100,000 Views! An Update and a Thank You

Just this morning Southern Vision hit it’s 100,000th page view! The site has been live since February 13, 2011, so to hit that milestone in under a year is a huge achievement for me. First and foremost, a thank you to everyone who has ever read a page on Southern Vision, left a comment, liked a post, or just casually glanced at something on the site. It means a lot, and without you, it would be impossible. So a huge thanks for that. In honour of the day, I decided to update my Top 100 Favourite Films list, which hasn’t been updated since August of last year, and has since undergone some big changes. So everyone head over to that page to check out the new list, and again, thanks so much for your contributions, however small, to this site reaching such a big number!


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  1. Congrats! That is an impressive amount of views for such a short time period. Very nice!

  2. Congrats, that is great! You hit that mark so much faster than me – it took me one and 3/4 years to get to that mark!

  3. Congrats Tyler! You’ve definitely earned your readership. Thought provoking and well written film commentary. What’s not to love?

    Keep up the great work!


    PS… Love the Mastroianni pic! How awesome was he?

  4. That’s fantastic. To put it in perspective: I’ve been up since summer and only got 22 000 hits. You’re doing incredibly well.

  5. It’s awesome to see your blog does not have ads on it based on the traffic figure.Congrats!!

  6. Congratulations! Wow, 100,000 views in under a year! Very impressive, and all well-earned. Keeo up the great work, Tyler!

  7. Congratulations, that’s very impressive!

  8. Congratulations on your milestone my friend!! Here is to the next 100,000!!

  9. Congrats on hitting 100k! It took me just over a year to get that many.

    • Thanks. It really struck me as shocking when I saw the other day that I was on 99,000. I don’t check my stats too often so it was quite a shock.

  10. Congrats Tyler.

    We’ll keep reading.

  11. Congrats Tyler! That’s a stunning number. My blog started about a month after yours, and I’m not even close to that amount. Great work!

  12. Congrats on the huge milestone! Always look forward to what you’ll write about next.

  13. Congratulations Tyler… you deserve all the success

  14. I discovered Southern Vision this summer, and I’ve been reaping the benefits ever since. I love your blog and I love your writing. Keep rockin’ and rollin’.

  15. Congratulations, Tyler! That’s a very impressive amount and you deserve it 😀

  16. Congrats on 100K Tyler. Great achievement. Here is to 1 million now 😀

  17. Congratulations, that is a very nice achievement, on to the next 0 added!

  18. Woo hoo! Congrats Tyler! You’ve done a tremendous job with your site and you’ve got something I rarely find in the blogosphere so keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Ruth, I’m trying my best to make this the blog I want it to be. Incidentally my 300th post is coming up soon so this is a month of achievements for me!

  19. Damn, 100,000 is awesome in one year! Congrats, keep up the good work

  20. An amazing achievement Tyler! I enjoy reading your site since I have a lot of similar interests. Looking forward to more of your favorite films series.

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