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Recently over at Cinematic Paradox, Stevee asked her viewers to ask her questions about her film-watching.

I, never turning down a chance to borrow a good idea, have decided to do the same.

So, ask away! Ask me any movie-related questions, and I’ll reply directly to your comment. I see this as a great way for my readers to know more about my film tastes, so go ahead and write out some question/s and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks!


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Patient observer of all things film and music, from Béla Tarr to Boards of Canada. Foul mouthed and clinging to the edge of sanity.

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  1. 1. Favorite actors/actresses?
    2. Guilty pleasure(s)?
    3. Movie you keep putting off seeing?
    4. Movie you’re ashamed to admit you haven’t seen?

    • 1: Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, Gunnar Björnstrand, Daniel Day-Lewis, Liv Ullmann… shit, that’s about all I can think of.
      2: Don’t actually have very many. Umm… Schumacher’s PHONE BOOTH is one that I really love.
      4: Scorsese’s MEAN STREETS.

  2. What is the number one movie that actually, literally, changed how you life your life?

    Just one.

    • How I live my life? Probably THE DECALOGUE. It is the most human, realistic portrait of life ever. If movies were human beings, THE DECALOGUE would be God. There is so much in it that emotionally changed me.

  3. What is the most mainstream movie you’ve enjoyed?

  4. Favorite director who’s underrated?

  5. The only applicable question to ask a film lover: Why do you love the cinema?

    • I love the cinema because it combines the fictional and imaginative with life. It does something more powerful than books… it makes fiction into real life. We see life unfolding as it normally would. We visually experience something through another person’s eyes… we see what one director is trying to convey, and we experience the amazing combination of emotions, feelings and words, which he has expressed into his own visual poem. It is really fantastic, the greatest art form of all and probably the only way we ever get to experience life from someone else’s perspective, whether it’s the character/s in the film or the director or anyone.

  6. Whole, I’m such a trend-setter!

    1. Are there any up-coming releases you’re looking forward to watching?
    2. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
    3. How did you get into cinema?
    4. Do you have any ‘mainstream’ Hollywood actor/actresses that you quite like?
    5. How often do you go to the cinemas?

    • 1: Shame. Definitely SHAME. And the ever-elusive MELANCHOLIA. Also Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER, which is a couple of years away yet.
      2: In terms of all qualities involved, the film with the most amount of failures across the board would have to be TROLL 2.
      3: I watched. From a young age I watched. And one day I saw something in what I was watching, and that was the beginning.
      4: HAHA, “mainstream”, eh? Daniel Day-Lewis, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles. It’s all-male I know, but my favourite female actresses aren’t mainstream at all. Except for Julianne Moore. Love her.
      5: Once or twice a month, generally. Five years ago it was more like three or four times, but there’s just less to watch these days.

  7. Ooh I can’t think of many question at the moment! I’m enjoying reading other people’s questions and your answers, though 🙂

    Actually, in the vein of Dan at Top 10 Film’s Houdini’s Magic Ticket blog-a-thon, if you could be transported into any film, which would it be? And, conversely, where would you hate to end up?

    • Ahh… interesting. I think I said this in my Houdini’s Magic Ticket post, but I would love to be transported to the world of FANNY AND ALEXANDER. Adversely, I have a terrifying fear of ending up like Jonathan Pryce’s character in BRAZIL, so I stay the fuck away from there.

  8. Christian Hallbeck

    As one of your favourite actors is Gunnar Björnstrand, do you get jealous when I tell you that I stood behind him in the line of a desolated grocery store in the swedish archipelago in the late 70’s? (I think he was wearing a black raincoat.)

    What is it about Gunnar Björnstrand’s way of acting that you like?

    • Wow. Standing in the presence of such an actor must’ve been indescribable.

      I guess what I like about him is his ability to play such a wide range of characters – from the priest in WINTER LIGHT, to the effluent comedy characters he played in 50s Bergman films. WINTER LIGHT has to be my favourite performance from him, but I get so excited when I see him in THE SEVENTH SEAL, SHAME, PERSONA, THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY and all the others. I think he must’ve appeared in the most Bergman films of any actor.

  9. Christian Hallbeck

    To be honest, I didn’t know who he was at the time, since I couldn’t have been more than six or seven years old. My parents whispered his name to me as we stood behind him. But I clearly remember the raincoat! And that he was alone.

    And since I read on Twitter that you got the full Criterion edition of “Fanny and Alexander” in the mail today (I could hear your shout of joy all the way to Sweden!), I strongly recommend the episode in “The Making of Fanny and Alexander” where the from memory loss suffering Gunnar Björnstrand is trying desperately to get his line right in his last appearance for Bergman (who knew that Björnstrand was ill, but still wanted him to participate in his last film). It is a very moving episode.

  10. How much would a kiss cost me?

    Who is you biggest Crush at the moment?

    • A kiss would be reasonable… providing you buy and ship me the entire contents of my Amazon Wish List, 😉

      My biggest celebrity crush… well, I don’t fancy any American actresses, I’m afraid! Give me Harriet Andersson in the 50s, or Catherine Deneuve in the 60s or Irene Jacob in the early 90s. One of those.

  11. If you could have any role in making a movie, what would you do? (director, producer, scriptwriter, cinematography etc?)

    What’s currently on your To See list?

    Do you usually comment and/or debate on the awards season?Does it interest you?

    Who do you find to be the most fascinating, excentric or just plain interesting individiual in the cinema world and why?

  12. Which movie character(s) do you identify most with?

  13. Now I want to steal your idea that you actually stole from someone else 🙂 Seriously though this is a good post topic.

    #1. Do you go to the movies by yourself?
    #2. Have you ever walked out of a movie before it was over?

    • It’s not an idea, really. Feel free to steal it.

      My answers:
      1: Yep. It’s always better alone. But I do often go with my GF, as she is a movie freak like me.
      2: No. Never. To the bitter end, I stay.

  14. As I know how much you love your indie flicks, I’m curious, what’s your favorite ‘mainstream’ movie that you’d love to watch repeatedly?

  15. Hi Tyler, okay my question …

    Are you moody when it comes to movie watching. For example some day you can “only” watch an action no brainier or someday you are in the mood to watch a serious drama?

    I’ll be copying the idea someday in the future I think. As for my answer, I’m very moody… In fact maybe that’s why my last name sounds like moody (it’s Modi) 🙂

    • Mood isn’t really an issue for me, but I suppose I do watch whatever I FEEL like watching, rather than just anything. THE BIG LEBOWSKI seems to be suitable for all moods, I’ve found.

  16. I’ve enjoyed reading these answers, Tyler! I’ve thought about going to the cinema by myself but never have… Will do one day, though.

  17. 1. What is your favorite place to watch movies, at home or at the cinema?
    2. What’s your number one annoyance when you go to the cinema?

    • 1: At the cinema. Trouble is, they so rarely play anything good there.
      2: The sound of food wrappers being opened. Even worse than talking (which is still really bad.)

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