run-of-the-mill action star tbh.

    Finally, apologies for the long comment. I’m currently hyperactive due to a recent tryst with Coke (I hope y’all know I meant the drink).

    • Sex and the City 2 is always going to be the worst for me. Nothing could possibly compete.

      There are a few movies that really cemented my love for black-and-white. I’ll list some, but in reality there are hundreds: Ordet, Winter Light, Through a Glass Darkly, Werckmeister Harmonies, The Turin Horse, The White Ribbon, Last Year at Marienbad… and many others.

      I don’t mind long comments, they’re fun to read and respond to.

      • Oooh, I bought the Criterion DVD of Last Year at Marienbad Monday and am even more exicted now to see it. I also bought The Earrings of Madame de… and hope it delivers as well.

        • I haven’t seen The Earrings of Madame de… but Last Year at Marienbad is a masterpiece. One of the few films to accurately portray what nightmares feel like. Seriously chilling and unnerving.

  11. I don’t have a preference when it comes to film color

    I’m ambivalent to Renner.And i would be interested to see you films.Even if i may not love them, i’m sure they will find a audience.

  12. I’ll finally be seeing Werckmeister Harmonies in the next day or two. Really looking forward to it. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I stopped in the middle of season 4. I really need to go back and finish the series.

  13. ANother award? You guys are spoiling me…. LOL

    Nicely done sir

  14. Alex Withrow

    Your number six about you made me blurt out an enthusiastic YES. That movie is the worst. Ever. Fucking horrid.

    Loved this epic post overall. Seriously great stuff here.

    • SATC2 was the culmination of a day’s viewing that consisted of Fred: the Movie, Angels and Demons and New Years’ Eve. Somehow, its sheer petulance and mindblowing idiocy managed to transcend them all.

  15. First of all, Sorry for being a dick and replying so late. I am still recovering all the data I lost on my laptop. Secondly, THANKS !! and I hope you understand if I don’t post this on blog since I have 88 questions to answer, that would take me a month.

    But your questions are interesting. So, I will answer then here. That’s the least I should do. So,

    1. I just told Alex that I don’t know which ONE is my favorite director. But its either Billy Wilder or Sidney Lumet. So, The Apartment or 12 Angry Men.

    2. Only pre-1930 movie I have seen is Gold Rush. But, believe me there are so many I really want to see. There are 5-6 in my Netflix queue, just as many in few other queues. I think one that I will get soonest(That IS a work OK ??) is Battleship Potemkin.

    3. I have told you this before. The Hill(1965) and The Sweet Hereafter(1997).

    4. I am NOT AT ALL into English music. Anything Indian and I am game but we don’t have many Albums in India.

    5. Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??

    6. That’s really difficult. 70’s, 60’s, 00’s, 90’s and 80’s I think.

    7. If I have 11, Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 😀

    8. Vertigo AND Hitchcock. Always. Though in all fairness, I have only seen Kane and parts of Touch of Evil.

    9. I have survived quite a few movies with lot of dialogues. So, probably nothing but dialogues.

    10. Now that is a test. Well, there are quite a few Indian movies that I think are absolute piece of trash. Then there is Slumdog which may not be the worst movie I have seen but I hate it more than anything in my life. But then there is Hold Me While I am Naked and I swear I only saw it because it’s in 100 movies list. Really !! 🙂

    11. Actually, there are quite few but I NEVER remember which one is which.

    Thanks again and Sorry for this long comment.

    • Thanks Shantanu for your answers anyway, I enjoyed reading them.

      Wilder and Lumet are two great directors to have as your favourites!
      Gold Rush is your ONLY pre-1930 movie? Fix it man! Enjoy Battleship Potemkin.
      I haven’t seen The Hill or The Sweet Hereafter, sadly.
      Haha nice, Indian music sound epic!
      Fair enough, and good call on Vince Vaughn. Hated him in that movie.
      Those two are the only Welles films I’ve seen too, but I plan on seeing more.
      I hate Slumdog. I’ve read about Hold Me While I’m Naked, which I imagine I’ll see eventually.

  16. 1. I don’t think I have a favorite director right now.
    2. My favorite pre-1930 film is a tie between The Passion Of Joan Of Arc and The Gold Rush. I love both of those movies.
    3. The best movie I think not enough people have seen is a tie between Hunger and Weekend.
    4. My favorite musical album of all time is Nevermind by Nirvana.
    5. I don’t think that’s an acceptable reason for Gus Van Sant to have remade Psycho.
    6. 90’s, 00’s 70’s, 80’s, 60’s
    7. If I only had a few hours to live, and spent them watching a movie, I would watch Cinema Paradiso.
    8. Alfred Hitchcock over Orson Welles.
    9. I would rather watch a movie with non-stop dialogue.
    10. The worst movie I’ve ever seen is The Drive. It’s a Canadian movie from 1997.
    11. My favorite film score is a tie between the score from Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone and the score from The Social Network by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

    • Thanks for answering the questions, Meghan! Nice choices for pre-1930 film. Love both of those. Hunger and Weekend definitely deserve wider audiences. I need to listen to that Nirvana album. Interesting decade ranking too, I don’t know many people that’d put the 90s first! Cinema Paradiso is a modern classic. Haven’t heard of The Drive.

  17. Great post — I especially enjoyed your random facts. I am cracking up over your favorite movies to watch while drunk (because let’s face it, some movies were never meant to be watched sober :-P) and your comments on Sex and the City 2, which I’ve never seen. And, oh, Fawlty Towers! If only there were more episodes.

  18. Thanks for the meme,Tyler. Sorry for the delay since I was on vacation,here is mine: .

    From Green Mile to Bergman,I think I’ve walked similar path as you did.

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