50 Film Facts About Me

This post was inspired by Stevee at Cinematic Paradox, who in turn was inspired by the dream of having a trivia page on IMDb. I agree, those pages are awesome and often don’t contain anywhere near enough information about a filmmaker or actor. So I decided to list 50 film-related facts about me (a measly list compared to Stevee’s mammoth 100-fact list), but still a list nonetheless. Let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to list some of your own ‘film facts’.

1: The first movie I can remember seeing in a theatre was Jurassic Park. It scared the shit out of me.

2: The first really hardcore horror movie I ever saw was The Evil Dead when I was ten years old.

3: My two favourite countries for their cinematic output are France and Sweden.

4: Three Krzysztof Kieslowski films have brought me to tears or close to tears: The Decalogue episodes one and five, and Three Colours: Red.

5: I think that the scene where the couples hold each other as they dance in Bela Tarr’s Damnation is the saddest movie scene I’ve ever viewed.

6: Seeing the smoke wisping from the charcoal heap in Le Quattro Volte gives me the shivers.

7: I have seen David Lynch’s Inland Empire 23 times.

8: Zbigniew Preisner’s score to Three Colours: Blue is, in my opinion, the greatest music ever composed for a film.

9: The opening scene of Grin Without a Cat, for me, exemplifies great editing and makes me envious of the documentarian and filmmaker behind it, Chris Marker, every time I see it.

10: I think the screenplay for Glengarry Glen Ross is the best screenplay ever written for a film.

11: Weirdest film text message I’ve ever received, regarding the movie Celine and Julie Go Boating: “So it’s like a French New Wave episode of Scooby Doo?”

12: The episode of Scenes from a Marriage entitled The Illiterates is one of the most savage things I’ve ever seen on film.

13: I think Vincent Gallo’s The Brown Bunny is a great film and I’ll defend it forever.

14: My favourite “indie” movie is and probably always will be Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger than Paradise.

15: There has never been a monologue in film history as powerful as Jason Robards’, two hours into Magnolia.

16: I think the candle sequence in Nostalghia is the best thing Andrei Tarkovsky filmed in his entire, fantastic career.

17: If I was forced to name one filmmaker I admire the most, it’d be Luis Buñuel. The dude is 100% pure awesomeness.

18: “I’m killing myself because you didn’t love me, and our ties were broken and I had to tighten them” is the best and most heartbreaking suicide note in movie history.

19: Many of my nightmares play out in the same fashion as Last Year at Marienbad.

20: The Help is the worst experience I’ve ever had with a film. Twice.

21: I didn’t sleep the first time I saw Waking Life. My head was too full of ideas.

22: My favourite vignette in Songs from the Second Floor is this one:

23: Edith Massey’s performance in Pink Flamingos as an egg-loving invalid always makes me laugh, even though the movie is utterly reprehensible shite.

24: Though I can’t quite nail the accent, “I DEMAND TO HAVE SOME BOOZE!” from Withnail & I is a line I love to say randomly.

25: I could stare at Monica Vitti in L’Avventura, L’Eclisse and Red Desert all day.

26: The slow-motion murder scene in Woyzeck is my favourite movie murder scene.

27: The last ten minutes of Stroszek is my favourite movie ending.

28: I had constant shivers and goosebumps running down my body at 1am in the morning during my first ever viewing of Ingmar Bergman’s Winter Light.

29: Dr. Strangelove is the funniest movie I’ve ever seen.

30: Aleksandr Sokurov’s Mother and Son is the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen.

31: I’ve sat through the entirety of Bela Tarr’s Satantango in one seven hour sitting with no breaks.

32: Reservoir Dogs is my favourite Tarantino movie and nothing will ever make me change my mind.

33: The Five Obstructions is the movie that made me want to make movies.

34: Speaking of von Trier, I think The Idiots and The Boss of It All are very, very, very underrated.

35: Once Upon a Time in the West is my favourite western and the haters can fuck off. Seriously, this movie is indescribably good.

36: I think the ending of No Country for Old Men is perfect and I don’t understand why others don’t like it.

37: I love Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin but Jacques Tati’s trilogy of Mr Hulot’s Holiday, Mon Oncle and Play Time beat the entire careers of both men.

