The Halloween Movie Marathon Lineup!

Here in New Zealand tonight it is October 31, and just as sure as there will be annoying kids trekking up the streets looking for food to make them even more overweight, people around the world will also be indulging themselves with an (un?)healthy dose of horror films.

I’ll admit: last year, I did not watch any horror movies just because it was Halloween; I continued doing what I would normally do, as if it wasn’t October 31.

But this year, I’ve just found it impossible to resist the charm of those bloody, gory horror movies. And so, I’ve decided to make up for missing last Wednesday’s movie marathon night by moving it to this Monday, and focusing on my favourite horror films. I’m gonna have to start early if I hope to fit all these in, but, here’s what I’ve got planned:

Funny Games (1997)

A film that still scares the shit out of me every viewing and convinced my girlfriend not to lend any eggs to anyone, Funny Games is a terrifying classic.

Suspiria (1977)

Visually stunning and bizarrely photographed, Dario Argento’s Suspiria is a frightening, gripping horror classic. While the plot isn’t original and the ending is disappointing, Argento more than makes up for it with the unique and terrifying way he crafted the film’s look and design. And of course there’s the music.

Antichrist (2009)

Lars Von Trier’s “failed attempt” at crafting a horror film turned into a dark experiment, which examines the way women have been treated throughout history by channelling their mistreatment into the grief of a couple who have lost their child. Bizarre, explicit, shocking and brilliant.

Audition (1999)

“Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri!” These chilling words alone should send a shiver down the spine of anyone who has seen Audition, the horrifying Takashi Miike masterpiece, with a final half hour so shocking and gruesome it even caused one viewer to have a heart attack. See it now!

The Hour of the Wolf (1968)

The closest thing to a horror film Ingmar Bergman ever made, The Hour of the Wolf is an incredibly disturbing, frightening nightmare which examines a clan of people on an island and their attempts to drive a visiting couple insane. Creepy stuff and a perfect way to close my night.

That’s what I’m watching. Now tell me, what horror movies have you been watching recently, and what do you think of the ones I’ve listed?


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  1. Haven’t watched any of your enlisted movies, but they seem good. I recommend the sixth sense, the ring and child’s play. But be prepared for sleepless nights!

  2. Pretty intense evening there matey!! Good luck 🙂

  3. I don’t “do” Halloween at all, and this stretches over to my movie-watching. I have no plans to watch any horror, and if I do, it won’t be because it’s Halloween. The closest thing I’ve watched to horror lately is probably Wait Until Dark and Perfect Blue. I’m not really that big of a horror fan overall anyway, though there are certainly some films in the genre that I really like.

    Of the films you listed, I’ve seen three.

    Suspiria was quite interesting on an audiovisual level, but I didn’t find it all that creepy and the story is of course meh. It was an okay watch, but I don’t think I’ll ever revisit it.

    Antichrist was my first Von Trier, and I found it highly fascinating. Nightmarish and graphic, but it’s the mysterious nature of it that really makes it special.

    Audition was probably ruined for me by hype and pre-knowledge. I knew it was going to get crazy eventually, so the part leading up to it just felt dull and uneventful (and intentionally deceiving) as a result. But I haven’t loved any Miike film I’ve seen since either, so I think the director just isn’t my cup of tea.

    Funny Games and The Hour of the Wolf are both high on my want-to-see list.

    • HAHA up until this year I didn’t ‘do’ Halloween either. I hated it. I still don’t think it’s a real holiday or even a special event, but I do see it as a perfect excuse to have a horror movie binge.

  4. I’m unfortunately not too big on horror movies, but one I must watch is ‘A Clockwork Orange’. I saw it for the first time on Halloween last year, and because I love it so much, I’ve made it an annual event to watch it every Halloween from now on 🙂

  5. Hi, Tyler and company:

    Superb choices in your Marathon line-up!

    ‘Funny Games’ strikes me as Sam Peckinpah’s ‘Straw Dogs’ moved indoors. Either film is not for the weak of heart.

    Kudos for ‘Suspiria’ and ‘Audition’.

    The former has a palpable weird dream turned nightmare vibe running throughout. Lovely to watch with its vibrant colors. With seat jumping shocks exactly where they need to be.

    While ‘Audition’ draws you in slowly for the ride of your life. Very much like Frankenheimer’s ‘Seconds’ in subtle execution. With more than a healthy dose of ‘The Business Of Strangers’ payback on steroids.

    • HAHA love the comparison of FUNNY GAMES and STRAW DOGS, I never really considered them similar. Glad you liked my lineup; I’m pleased to announce it was a success!

  6. I watched Suspiria for the first time over the weekend and loved it! It was part of a double feature (the second movie was Bava’s Black Sunday). Definitely the best of the three Argento movies I’ve seen. The Goblin soundtrack blew me away- I think it’s one of the best horror movie soundtracks next to The Shining.

    Audition is disturbing every day of the year. I’m not a big Takashi Miike fan but if you haven’t seen it, I recommend his short ghost story, Box.

    Thanks for the recommendations (that must’ve been quite a marathon)- I’ll put Funny Games on my ‘to-watch’

  7. I haven’t celebrated Halloween a day in my life, I call it “the end of October”. Put I took the opportunity watch a couple of horror movies I hadn’t seen previously – Halloween, Poltergeist, Island of Lost Souls, and the horror comedy/musical cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Out of the four, I liked Rocky Horror the most.

  8. I love that list. Suspiria and Hour of the wolf are some of my favorite movies. I had Saw marathon. It was a laugh riot.

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