3 Movies I’m Looking Forward To in 2012

There are a plethora of releases for this year that are being anticipated by people following the latest film news. But for me, there are three standout movies that haven’t been released anywhere yet and are due to come out this year (or perhaps, depending on time, in 2013), that I simply cannot wait to see. The mere thought of them makes me bubble with excitement. If you know me well, you may know what they are, but I doubt you’ll guess all three. In alphabetical order:

Love, Michael Haneke

How unusual it is for Austrian/German/French filmmaker Michael Haneke (who is the most important filmmaker alive, in my opinion) to call his latest film Love. It is a strange title for a Haneke film. Fans of his work will know that his movies are cold and distant, and love is one thing they’re lacking and are probably better off without. In The Seventh Continent, a soulless middle-class family commit an unspeakable atrocity. Benny’s Video opens with a home movie of a pig being shot. Code Unknown places a camera in a still and unmoving position and forces us to watch Juliette Binoche get insulted, spat on and terrorised. The Piano Teacher sees Isabelle Huppert insert a razor into her vagina and sniff a semen-soaked tissue as she watches porn movies (not at the same time). In Cache, a man graphically slits his throat on screen. His last movie The White Ribbon deals with the generation of German children who would grow up to be Nazis. And the list goes on. So what could Haneke have planned next? The storyline tells of an elderly couple who are startled when one of them has a debilitating stroke. The cast features brilliant actors such as Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant (Three Colours: Red), and the anticipated release date is May 23 (though I probably won’t see it till next year, unless I fly to Cannes). It looks to have all the trademarks of a great Haneke film so naturally I am excited beyond words; I have never been this excited about an upcoming release ever.

The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson

I believe Paul Thomas Anderson is the greatest American director working today. He has only made five films, but they are all of very high quality, and four of them I’ve rated 10/10. So you can understand why I’m excited about his next movie, five years after his last. The confirmed cast includes Amy Adams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix and Laura Dern, four talented actors I’m sure will do justice to what is certain to be a great screenplay fantastically directed by Anderson. It’s far too soon to say of course, but I hope this gets Oscar nods in 2013.

The Nymphomaniac, Lars von Trier

I don’t imagine this one will get a cinema release at all in New Zealand, due to the fact that it’s supposed to be von Trier’s most explicit film yet, with more unsimulated sex scenes than all the ones he’s ever directed combined. I think this one won’t get a release at all until 2013, but there’s a lot of talk going around about it at the moment so I still count it as an anticipated release, no matter how far away it might be. Stellan Skarsgard, Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg are all rumored to have parts, and if they confirm it, then the film is sure to be something truly special. I’m also waiting to hear more news on the supposed Five Obstructions movie with Martin Scorsese; it’s supposed to be quite serious and going to happen, but I’d like to know more; looks like I probably won’t though, considering von Trier has taken a vow of silence and refused to say anything to the media about any of his projects, or do any interviews. I’m also anticipating hearing if he ever plans to finish his USA trilogy, which he began with Dogville and Manderlay. The Nymphomaniac also appears to be the third in a trilogy that began with Antichrist.

So those are three movies I’m highly anticipating at the moment. What are some releases you’re looking forward to? Are you looking forward to these three? Did you even know they were going to happen? Leave a comment below.


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  1. I read on Man I Love Films that the Master is pushed to 2013…

    I hope Haneke go old school with his next feature but it doesn’t sound like that.

    • I think that from Cache onwards, Haneke has adopted a more accessible style; he’s abandoned scenes shot in one take only and has started using more cuts and different kinds of shots. Though I like his recent work, it would be nice to see something more minimalist like The Seventh Continent or Code Unknown.

      I thought The Master might be 2013, but I put it here anyway.

  2. Will you believe that I did not know who PTA is six months ago, and now consider him as one of my Favorite directors ? There will be blood and Magnolia effect. I still haven’t seen Boogie Nights but I am waiting eagerly for The Master along with the usual Rises and The Hobbit.

  3. I have seen all of PTA’s films,what a genius.He makes films very slow,but he is only 41 and I believe he will become a great master.

  4. Three cracking films there matey. I can’t wait until festival season in UK again (there I go wishing my year away) to see these if they are selected!

    I have decided to take on the BFI Top 100 flicks this year, as part of my looking back resolution… just saying

  5. That Haneke film is one of my most anticipated films of the year too. I don’t see how it can be anything other than a masterpiece with that cast.

    Here’s a few others I’m looking forward to in 2012:

    Laurence Anyways – Xavier Dolan
    La Créatrice – Bruno Dumont
    The Last Supper – Lu Chuan
    Holly Motors – Leos Carax
    Aprés Mai – Olivier Assayas
    The End – Abbas Kiarostami
    Rust and Bone – Jacques Audiard
    The Grandmasters – Wong Kar Wai

    • Haven’t heard of most of those, but the Kiarostami one sounds interesting. Haneke’s film is certain to be nothing less than a masterpiece, maybe even a Palme D’Or winner (why not?)

  6. I know it probably sounds incredibly mainstream and lacking of artsy taste, but the movie I look forward to most in 2012 is The Hobbit. The trailer was lovely and I follow every little diary film they put up. Thinking about it makes me all bubbly as you put it. 🙂

  7. I’m really excited to see The Master. PT Anderson is one of my favorite directors. He hasn’t missed yet, and he’s getting better as he goes along.

    I have mixed feelings about Hanneke. I did really like Cache, but I’m not sure it will be at the top of my must-see list. I have similar mixed feelings about Lars von Trier. However, I’ll keep me eyes peeled from some early reactions to these films to see if they sound promising.

    Plenty of good information in this post. Thanks!

  8. You know me, I’m just looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises. So mainstream, but my whole year is going to be Christopher Nolan. Oh, and I’m looking forward to films like The Avengers, The Gangster Squad, The Great Gatsby, Wettest County, Brave and Django Unchained.

    I am really excited to see The Master. It is P.T.A *and* it has Amy Adams in it, so it is a win for me 🙂

  9. Christ I cannot wait for these three movies. Bummer to hear that The Master got pushed to ’13. Oh well.

  10. Interesting choices. I actually loved the title LOVE, although I know when you say it’s an unusual title for the director.

    I can tell all three films will be quite heavy, but we can expect some brilliance from them.


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