He Shoots He Scores #5: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

For those not familiar, He Shoots He Scores is a fortnightly feature here at Southern Vision where I look at a great film score or soundtrack and highlight its excellence. This week’s score is Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s mammoth 3-hour composition for David Fincher’s recent film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I just recently bought this soundtrack and last night and this morning sat down to listen to it properly, and unsurprisingly I’m very impressed. I did hear bits and pieces of it when I watched Fincher’s movie a few days ago, but it was really nice to hear the score on its own. There are 39 tracks, 37 of them original compositions by Reznor and Ross, and there is not a single bad apple among the bunch.

Some are moody, evocative and slow like Another Way of Caring and Under the Midnight Sun, whereas others are frenetic and fast-paced like Oraculum and A Thousand Details. In general, the slow and sadder pieces like What if We Could and One Particular Moment appealed to me more, but the energy of A Thousand Details and An Itch also had me engaged. As a whole, it is a fascinating score to listen to and a more-than-decent way to spend a few hours.

Below I’ve included a few of my favourite tracks on YouTube:

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  1. Being a longtime NIN fan, I do like this record although I feel like it’s a step-down of sorts from The Social Network. It’s a bit long and I wanted a bit more variety. Here’s my full review from my music blog that I’m not using at the moment due to my lack of enthusiasm towards the music scene.

    • I’m also a fan of NIN and I prefer The Social Network to this, but I think Reznor did a very decent job with TGWTDT. It’s interesting and definitely has its moments.

  2. I think i’ve mentioned this before but i still prefer the swedish one to Finchers, but i have to admit the immigrant cover with the opening credits was amazing.

  3. Fuck yes, I LOVE this score. So brilliant. In fact, I was going to write my own piece about it, but I won’t now 😛

    I love all the songs you’ve highlighted here. My favourite is What If We Could?, but lately I’ve taken a shine to With the Flies, Another Way of Caring, One Particular Moment, A Thousand Details and An Itch. Immigrant Song and Is Your Love Strong Enough? are constantly on replay on my iPod. Every time I listen to Immigrant Song and I’m doing something as simple as walking down the street, I always feel like I’m chasing Martin Vanger or something.

    As much as I love War Horse, I really don’t see how that score got an Oscar nomination, but this one didn’t.

    • Haha I knew you’d like this. Hard to pick my favourite tracks, I just posted the ones I gave 5 stars on iTunes. Brilliant album though. Criminally shocking that it didn’t get nominated.

  4. Great soundtrack, What if We Could is so gorgeous, like a sad but also exhilirating lullaby. Loved that it played during love scene and at the ending.

  5. I love this score. My favourite is PINNED AND MOUNTED. Used to perfection in the film.

  6. Love this soundtrack. I even warmed up to the cover of “Immigrant Song”, which I initially hated.

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