38: The only teen sex comedy I’ve ever really enjoyed is Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

39: There are a lot of directors I love, but none are as humanistic and down-to-Earth as Yasujiro Ozu. Rest in peace, Ozu-san.

40: One of my most proud achievements is that I’ve seen one of the longest narrative movies ever made, Berlin Alexanderplatz, and that I saw it over the course of only a handful of days.

41: I actually applauded Luis Buñuel the first time I saw L’Age D’Or. I don’t understand why it’s not more controversial. It implies that Jesus is a rapist, for God’s sake, how much more controversial can you get?

42: I have currently seen 33 Ingmar Bergman movies (more to come) and I’m proud of it.

43: Evil Dead II is my favourite horror movie.

44: I think Michael Haneke’s Code Unknown is the most important movie ever made.

45: I listen to this piece of music by Mihaly Vig from my favourite movie every day, usually more than once, and try to restrain from crying:

46: Oh, and this too, by the same musician from the same movie:

47: I think Werner Herzog’s documentaries are the best.

48: If I could live inside one movie, it’d be Fanny and Alexander. The five-hour version.

49: Abel Gance’s Napoleon is my favourite film from the first half of the twentieth century.

50: I love Bela Tarr’s Werckmeister Harmonies so much that it will always be my favourite movie of all time and I will watch it at least once a month until I die to remind me how amazing the movies can be.


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  1. I also think RESERVOIR DOGS is still Tarantino’s best. I think THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY trumps ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (though it’s still an excellent film). I also liked the ending to NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. And I have never seen a single film 23 times. I think that’d be enough to make me hate it.

  2. Really cool idea for a post and a nice list of facts! Enjoyed reading them. Completely agree with you on the Herzog documentaries, have been steadily watching more and more of them and they are such a joy to watch.

  3. Nice list, man. Especially love 35 and 39. ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST is just amazing.

    Something must be in the air, I just did one of these lists last week. It’s fun picking these personal facts out of your brain.

  4. I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark in the theater 13 times and Stop Making Sense almost as many. I saw Jaws in the theater when I was 7 and Alien on opening day when I was 10. Both movies scared the hell out of me and both are on my all-time favorite list.
    The Help wasn’t that bad. Even if you hated the script, it was well made and well acted. Viola Davis should have won the Oscar.

    • Wow, I wish I’d had the chance to see those in a theatre. Must’ve been incredible.

      I hated everything about The Help. I’ll concede Viola Davis isn’t bad, but Bryce Dallas Howard was absolutely and in every way completely abhorrent.

  5. Love your passion for a bucket load of films I haven’t seen and the odd one I haven’t even heard of. You inspire me to explore!

  6. I’ve been seeing hardcore movies since i could watch movies, mainly due to having 2 older brothers and a dad who is really hard to shock because he worked on movies in his younger year.

    And i’ve liked a few teen sex comedy’s…not sure what that says about me. And i still need to see the Boss of it all and Code Unknown.

    Anyways,i think i will participate in this. Seems fun and not too time consuming

  7. I wish I could have sex with Monica Vitti. She is beautiful.

    Trois Couleurs: Bleu makes me cry every time I see it.

    I’d totally put Once Upon a Time in the West as one of my all-time favorite westerns. In fact, I’m thinking about writing about an essay on that film as part of my favorite films series for 2013.

    Did you know the cock in The Brown Bunny is fake?

    I love that ending of No Country for Old Men. If haters don’t understand about it, fuck ’em.

    • Thanks for saying what all the men were thinking, Steven. I’d like to have sex with Vitti too.

      Fuck, I love Blue. That final shot of Binoche is incredible. And the music…

      I didn’t know the cock was fake, though I’ve read some quite conflicting stuff; not sure what to believe regarding that. Fake or not fake, it’s still an effective scene and not a gratuitous one.

  8. This list is so pretentious, seriously its great that you’ve seen all these films, but you sound like a first year undergrad thats trying to impress his lecturer on the first day of film school…. where are the guilty pleasures, man; when I was 5 years old my favourite film was Drop Dead Fred and everyday for months I would watch it 3 or 4 times (one of many films ive watched more than 23 times) and i think we can all agree that Highlander is the the greatest film in the world, i mean it did win the Academy Award for the Best Film… EVER (look it up). You shouldn’t be this serious all the time, take a break, go to Wally World or something, watch Gremlins and just enjoy the amazing special effects, then watch Gremlins 2 (for the same reason).

