Krzysztof and Zbigniew: Great Preisner Scores for Kieslowski Movies

Arguably the greatest collaboration between filmmaker and score composer was Krzysztof Kieslowski and Zbigniew Preisner. The greatest filmmaker of all time working with the greatest musician of modern times. What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. Their work together was nothing short of perfect, and there are times while watching a Kieslowski movie and hearing Preisner’s music that I am filled with indescribable waves of impossible emotion. The work that these two created is worthy of all the awards in the world. It is more than something special. Calling it fantastic is an understatement. It is work that us, the luckiest of all generations, have been allowed to experience and understand in a way few others can comprehend.

Here in this post I’ve decided to give you a taste of some of their wondrous creations. Here are a few clips from Kieslowski movies, or simply just the musical pieces themselves, that illustrate the wonderful, amazing feeling that these two geniuses have created in their respective fields.

From The Double Life of Veronique soundtrack:

From The Decalogue (music starts at 6:57 in the video):

From Three Colours: Blue soundtrack:

From Three Colours: Red soundtrack:


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  1. I love his music. One of my favorite composers for films, easily. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Zbigniew Preisner has a bandcamp page, which I think is pretty awesome:

    • I have seen that page. I just bought the score for Three Colours: Blue from iTunes the other day, and a few hours ago I proclaimed it as “the greatest film score I have ever heard.” And I think it is. I really, really think it is.

  2. wonderful wonderful composer,his score matches Kieslowski’s film perfectly

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