The Films I’m Anticipating: Alex Withrow’s EARRINGS (2012)

Welcome to a very special edition of a blog feature here at Southern Vision known as The Films I’m Anticipating, where I look at an upcoming new release that I am eagerly looking forward to seeing. Today’s film is Earrings, the directorial debut of my good friend Alex Withrow of the fantastic site And So It Begins… As he recently elaborated in a post, he’s nearing completion of the post-production stage of his first professional short film which is to be released on July 28 (note that date down). Alex has been keeping the readers of his blog up to date with the film’s progress since before shooting started, and his determination and passion for it has been inspirational. Below you can see the poster for the film, and make sure you visit Alex’s site to show your support, as well as leaving comments here on this post. And remember, you heard it here first: this guy’s gonna go far.

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  1. Good to see bloggers supporting each others efforts 🙂 I will definitely be sure to give it a watch when its done

    I’m still working on my short film idea, but i’m hoping it to be in the vein of the black dog short i linked you to a while back.

    • It is awesome to be supporting other bloggers. It’s what blogging’s about, really. Support and/or inspiration.

      Keep up the work on your short film. It’s a step forward.

  2. I’m totally supporting this dude as well. I hope he makes it. Especially since I’m currently working on another screenplay that is in the outline stages and might actually work on the script sometime later next month. I’ve already managed to finish one last year after having not written any actual scripts for some time due to my own laziness and insecurities. I have a bunch of ideas that I’m trying to jot down. Hopefully, I can get them into contests and make it myself.

  3. Great post- I’m the same, can’t wait for Alex’s film!!! 😀

  4. Tyler, this is the kindest, single most selfless, thoughtful act anyone has ever done concerning my filmmaking. Ever. I saw this post (and your comments on Twitter) this morning, and I have no problem admitting that I was moved to tears.

    I’m indebted to you for your continued support. Really, truly, thank you. And thanks to everyone who has commented here. Your kindness keeps me going.

    • Mate, for all the hard work you’ve put into your film, you deserve at least the utmost support from people around the blogosphere. What you’re doing is a big and time-consuming effort, and I am genuinely very excited to see the finished product.

  5. Great post! I’m looking forward to Alex’s movie I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

  6. I’ve only recently become aware to this film, but the poster is very beautiful! I’m curious about the plot however; from what I’ve tried to find out about it, not much is given online. Though what I can tell is the director surely put a lot into the film, and I am interested in seeing it.

  7. Great job Tyler !! I am sure there are many more waiting to see Earrings, like us !! should be great.

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