The Films I’m Anticipating: Julie Delpy’s 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK (2012)

Welcome to another The Films I’m Anticipating post. This week I’ll be briefly looking at the upcoming sequel to the very decent 2007 romantic comedy 2 Days in Paris which French actress Julie Delpy wrote, directed and starred in. This time she’s taking the reins again for the sequel, which will replace Adam Goldberg with Chris Rock, and Paris with New York. This time, instead of Delpy and her boyfriend coming to visit her parents, it’s the other way round, with Delpy’s dad (played by the actress’s real life father, a professional actor) visiting New York, and having serious communication problems with his daughter’s new beau, played by Chris Rock (a strange casting choice, but one that seems to work judged on the trailer). Also making a cameo appearance in the movie is Vincent Gallo, of whom readers will know I am a fan.

Now, based on the couple of reviews I’ve read of the film from its festival debut, it is nothing exceptional, but mildly funny and enjoyable. I personally loved 2 Days in Paris and gave it 9/10, so for better or worse, I think 2 Days in New York is a good idea that will be interesting to see upon its major release. I’ve included a teaser trailer below from the film. Let me know in the comments what you think of the original 2 Days in Paris, and the idea of a sequel.


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  1. Julie Delpy +Vincent Gallo is fine but I hate Chris Rock !!

    • I don’t hate Chris Rock, I think he’s a very funny guy. Perhaps a bit TOO over-the-top, but he’s funny. I’m interested to see how he does with this film.

  2. I haven’t seen 2 days in Paris, but i did find the blowjob comment amusing…and if that makes me immature so be it. And in a article i read of the 30 greatest filmmaker on filmmaker insults,they had Gallos comment regarding the Coppolas…and it was brutal to say the least.

    Anyways, i don’t know if you’ve heard but apparently Deborah Ann Woll won’t be starring in Rosaline after all…and hence my excitement for that movie is pretty much gone at this point

    • I read Gallo’s comment about the Coppolas. While I certainly don’t agree with it, it is the kind of thing he’d say, so I’ve accepted it. The guy’s got huge balls to say a thing like that, so power to him.

      Bugger, too bad about Deborah Ann Woll. I’m sure she’ll sign onto something awesome soon enough though, the girl’s got talent.

      • It came off dickish to me. I mean, criticizing a directors work is fair game to me, but i felt like Gallos comments kind of went over the line…imo anyways.

        • Gallo’s sort of become synonymous with words like ‘dickish.’ Those are the kind of comments he makes. I agree it’s over the line, though, but we can’t really expect him to change. He is the way he is.

  3. Fun. Looking forward to this too. Even though Adam Goldberg carried 2 Days in Paris with his Woody Allen-esque neurotic perfomance I think Chris Rock, whom I do like will be bring something fresh to this but it ultimately will come down to how Delphy has written his character and his ability to improv.

    • The reviews I’ve read of the film are mostly negative, but no-one has said it is a really bad movie, so I still have faith Delpy will do it justice. I, too, loved Goldberg’s performance in the former film.

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