One Lovely Blog Award

Looks like I’ve been caught up in an interesting new phenomena that I hadn’t seen before; a passing award known as the One Lovely Blog Award, where you share seven facts about yourself and pass the award on to another fifteen blogs. While it is lovely to receive this award from Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop, I am skeptical about blogathons as simple and painless as this. Nevertheless, it is simple and painless, so I shall participate. The rules are:

  • You must link back to the person who passed it on to you
  • You must include the blog award image in your post
  • You must tell seven facts about yourself
  • You must pass it on to fifteen further blogs, and make sure they know of it

Here are the seven random facts about me:

1: My favourite film when I was 20 was The Green Mile.

2: When I was 16 I jumped off the roof of our house on a dare. I got back up completely fine and unharmed. Then my brother tried it, and broke his arm and leg.

3: I didn’t see The Godfather: Part II until two years after I saw the first one, and I didn’t see Part III until last year, nine years after I first saw The Godfather.

4: In January 2011 I had a Stanley Kubrick obsession and watched every single film of his over three days.

5: I bought all my friends copies of the film Werckmeister Harmonies, and attached a note to each copy reading simply: “This is who I am.

6: If I did a list of things I love, film would be third, after my girlfriend and sleeping.

7: I have never cried at a funeral, yet I cry watching some movies.

Alright, so time to pass this thing on. I don’t want to mess anything up, but I think 15 is too many people to pass this onto. I’m just going to stick with five to save time, because yes I am lazy. I’ll try and make it five great blogs I don’t often pass things onto:

I hope they enjoy writing their posts and I cannot wait to see their seven facts.


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  1. It’s good to hear that your gf takes priority over films!
    Crying at movies but not at funerals is pretty normal I think. The amount of tears you shed at a funeral says very little abour the grief you feel. Sometimes you just lock up – to protect yourself and to take things in your own pace. Movies can be a way to channelize all those tears that have assembled over the years.

    Thanks for sharing the love with me! Like you I’m a bit restrictive in which memes I participate in and I’m not entirely sure I’ll forward this one. I did a similar as late as in February. But we’ll see. Maybe.

    Anyway: I appreciate the thought!

    • I understand, I was cautious to even participate in this one, and it’s okay if you don’t want to continue it.

      The funeral thing… well I’ve been to a few funerals but luckily none of them were ever for people really really close to me. Which is a chilling reminder that one day I will surely have to face the unpleasant funeral of someone I know closely. Best not to think about it too much. I don’t think of myself as an overly emotional person yet it’s strange how much the movies can make me release such emotions. Strange and a little bit wonderful, I guess. 🙂

  2. Interesting that you name sleeping as the thing you love second most. I understand you though. I love sleeping. Not sleeping all the time, but sleeping really well when I’m tired.

    I’ve never been at a funeral, so I don’t know if I’d cry. But I think if someone close to me dies I’ll cry. I hope it won’t be soon.
    I’m always very surprised when I cry watching movies, because sometimes it just happens very suddenly, and other times I feel nothing during an “emotional” scene.
    Anyhow, interesting award and interesting facts.

    • Sleeping is awesome.

      I often don’t cry during emotional scenes. It’s often at really random moments in movies that I start crying, usually if the movie has really really moved me, which doesn’t happen a lot.

  3. Alex Withrow

    Number 4 is awesome. Number 5 is fucking brilliant.

    • I thought you’d like those. The story about the Werckmeister Harmonies DVD is true. It cost me a fair amount to buy all those DVDs (I bought about five of them) from the UK, but I feel like at least I’ve shared with them more of my film obsession than anything else could possibly reveal.

  4. Your facts are rather Interesting !! 🙂 I turned The Godfather off after very first wedding scene, first time I saw it but It was more than 12 years ago and I had absolutely no Idea what I was getting into.

    Thanks for thinking of me Tyler !! Like Jessica, I am not sure about passing it further but if I do, I will probably take your path – even I think 15 is a tad too much. Thanks Again !!

    • Give The Godfather another go when you’re ready for it. It’s an epic film.

      You don’t have to continue this if you don’t want. Fine by me.

      • Ohh Off course I have seen it Tyler..Multiple times. When I saw it first I must have been 12-13, didn’t know anything about it, didn’t understand their accent either. but now it’s #6 on my list of Top 100. It is as epic as movies can doubt.

        • It certainly is. What did you think of Part II and III?

          • Part II is great, personally not as great as I but still pretty amazing, De Niro is beast in it.

            Pretty much hated part III. but to be fair, I have seen it only once and do not remember much of it now.

            • I think Part III is an underrated movie, but it’s certainly nowhere near as good as the previous two. Sofia Coppola’s acting and some of the screenwriting was a big letdown.

  5. I love this Tyler. I have learned a lot about my Kiwi Bruv!!

  6. I love #4 and #5,if I do what you did in #5,I would lose all my friends,because the NO.1 film defining my taste is Kubrick’s 2001.

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