The Films I’m Anticipating: Lars von Trier’s THE NYMPHOMANIAC (2013)

Welcome to another The Films I’m Anticipating post, where at least once or twice a month I look at an upcoming release whether near or distant in the future that I’m looking forward to. Today I am looking at Lars von Trier’s latest project sure to create controversy, The Nymphomaniac.

I’ve seen all Lars von Trier’s films, and I can safely say he is a great filmmaker and this new film will definitely be one to look out for. It is to be split into two separate films, and is perhaps the conclusion of his Depression trilogy, which began with 2009’s Antichrist and 2011’s Melancholia. Both were successes at Cannes, and despite von Trier being banned from the festival, The Nymphomaniac: Parts One and Two (both are being shot and edited simultaneously for release at the same time) might still have a chance to screen there, even if out of competition.

The Nymphomaniac is the story of a woman’s sex life, chronicling from her childhood and early adulthood in the first film to her later life in the second. As well as splitting his story into two films, von Trier is also planning on releasing two different versions of these films, one featuring uncut, hardcore sex and the other one censored for mainstream audiences (though I still doubt a film based wholly around sex that isn’t pornography will interest mainstream audiences).

Nevertheless, this is definitely a project to keep track of, as the production will no doubt be just as interesting as the finished result itself. Actors involved include Charlotte Gainsbourg in the main role and regular von Trier actor Stellan Skarsgard. What do you think?


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  1. Alex Withrow

    This movie is going to be pure von Trierian bliss. Cannot fucking wait.

  2. If anyone else was doing this i might roll my eyes at it, but i think trier will make sure its not just a silly sex-scene filled film

  3. One of my most anticipated also. I also welcome a new Von Trier journey.

  4. This will be the #1 most anticipated film of 2013. Easily. Lars von Trier puts my mother-fucking sick ass in the seat. I just hope he does Wasington after this film. He needs to finish that America-Land of Opportunities Trilogy. Get Kirsten Dunst to play Grace and get some von Trier regulars. That is all.

    • Yeah, I’d like him to finish that trilogy. Dogville was stunning and Manderlay was crap, so it’d be nice to see what he does with Wasington.

      • I’d live to see that trilogy finished also. I actually liked Manderlay but Dogville was a very hard act to follow. Dogville is probably my favourite of Von Trier.

        • Yeah, Manderlay wasn’t that atrocious, but I thought Bryce Dallas Howard was horribly, horribly miscast. She’s one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen (see also THE HELP).

          • I have to agree there. She is pretty woeful. That’s nepotism for you, I suppose. I was really disappointed when Kidman dropped out of the proposed trilogy. Like Steven says earlier though, Dunst would be a good choice. Or would a darker side to Amy Adams work, do you think?

  5. Sounds interesting – the kind of interesting that only Lars von Trier can serve up.

  6. I don’t think Bryce Dallas Howard was that bad. I just think she’s a very overrated actress. I haven’t really seen anything she’s done that is noteworthy. A couple of bad M. Night Shyamalan films don’t really help. If I was to tell myself after Manderlay had come out that Kirsten Dunst should play Grace in the third film. I’d be scoffing about it. Yet, after seeing what Dunst did in Melancholia. Particularly with a part that really made her bare soul, she seems to be the one person that can do that character to justice and probably out-do Nicole Kidman.

    I’m also wondering if The Five Obstructions w/ Martin Scorsese will happen as well.

    • Bah, Bryce Dallas Howard can go to hell. She was so bad in The Help I felt like hurting myself.

      Lars von Trier said he wasn’t sure if the new Five Obstructions was happening, but more recently a producer said that he and Scorsese had been discussing it.

      • What is this FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS? I’m intrigued. I’ve not heard of this talk.

        • In 2003 he made The Five Obstructions, a documentary film where he made his mentor and friend Jorgen Leth remake his short movie The Perfect Human five times, squandered by five different ‘obstructions,’ supposed to ruin the remake or make it difficult to produce.

          Von Trier announced recently he wanted to do another five obstructions film with Martin Scorsese, wherein Scorsese would remake scenes from Taxi Driver. It’s on-and-off, but it’d be awesome if it got made.

  7. I know this seem out of place? But have you seen “Diary of Nymphomaniac?”

  8. I plan on watching more, but after Antichrist, I don’t understand LVT. It seems like cheap sensationalism in the name of “art.” I hope other films change my perspective somewhat, but I’ll be honestly and say I’ll approach his next film with curious skepticism.

    • Antichrist has divided audiences. I loved it, but I won’t go there otherwise we’ll be here all day.

      In short, he has some accessible films and some downright inaccessible ones. I haven’t hated any of them. But I think The Nymphomaniac will almost certainly be an inaccessible one, in the same vein as Antichrist.

  9. You could have said there’s a new film coming out called Nymphomaniac – who is the director? I doubt I would have picked anyone other than Mr Von Trier. I’m sure it will be another lurid examination of his own ego but will I enjoy it? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be another fascinating piece of art house trash.

    • “Arthouse trash”? Ouch. I hope you’re referring to von Trier’s films and not arthouse movies in general.

      • …yep…von Trier. Despite not liking the man I can’t hide from the fact his films continue to draw my attention. But that is perhaps part of the reason why I don’t like him.

  10. With a title like that I’m sure it will be nothing short of eventful. But is Von Trier so I know what to expect.

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