Ashley’s Top 50 Favourite Films of All Time


Hi everyone. For today’s post, I’m going to hand you over to the amazing Ashley, my girlfriend who, luckily for me, shares my love of film and cinema. After hours of nagging, I’ve finally convinced her to form her Top 50 favourite films list to share here on Southern Vision, as I believe you will like some of the selections – I know I certainly do. So here they are… what do you reckon?

50: Suspiria (1976)

49: Kill Bill, Volume 1 (2003)

48: Elevator to the Gallows (1957)

47: The Five Obstructions (2003)

46: Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

45: The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

44: The Exterminating Angel (1964)

43: To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

42: Boogie Nights (1997)

41: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

40: Into the Wild (2007)

39: Reach the Rock (1998)

38: Fanny and Alexander (1982)

37: Blue Valentine (2010)

36: L.A. Confidential (1997)

35: Wall-E (2009)

34 The Virgin Suicides (2000)

33: True Romance (1994)

32: Pan’s Labyrinth (2007)

31: Three Colours: Red (1994)

30: The White Ribbon (2009)

29: The Hurt Locker (2010)

28: The Game (1997)

27: Blow Out (1980)

26: Once (2006)

25: Donnie Darko (2001)

24: My Own Private Idaho (1990)

23: The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001)

22: Amelie (2001)

21: The Fountain (2006)

20: Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

19: Broadcast News (1987)

18: The Ice Storm (1997)

17: Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

16: Let the Right One In (2007)

15: Raging Bull (1980)

14: No End (1985)

13: Inglourious Basterds (2009)

12: Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

11: Dead Man (1995)

10: Lost in Translation (2003)

9: Ikiru (1952)

8: United 93 (2006)

7: All About My Mother (1999)

6: L’Avventura (1960)

5: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

4: The Hours (2002)

3: The 400 Blows (1959)

2: Ordinary People (1980)

1: The Double Life of Veronique (1991)

Those are her selections. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

ALSO! Just yesterday I updated my Top 100 Favourite Films of All Time list, and there are quite a few changes, including a new #1 movie. Check the new list out here.


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  1. wow, who influences who in this relationship?

    i found a few strange choices here ashley, primarily that of BOURNE ULTIMATUM. strange because it doesn’t have any relation to the rest of the top 50. not because i’m judging your taste.

    REACH THE ROCK, it’s that obscure John Hughes movie right? i saw that in the middle of the night on tv once and have never seen it anywhere ever again.

    Interestingly Emma Thompson mentioned how much she loved the movie of THE HOURS when she was in my shop.

    • Hi Toby.

      I don’t like many action movies but The Bourne Ultimatum is an exception. I fucking love it. I saw it three times in theatres. I like the other two Bourne movies as well, but Ultimatum is definitely my favourite. As for Reach the Rock, I’m glad someone else saw it. I have the VHS and I’ve seen it many times. I don’t understand why it’s not better known, I think it’s a clever, moving film. Not perfect, but who said a film has to be perfect in order for you to like it?
      Emma Thompson came into your shop? Holy shit are you serious? That’s awesome!

      • the only bourne movie i liked was the first one, Doug Liman’s direction was more than solid, especially compared to Paul Greengrass (although i’m on record as thinking Greengrass is the Antichrist of film making, on a par with Bay.)

        yeah Emma Thompson among others. I failed at helping her. We seem to get a lot of ‘famous’ people come through our shops, we’re one of the few famous places in Perth as far as i can tell, and the kind of place that locals recommend as “somewhere you should go.”

        i think Reach The Rock was a tv movie, at least i remember it feeling low budget, and whilst it was clever and moving it had nothing to make it appeal to cinema goers/movie buyers other than that John Hughes Himself wrote it. Sadly by the time it was made his star was not shining so bright (Beethoven for example number one of his crimes of the 90’s.)

