Random Question: Your Favourite Sports Movie!

As I am writing this on my iPhone, the Rugby World Cup final match is underway. New Zealand is facing France for the greatest glory of rugby, so in the heat of this moment I’ve decided, since I haven’t posted anything today, to quickly ask you what your favourite sports movie is. Or movies, how ever many you want to list, it can be as many as you want. So get commenting, and cheer on New Zealand for this Rugby World Cup final event!


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  1. It seems to me that a lot of great sports movies are about boxing or similar individual, physical and aggressive sport. Movies about team sports (baseball, basketball, football etc.) haven’t been as good in my eyes. I’ve yet to see Moneyball.

    My favorites are ROCKY and THE WRESTLER. Need to rewatch RAGING BULL though.
    Also, my favorite sports movie character is Fast Eddie Felson.

    • Oh God you’ve GOT to see RAGING BULL. It’s my all time absolute favourite sports film. THE WRESTLER is brilliant too, but I can’t say I’ve seen ROCKY.

  2. Hi, Tyler and company:

    Excellent topic!

    My choice(s) would be a toss up between John Sayles’ great period piece, ‘Eight Men Out’ for its memorable ensemble cast and over all look and feel.

    And Ted Kotcheff’s ‘North Dallas Forty’ for its comedic scenes of Testosterone run amok.
    Bo Svenson using a Coke machine at a pre-game pool party as a Blocking/Tackling Dummy is not to be missed!

    Like micca, I left out ‘The Hustler’. Since pool is a game and not a legitimate, recognized sport. Though Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason absolutely rock throughout the film.

    • Ah, I knew someone would bring up classics like those. I haven’t seen any of them… it’s just a generation that kind of skipped me, the sports generation.

  3. I don’t watch many sports films, they tend to be very similar and only interesting for those who practice the sport themselves because it’s all about the sports, while the cinematic value ends up in the toilet.
    My favorite sports film, however, is Billy Elliott. Okay, I’m a (amateur) ballerina myself, but I find that this film is about much more than just ballet.

    • I agree with you, I have very little interest in the general sports movie genre, though there are classics such as RAGING BULL which are pure must-sees.

  4. I don’t really watch that many sports films, but off the top of my head I can remember liking The Wrestler, The Fighter, Phar Lap and Whip It.

    But on another note, WE WON THE RUGBY WORLD CUP!!!!! Haha, I’m still buzzing about that.

    • Seen two of those. Did not like THE FIGHTER. Well, not as much as you anyway. RAGING BULL is a million, billion, trillion times better than THE FIGHTER.

      Yes, we won the Cup! How amazing is that?

  5. Heh, is it cheating to say my favorite sports movie is Caddyshack?

  6. I’m not a big sports fan, but if I had to choose one it would probably be a boxing movie like Raging Bull.

  7. Jack already stole my thunder. My favorite is John Sayles’ Eight Men Out about the Black Sox Scandal. It tells an interesting story that goes beyond baseball while still presenting what’s so great about the game. It has a great cast and is just a fascinating movie.

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