A Film In Images: Mother and Son

I’ve just studied Aleksandr Sokurov’s 68-minute film Mother and Son, and I’ve been able to confirm something I’ve suspected ever since I first saw the movie: it is the most beautiful film ever made, in terms of visuals. There is no more beautiful film I’ve ever seen. Every single shot is like a wonderful oil painting: flat, but bursting with life. There is such emotion and power in every image in the film,  that selecting a few of them to highlight in this week’s A Film In Images post proved to be both a simple and difficult task. I could have very easily just taken screenshots of every single shot in the fairly short movie, but I had to restrain myself. The result is just under 20 images from this marvellous cinematic landmark. Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, have a look at them and tell me what you think in the comments:

Film: Mother and Son (1997)

Director: Aleksandr Sokurov

Cinematographer: Aleksei Fyodorov

Click on the images to see them enlarged:



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  1. It looks very dreamy. That distorted/warped look immediately reminds me of 90’s music videos 😉

  2. Looks very pretty!

  3. Christian Hallbeck

    Wouldn’t you agree that it probably is Sokurov’s intention to portray God’s presence in every single image?

  4. Christian Hallbeck

    For an aesthetic influence I would strongly suggest the painting “View of Toledo”, with it’s slightly distorted perspectives, by Spanish renaissance painter El Greco. I can very much see before me the son carrying around his mother among the birches in this painting. Can’t you?

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