He Shoots, He Scores! #1: The Social Network

Just a few days after I started a new feature called Unforgettable Scenes, I’ve also decided to begin another new feature here at Southern Vision. This one will be called He Shoots, He Scores! Each week, I will highlight the soundtrack/score of any movie of my choosing that particularly stands out as remarkable in this field. I’ll either be talking about the original score or simply the alternate music used in the movie not composed directly for it (eg., I might talk about the Trainspotting soundtrack but not the score, or I might talk about the Three Colours score but not the soundtrack). This week, we’re discussing the score for David Fincher’s 2010 film The Social Network.

This is a fantastic film, entertaining and enjoyable in no small part due to its score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Winning an Oscar for its clever and suitable electronica and techno style. There’s the soft piano juxtaposed with the hauntingly sharp background effect in Hand Covers Bruise; the sudden throbbing of A Familiar Taste; the whirring screeches of Pieces form the Whole; the chuckle-worthy electro remix of Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King; the tension best described in the title of the track The Gentle Hum of Anxiety; and finally, the warmth and comfort of the quiet and wonderful closing track Soft Trees Break the Fall. These are some of the albums many higlights, and I will include YouTube clips of the tracks below. Tell me what you think of them in the comments, and be descriptive if you’d like. Talk about them in relation to the movie, how they were suitable or unsuitable for certain scenes, moods or themes, or simply just say you like or dislike a track. I’ve embedded five great tracks from the album below:


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  1. To be honest i don’t normally take note of the score used in movies. Sometimes i will put 1 or 2 songs from a Movies soundtrack, but besides that i don’t normally listen to them outside of the movie.

    • Understandable. Sometimes it’s difficult to notice. But there are certain films where I think it really stands out.

      • Just saw i left a incomplete sentence. But anyways i can put music on my phone, and so i have some songs from movie soundtracks on it.

        Anyways, the last film i saw where the soundtrack stood out i think was Attack the Block. I have 3 songs from it on my phone

      • I’ve also listened to the immigrant song cover from the Girl with the Dragon tattoo remake quite often. Its kind of awesome imo

  2. A Familiar Taste soundls almost like it could have been from The Dust Brothers’ score for Fight Club! And the others you have put up here remind me a lot of some of Cliff Martinez’s stuff for Contagion, particularly a track like ‘They’re calling my flight’. Great idea for a feature, I will look forward to more of these. Don’t suppose you’ll do the soundtrack for Team America will you?

  3. Nice new feature matey!

    Bring on the Drive week!! hahahah

  4. Oh god, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this score! I don’t listen to much music but this is my favourite album EVER. I’ve listened to it so many times – my favourite song is Intriguing Possibilities, followed by Painted Sun in Abstract, A Familiar Taste, Magnetic (I think that’s my most played song on my iPod), Pieces form the Whole, The Gentle Hum of Anxiety (such a chilling song) and when I wanna relax, Soft Trees Break the Fall is my favourite song to listen to. I will forever watch movies that Reznor and Ross score.

    • Wow, what a fangirl. HAHAHA 😉 I love the album too. Hand Covers Bruise, Intriguing Possibilities and Pieces form the Whole are my favourites.

  5. I thought for sure this was going to be about the Henley sequence- In the Hall of the Mountain King. I have to confess, I’ve loathed Reznor for years… but The Social Network soundtrack made me completely re-think the guy. I still can’t say I’m a fan but I’ll gladly revel in how good that soundtrack was.

    • I never really liked Reznor either (however the Nine Inch Nails famous album “The Downward Spiral” is in parts absolutely brilliant – though occasionally unnecessarily excessive in its sadomasochism), but The Social Network soundtrack is fantastic.

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