Check Out My First Ever Infographic, on the Actors and Movies of Ingmar Bergman!

I’ve never tried to do what one might call an ‘infographic’ before, simply because I don’t have the skill or technology to do so. However, after spending hours remarking at John @ TDYLF’s numerous infographics (particularly a recent one involving Ingmar Bergman), I thought I’d give this one a go, and it’s inspired by an earlier post of mine I made about the characters in the Bergman movie Fanny and Alexander. You can read that one here.

This time, I’ve decided to do a similar match-up. I’m going to list eight Ingmar Bergman actors and link them to whichever Bergman movies they appear in. I’ll only be including actors he used regularly in his more well-known films, so don’t expect to see too many obscure names or titles, but I’ve tried my best with it to include a large range. Each actor is colour-coded; for example Max von Sydow is linked to the films he’s in with a yellow line. Any two films that are connected by a yellow line both star von Sydow. And the same for all the other actors and their individual colours.

So take a look at it and leave a comment with what you think. The main reason I’m doing this is to get Ingmar Bergman movies more attention, and if it convinces people to see some of the master’s great movies, then that can only be a good thing! Here goes.

Click on the image to get it full size.


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  1. Cool graphic! Love her. Cheers.

  2. Wowsers, that’s one epic infographic! I could never do one of those, I’d probably just end up confusing myself and going nuts. So well done!

  3. I agree with Stevee, this is epic as hell, and I love it.

  4. Cool, must have taken you a bit to create it!

  5. Nice info graphic, Tyler! I had just been reading about Von Sydow. I might check out some of his films w/ Bergman.

    • The great thing about Von Sydow is that he starred in many of Bergman’s greatest films (though he missed out on being cast in Fanny and Alexander, due to a mix-up), including The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Through a Glass Darkly, Hour of the Wolf and Shame. If you’re looking for good Bergman films starring von Sydow, you can’t go wrong with any of those five.

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