DVD of the Week (22/1)

DVD of the Week is a recurring feature where I highlight a DVD I own that is of a film that I either don’t talk about much, are not planning to review, or just like the look of. Your job is to tell me what you think of the film in the comments below. This week’s DVD is of an underrated and underappreciated gem, Matthew Bright’s graphically violent black comedy Freeway starring Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland:


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  1. Great movie! Saw this for the first time a couple of years ago and thought it was wicked. A sly somewhat adaption of Little Red Riding Hood. Witherspoon and Sutherland were both fantastic. Your right it’s very underrated and under-appreciated.

  2. This movie is a gem indeed. It’s really kind of hilarious and freakish (in a R-rated way). Reese Witherspoon puts on an acting clinic and I really fell in love with her after this movie. It’s too bad she hasn’t done anything noteworthy since Walk the Line 😦 Freeway is loads of fun,

  3. Nice choice! It has been years since I have seen Freeway, but I remember really enjoying it. Definitely an under-appreciated movie.

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