Check Out My NEW and UPDATED Top 100 Films List!

The Top 100 Films list on this site hasn’t been updated since January, which I think is way too long, and since there have been heaps of changes in that time, I’ve decided finally to update it.

So go check it out here

and be sure to leave all comments on that page, and not here. Thanks! I look forward to hearing what you think of the new list.


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  1. I’m surprised Magnolia is #2. I love that movie and I love the soundtrack, but There Will Blood has to be even higher!
    The official rules of Sight and Sound no longer allow pairing of movies – i.e. Godfather 1 and 2. (And how can you say the sum of those both movies is that low??? )

    • I know movie pairing isn’t allowed but I just had to.

      I love Magnolia a hell of a lot. Just hit me hard in a way few other movies have.

  2. You’ve got a quite exquisite list there. I haven’t seen way too many films from it but the majority of them are in my watchlist.

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