The Films I’m Anticipating: Kiarostami’s LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE (2012)

Welcome to another The Films I’m Anticipating post, as part of the weekly series where I examine an upcoming release that grabs my attention and/or excites me. This week we are looking at the upcoming Abbas Kiarostami (Taste of Cherry, Certified Copy) film Like Someone In Love.


Last year, word was spread that Iranian filmmaking legend Abbas Kiarostami was working on his upcoming film, The End, which was to be a dramatic romance thematically similar to 2010’s popular arthouse hit Certified Copy (which already has a scheduled release from the Criterion Collection). The film is to be the story of a young Japanese prostitute who strikes up an odd relationship with an elderly man. Until recently, this was all the information we had.

Then a few days ago, the name of the film was changed from The End to Like Someone In Love, and a trailer was leaked. You can see the trailer below (while it’s still there, it may be taken down in the next few days), and it indeed promises something beautiful and mysterious from the septuagenerian filmmaker.

So, watch the trailer, and be sure to let me know what you think. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? What Kiarostami films have you seen/do you plan to see? Did you like or dislike Certified Copy? Leave a comment below.


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  1. I haven’t seen any Kiarostami films yet, sadly, but I loved the trailer of this one. I hope it won’t be too depressing, but it doesn’t seem so.

    • It’s hard to tell whether it will be depressing or not. Knowing Kiarostami, we can at least rely on the fact that it will be brilliant.

  2. Christian Hallbeck

    I think that William Shimell sung the part of Don Giovanni in Muti’s recordning of Mozarts opera much more convincing than he acted in “Certified Copy”. (He’s an opera singer, not an actor.) I hope that the Japanese actors respond to Kiarostami’s direction better than the English and French (!) actors did. When I saw “Certified Copy” I had the feeling that Shimell and Binoche didn’t know what Kiarostami expected from them. To me they seem insecure. But that’s my personal opinion. As I’ve said before: i didn’t particularly like “Certified Copy”. I hope this film is better.

    • Like Someone In Love is supposed to be thematically similar to Certified Copy but I think that will be the extent of it. He is making this movie in Japan using a Japanese cast (which reminds me of Resnais’ Hiroshima Mon Amour), so this is indeed a departure of sorts for Kiarostami. I am looking forward to it.

  3. Wonderful teaser. Looking forward to this movie! I think it will be my first Kiarostami 😀

    • It looks like it will be a great introduction to Kiarostami for the uninitiated. I recommend Certified Copy, as I think you’ll like that one.

  4. This is one I will actively try to see. I love anything Japanese and it will be interesting to see if an Iranian will portray the culture and social interactions accurately.

    • That may be the shortest comment you have ever left on my site. Ha. 😀

      I agree though, it’ll be interesting to see how Kiarostami handles it.

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