For Your Consideration: Why You Should Consider Nominating Southern Vision for a LAMMY

It is that time of the year. The awards’ season that for many film bloggers is far more exciting than the Oscars. It’s LAMMY time. What are the LAMMYs? They’re awards gifted by the Large Association of Movie Blogs to blogs that win certain prizes nominated for them by other bloggers. Since I only joined the LAMB last year, I didn’t have a chance in 2011 to take much interest in the LAMMYs, but I certainly knew what it was and how it works. Now this year, I’ve decided what-the-hell to try and convince maybe one or two people to nominate me in a category or two so that I might at least get a mention or even just a wee bit of recognition. I don’t expect much to happen, and I don’t expect all of my fellow LAMBs to vote for me (because let’s face it, there are sites bigger and much more awesome than my little interweb foreign-film bus stop), but there’s no harm in doing a FYC plug, now is there?

So, of the 15 categories in which a person could be nominated, I’m going to throw out there a few for which I think I might be worthy of consideration:

Best Blog: I don’t expect anything here but since it’s a rather universal category there’s no harm in including it, right?

Best Design: I built up the current Southern Vision look from a WordPress template, and I’d like to say I changed a lot but I didn’t. However, I am pretty proud of my banner as not only does it represent my favourite film of all time, it also represents an image that is almost universal among all film lovers and indeed people – the image of someone normal discovering something extraordinary, just like we film lovers discover great new films every day. I also like my widgets down the sidebar and my snappy post-openers that don’t waste space.

Brainiac Award: Though it’s been more in recent months that I’ve made serious attempts to make my reviews more in-depth and to use more creative language, I like to think I draw attention to all sorts of different films with language hopefully easy to understand and relatively free of mistakes. Maybe I don’t get really insightful too often but I really enjoy writing at the times when I feel insightful.

Best New LAMB: I’m a new LAMB! My LAMB number is #976, which means I’m eligible for this award. I’ve been on the blogosphere for fifteen months and part of the LAMB for much less than that, so perhaps you think I’ve done well for myself in this short time? If you do think so, a tick in this box would make a world of difference.

Best Movie Reviewer: I used to be a shit movie reviewer. For all I know, I possibly still am. But I work hard on my reviews, and as my – shameless plug alert recent 2000 word write-up on Code Unknown recently showed, I now put effort and serious thought into them. So what do you think?

I don’t really have a snappy closing statement, but without being rude or shameless, I would like to say I am damn proud of what I have done with Southern Vision so far. It takes time and effort to write posts as regularly as I try to do, and I can only sit back and admire with astonishment the other bloggers who do it so fluidly and excellently as I try to do myself. I’m passionate about film, and while that might not be the best of reasons, it’s a reason I think is alright.

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  1. Since I’ve already decided not to campaign for any Lammys this year. I will definitely vote for you in the Brainiac category. Of course, if I did end up being nominated against you. It would be like CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. 2 of the best pro wrestlers duking it out.

    • I almost didn’t campaign but decided what-the-hell, since this thing’s only once a year and I’ve never had the chance before. Thanks for the vote Steven, and although I have no knowledge of wrestlers I appreciate the comparison. 🙂

  2. I’m still waiting on my Lamb entry submission being processed. Apparently there’s a backlog. However, I’m still going to try and vote. You’ll be included in several, if not all of the catagories you suggest Tyler. Good luck mate.

  3. When I’ll complete my nominations ballot, you will definitely be there for at least 2 awards! Good luck!

  4. I have you in mind my friend, you know I do!

  5. I’m not going to say a lot other than the fact that you were featured a lot in my ballot. Because you’re seriously my favourite blog!

  6. …haha…I actually nominated you in one of the categories you aren’t going for! 🙂

    …best of luck Tyler!

  7. Still have to look into who I’m going to nominate, but will definitely nominate you for one of the categories!

  8. Alex Withrow

    You want us to consider you for 5, but I nominated you for 6. All well deserved nominations.

  9. I didn’t realize you’re a new LAMB, seems like you’ve been blogging for quite a while. Well your blog is awesome Tyler so best of luck to you!

  10. I’m not campaigning because I don’t feel my blog is currently the best or even third best out of any of the available categories, but I have to say that I’ve already submitted my ballot and your name is on it more than once.

  11. Good luck Tyler in this year’s Lammy! A Southern Vision has come a long way over the months and years and it will definitely be up there when I cast my vote in a week or two 😉

    • Thank you Castor! Yeah, I guess it has come a long way when I consider how lame it used to be. Happy with it today, and it’s nice to hear appreciation from other bloggers. 🙂

  12. Luke Caxford

    How do you vote?

  13. I’m not totally sure how i will cast my ballot, but in the best review category you are definitely getttig a nom from me 🙂

    Btw if you could check out my FYC post that would be most appreciated.

  14. I will consider you, I’m voting as I type

  15. sanclementejedi

    Hmmmm I will give your blog serious consideration for brainiac

  16. Hey, Tyler, congrats on a much-deserved nomination!

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