      • Wow, you must really hate Greengrass. I’ll admit I hated his last film Green Zone, but I think both Ultimatum and United 93 are masterpieces.
        Wow, you’re lucky to work at such a place! I’m unashamedly jealous!
        I don’t think it’s a TV movie but I could be wrong.

        • Yeah he is the king of shaking cameras. Its a film making aesthetic which I loathe. It hardly ever has a place in my idea of perfect cinema. Vincent Gallo uses it to great effect however for example so I’m not completely opposed to it.

          I love my job and the place I work so I can understand your jealousy but they’re just people looking for a holiday read or an interesting piece for their collection at the end of the day. The little old Hungarian man who told me about an obscure film from 1933 that he’d only ever seen at the cinema is my favourite customer. BERKELEY SQUARE in case you’re interested.

      • I don’t mind a shaking camera, if it’s used well. It might not be Greengrass’s greatest asset, but I don’t hate him for it.

  2. Wow, that’s a cool list, Ashley! Not a bad list at all – a bad list would be stating that Burlesque is the “best movie ever” (my friend loved it enough to say that…then I showed her Schindler’s List and she quickly changed her mind…but now her favourite film is Titanic).

    I particularly like that Sunshine Cleaning is so high, that was a cool movie! I also like Eternal Sunshine, The Hours, Lost in Translation, Inglourious Basterds, Let the Right One In, Once, The Hurt Locker, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Virgin Suicides (just saw that movie, absolutely LOVED it), Wall-E, L.A. Confidential, Blue Valentine, A Clockwork Orange, Boogie Nights and The Bourne Ultimatum.

    As I said, cool list!

    • Hi Stevee! Thanks for the kind words. It’s an okay list I suppose, pretty random though. Sunshine Cleaning is one of those movies I really like that I don’t get why others hate it, it’s got a great cast, it’s funny and it’s also a meaningful drama.

  3. Great list Ashley and it’s nice that both of you love movies so much, you probably watch loads of them together?

    Must admit that there are lots of movies in this list I have never seen, but it’s nice to see movies like Donnie Darko, Once, Amelie and Lost in Translation in there. Haven’t seen any of your top 4 movies…

    • Ha, yeah. It’s kind of like when I’m watching a movie, Tyler comes in and says “what’s this” and ends up watching it too and vice versa. Most of the foreign movies on this list were shown to me by him, which shouldn’t surprise you. When you’ve known each other for five years and you’ve lived together for three, you kind of get similar tastes in things like film.

  4. HAHA Brilliant list Ashley. I cannot argue with most on the list, apart from The Fountain. I hated that one…yawn,

    I see that you two are a match made in heaven!! Great job!

    • Hi Scott,

      The Fountain split a lot of people; I loved it but I can understand why some hate it. Tyler definitely doesn’t like it, but he loves the soundtrack.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  5. This is a great list, I love how all over the place it is, with perfect bookends of SUSPIRA and VERONIQUE

    • Thanks. I tried to include as many different types of films as possible so the list was varied and more interesting.

  6. Hi, Ashley, Tyler and company:

    Outstanding list!

    Surprised to see Suspuria and Elevator To The Gallows included. Also pleased to see Ordinary People, The Hurt Locker and Raging Bull make the cut.

    Got a kick out of Sunshine Cleaning seeing Emily Blunt trade barbs with Amy Adams and Alan Arkin. Though I don’t understand the allure of Donnie Darko.

    • Hi Jack!

      Donnie Darko is a tricky one for many people. There’s something about it, though, that’s just really attractive. It has a great soundtrack, an excellent cast and an original plot, so it’s a winner for me.

  7. This is a great list. I love the inclusion of The Exterminating Angel, which is just crazy and was a real discovery for me a few years ago. That’s also true for Ikiru, which is a bit slow at times but had me thinking about it for a long time afterwards.

    It’s also great to see Once on there; that would definitely be on my list.

    So many excellent choices on there!

    • Hi Dan!

