Random Question: Sleepy Movies

I’ve been tired and busy lately. It seems like I can’t find time to finish anything. The other night, I was so exhausted that I needed a film to just relax me as I fell asleep. The choice was easy. I popped in my DVD of Gus van Sant’s surreal, serene 2002 film Gerry. I was asleep within twenty minutes as Arvo Pärt’s music and the sounds of Casey Affleck and Matt Damon walking soothed me. And it prompted me to ask the question… what’s a movie you love to watch in bed at night. Just something that calms you down, makes you sleepy, and relaxes you. Most film lovers will have such a film, or a film that would work for a similar purpose. So I ask you… what’s your sleepy movie?


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  1. Anything by Terrence Malick will put me to sleep within minutes. 😉

  2. I love the movie, but Lost in Translation always gives me a happy soothing feeling which makes sleep come easier.

  3. Hmm… I’d have to go for one of my childhood favourites, The Last Unicorn. I know it very, very well and can sing along to all of the songs, which were performed by the folk/rock band, America.

    Hope you’re doing better this week, Tyler, and have had a good night’s sleep. The last couple of weeks I’ve been just the same but I’m back on track now 🙂

  4. Christian Hallbeck

    Since the mid 90’s Polanski’s “Frantic” has been of great help to me countless of times – either to calm down moments of anxiety, or (more often in the later years) to help me fall asleep. In this respect it has been very reliable! I know every line, every tone, every sound in this film. The last twenty times or so I’ve “watched” it with my eys closed; eventually falling asleep before it ended. The score by Morricone is wonderful! As is the frequent use of the song “I’ve seen that face before (Libertango)”, sung by Grace Jones. Aside from my practical use of the film, I find “Frantic” to be a masterpiece of filmmaking. Although my judgement is much influenced by Morricones astonishing score…

    So I belive that you and I use “Gerry” (which I haven’t seen) and “Frantic” in pretty much the same way! (I too love “Spiegel Im Spiegel”! “Für Alina” is another favourite by Pärt. But it shall be played by Werner Bärtschi! His interpretation is spot on what I find this short piece to be about: Comfort.)

    • Frantic… that’s a great film. Saw it a while ago and still remember really liking it.

      GERRY is basically a showcase for two things: Gus van Sant’s direction and Arvo Part’s music. Both SPIEGEL IM SPIEGEL and FUR ALINA play an important part in the film’s soundtrack; as a matter of fact, they are the only pieces of music used at all throughout the entire film. I highly recommend you see it; it is a pure masterpiece of minimalist cinema.

  5. You know… that’s a tough one. I go for TV shows on the way to bed. I don’t want to commit to anything very long. And even then, it’s usually lighter fare- Seinfeld, South Park, Futurama, Aqua Teen… I just can’t start a movie and then not watch the rest of it. It’s an achille’s heel.

    • Haha yeah I suppose TV shows are good to fall asleep to as well. Didn’t really consider those. A brilliant movie to fall asleep to without feeling guilty about missing parts of it is Derek Jarman’s BLUE.

  6. THis might be sacrilege, but the original Star Wars always knocks me out.

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