DVD of the Week (20/11)

The point of DVD of the Week is to highlight one of the DVDs in my collection – usually a film I won’t review in full. Instead of reviewing it, I do something much more interactive: I let you tell me what you think of the film. Go ahead! Be as in depth as you want. Tell me what you thought of it… whether you loved it or hated it. Since today is my Dad’s birthday, I’ve decided to make the DVD of the Week one of his favourite films. Here it is:



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  1. I did love this at one time, but I haven’t seen it in years. Must see again. I recall it being extremely brown. Also when I saw it at the cinema, everyone just about shat themselves at the scene of the “corpse” on the bed…

  2. It’s okay. I’m probably too nitpicky about this film, but I really feel like the whole structure of the film gets thrown to the wind in order to make the last act, which, honestly, I didn’t find as shocking or effective as most.

    Also, I feel like the Gweneth Paltrow character is deeply underdeveloped. I like the idea of her character, but we don’t spend enough time with her in order for her character to feel like a truly meaningful part of the film.

    There are some great mood sequences and I think the cinematography is fantastic, but I’ve never been gripped by the story or characters even after a couple of rewatches.

  3. How ironic, it’s my mothers birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday to your dad, anyway.

    I bought Se7en last year and watched it, and I quite liked it. Mind you, I’m a sucker for David Fincher. I should probably watch it again, though.

    • And happy birthday to your mum!

      A Fincher film I love that I think is really underrated is THE GAME. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you watch it. More than once, preferably.

  4. Of course it’s a great movie, but I never saw that DVD cover, it looks wicked. I’ve got the plain version…

  5. Love this movie, can’t speak highly enough about it. By far the best police procedural film I’ve ever seen. My favorite Fincher, my favorite Pitt, my favorite Freeman. One thing that I think is often overlooked is its humor:

    “It’d be great if we didn’t start out…kicking each other in the balls.”

    Love it.

    • Oh shit, you’re so right! The dialogue is fantastic! Here’s one of my favourite lines:

      “I beg your pardon, detective, but this guy’s been sitting in a pile of his own piss and shit. If he wasn’t dead, he would’ve stood up by now.”

      • It is really funny. Mills says a lot of great stuff. One of Pitt’s best performances – and Freeman is always rock solid. The chase sequence in the middle of the film is one of my favourite sequences in cinema.

  6. Its a good film but I’m not really super stoked about it as many are. My biggest problem is that Brad Pitt is acting like his character is a 14 year old. Other than that its a pretty solid film and I got to say its the best cover art I have ever seen of it.

    • I think Pitt is supposed to act like that. His character is supposed to mirror the exact opposite of Morgan Freeman. I think that Freeman, with all his knowledge and regrets, represents an older, wiser version of Pitt’s character. I believe Freeman is trying to help Pitt so that he doesn’t become like him when he gets older. It’s one of the strongest cop pairings in the history of film, I think.

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