    I like reading your blog because you have really great insights into films from all over the world but do something fun; watch all 6 Star Wars films back to back, watch the 4 National Lampoons Vacation films and cherish the time when Chevy Chase was at his best because one day he woke up and he just wasn’t funny anymore. Just don’t take offence at what i’m trying to say, your a really good blogger.

    Also when i first read your blog you had something about ‘magnolias’ in the title and i was so hoping that was a tongue-in-cheek reference to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back but i was sadly disappointed.

    p.s if you know who my parents named me after without having to look it up you know more about film than most film professors i have ever met, so give yourself a pat on the back…

    • I’m not trying to impress anyone. This list honestly represents the films and film-related culture that I love, and if you find it pretentious then fine. Perhaps you’re right that I shouldn’t be so “serious” all the time but I’m just being myself, if you’ll pardon the cliché. I talk about the films I genuinely love, and if that bothers people then they don’t have to read it.

      I do enjoy watching bad movies every now and then (as awful as The Room and Vampire’s Kiss are, I find them both damn funny.

  9. Brown Bunny? Ugg. I’m with that film until the end. It’s just such a wuss ending. Give us full ambiguity! Much prefer Buffalo ’66. Spen’ time with Vince.

    And Once Upon a Time in the West is the great western. So epic. That film might have my favorite score. I can’t decide between it and Three Colors: Blue,

    • I agree the ending’s not perfect, but I thought it was effective. Though admittedly the scenes leading up to it are much more so, even when it’s just him driving.

      Those are my two favourite scores.

  10. Fun post, but are there really any haters for Once Upon a Time in the West? I think the movie is brilliant as well, and I have heard nothing but praise from others.

  11. Nice picks! There’s not a lot I can comment on because I haven’t heard of half of these movies (I’m like the lowest grade of movie lover), but it makes me happy to see the diversity of the entries here!

    • Haha as usual I try to be diverse but I can’t really escape my love for obscure movie titles. Thanks for reading anyway 🙂

  12. Brief comments about your excellent list:

    4. The Decalogue 1: tears abound.
    7. NICE!
    10. Bold statement, you fuckin’ child.
    20. Amen.
    26. Hells yeah.
    36. Right on.
    47. Yup.

  13. Love No. 24 🙂 I checked out Withnail & I a few months ago when you quoted some of the lines from it on Twitter. It’s one of my new favorite movies. Richard E. Grant should’ve gotten a nomination for his performance.

  14. Feck me, I couldn’t think of 10 let alone 50!! Great work matey!

  15. Utterly fascinating list. Can’t help but wonder what mine would be like. May try one later in the week. 🙂

  16. I agree with Francine, the list comes off a bit pretentious. I know that wasn’t your intention and I know you honestly love the arthouse and foreign flicks. I was hoping to learn more about your guilty pleasures and some more surprising things.

    • Sorry that it does come off as pretentious. I am actually a bit disappointed with the list myself. I didn’t really do it properly. I may re-do it in the future and I’ll take your advice into account. Thanks! 🙂

  17. What a great list! A few of my reactions:

    #14 — I’ve never heard of this movie. You have me intrigued. 🙂

    #15 — His monologue (“The regret! The regret.”) is heart wrenching and left me feeling unsettled.

    #21 — I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I have been interested in it for quite a while now.

    #32 — That’s my least favorite Tarantino movie — I agreed with Roger Ebert: (paraphrased) “Now we know Tarantino can make a movie as good as Reservoir Dogs. Now he needs to make a better one.” That’s one of my favorite things about reading film and book blogs — we all have different perspectives. 🙂

    I enjoyed this, and I didn’t find it pretentious at all. After all, you did admit to liking Fast Times at Ridgemont High. *Laughing* 😉

    BTW, my daughter made a similar list at our blog, in case you want to check it out.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Stranger than Paradise and Waking Life are two great films, I think you’d enjoy them.

      It is great that we can all disagree about films like Reservoir Dogs, and it’s great to be able to lay down our thoughts through the blog medium.

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