      Thanks for the nice comment. Tyler showed me The Exterminating Angel not too long ago, and we both loved it. I think what I love about it is how crazy and senseless it is. It really is a movie that breaks all the rules. Once is a modern classic, so it’s definitely made a place here.

  8. I don’t know if i could even try to make a list like this, but there are a few choices here i like like Let the Right One in and Eyes Wide Shut

    • You should give it a go. I wouldn’t have made mine if Tyler hadn’t kept bugging me to do it (between you and me, I think he’s run out of post ideas, haha), and now that I’ve done it I’m kind of proud of myself.

  9. Christian Hallbeck

    I’m glad to see that you hold “L’Avventura” in such high regard! Tyler doesn’t seem to understand this one at all 😉

    I have so much to say about this film, that I could write an essay about it. However, I don’t find this comment field the right place to do so. Generally speaking, though, Antonioni’s film’s deals with unfulfilled realities within realities. They are about what is not – but what could be (or couldn’t?). Hence, what’s importatant in Antonioni’s film’s is what is NOT shown in things shown… Still. these unrevealed realities are there, present, in the image, all the time, like a spotlight right in your face… Which makes the experience sad and often painful.

    Once again I congratulate you to a good choice! If you haven’t seen “La Notte” or “L’Eclisse”, I highly recommend you to. These films are sadder than “L’Avventura” (and consequently ends up in complete disaster. That’s why I prefer “L’Avventura”), but just as beautiful and masterful in their own right: as works of art.

    • Hi Christian!

      He likes L’avventura a lot, but I like it more. We both need to see more of Antonioni’s movies, though. That’s quite poignant, what you just wrote about it – I cannot improve on that.

  10. Great list, Ashley. How easily did you choose your 50? It’s something I’ve thought about doing but I may work by way up – start at 25 and then try 50.

    I really enjoy reading people’s favourite films lists as they bring to my attention lots of films I hadn’t heard of before. As I did with Tyler’s top 100, I’ve gone through your choices and added some to my rental list 🙂

    • It wasn’t that easy. To be honest, I could’ve put a lot more effort into it. It was kinda rushed, just a bit. I’m mildly happy with it. But if you want to do an actually serious list, then you need to take some time. Start small, like with your top ten or twenty, and then add to it. Good luck making your list!

  11. Ashley – you have a very, very good taste in films, and we share a few favourites based on my list, too! (My Own Private Idaho, Blue Valentine, Wall-E, Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, Let the Right One in, A Clockwork Orange).

    The White Ribbon is great also, but probably would make a 300 for me, no matter how much I enjoyed it.

    The only one I’d have disagreements with is, as mentioned, and that is The Fountain. It had real big ambition, but it, in my eyes, just didn’t pull it off. It might have to be a film I watch again, or one that I watch with the help of a substance as I heard it is pretty good when you watch it the latter way…

    Either way, great list! Nice to see something that is completely different for a change, favourite list wise!

    • Yeah, I’ve taken a lot of heat for The Fountain. I just think that… visually, it’s incredible. The soundtrack by Clint Mansell is stunning, to say the least, and it’s a film that just really feels like a film. I remember seeing it in cinemas when I didn’t know shit about films and just being so taken aback by it. It affected me, and I’m still not sure how or why but it just did.

  12. I haven’t seen any of the top 10, but it’s a decent list.

  13. I love how close ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine’ are. They are very close for me as well. There was some weird choices on there including ‘The Fountain’, but overall I can agree with a lot of the same choices. Nice to hear your opinion.

    • I know some of these choices are weird – I kinda put this list together in a hurry for Tyler, without really organizing it properly. I mostly like American films, but as you can see with choices like Veronique and L’avventura, Tyler’s love for foreign cinema has inevitably rubbed off on me.

  14. Oh man, I had to click on this list when I saw Suspiria. What a film!

    Love seeing some of my favorites, particularly Into the Wild and Blow Out

    Also, anyone who has The Double Life of Veronique as their #1 is okay in my book!

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