Robert Bresson MARATHON! 12 Films, 12 Reviews

Robert Bresson was born in 1901 and died in 1999. He lived through a very large majority of the entire twentieth century, and during that period he made thirteen feature films. He is one of the most original, brilliant and creative filmmakers who has ever lived. And I don’t believe he gets enough attention. In order to provoke some discussion amongst you, my readers, I’ve decided to do a marathon where I watch and review as many of his films as I can find. So far I’ve already seen 6 of his movies and I have access to 6 more which I’ll be watching soon. That’s twelve. The other film I can’t find, but the twelve I will be reviewing are important, well-known films vital to the director’s catalogue. Here’s a list of all his films. The ones in bold are the ones I will be reviewing:

Les anges du péché (1943)

Les dames du Bois de Boulogne (1945)

Diary of a Country Priest (1951)

A Man Escaped (1956)

Pickpocket (1959)

The Trial of Joan of Arc (1962)

Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)

Mouchette (1967)

Une femme douce (1969)

Four Nights of a Dreamer (1971)

Lancelot of the Lake (1974)

Le diable probablement (1977)

L’Argent (1983)

This marathon will be starting at some point during the next seven days, and will be progressing gradually until all the films are reviewed. If you haven’t seen or heard of some of them, give the reviews a read and see if they take your fancy. I know I’m going to wholly enjoy revisiting this great man’s fantastic career.


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  1. Where are you going to find all of these? I’ve seen all the ones that have been released on DVD (except for Mouchette and Devil Probably, which is available on DVD in the UK) but didn’t know any of the others were accessible.

    • I have found Les anges du peche, Les dames du bois de boulogne, Une femme douce and Four Nights of a Dreamer on YouTube. The rest are available on DVD.

  2. I did this marathon early last year, it’s an amazing cinematic journey. I’m especially interested in your thoughts about Four Nights of a Dreamer. I really wish that one had a DVD release. The copy I saw was not the greatest quality, but it still blew me away.

  3. Cool!! I wish you all the very best luck with your marathon!

  4. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about Pickpocket. Love that flick.

  5. Christian Hallbeck

    I have seen ten of the films you mention. I haven’t seen “Les anges du péché”, “Une femme douce” and “Four Nights of a Dreamer”. Hence I’m qurious about your reviews on these. Of the film’s I’ve seen, I liked “Au Hasard Balthazar”, “Mouchette” and “L’Argent” the best. “Le diable probablement” I truly find unwatchable. I’ve tried to watch it twice, only to have succumbed out of boredom, both times, and been forced to turn it off! You’re lucky not to have found it!!! Otherwise I like Bresson very much.

  6. I’ve seen half of these, haven’t been able to get hold of the other half. Be interested to see your take on these films. Bresson is one of my favorites.

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