Hi everyone. This is just a brief notice reminding you all to get your votes in on my poll for The Most Influential Filmmaker of the 20th Century. The poll closes at aroundabout this time tomorrow, so make sure to pass it around, tweet it or just mention it to someone. We’ve got quite a few votes and it does appear that we have a clear winner but anything could change in 24 hours so I’d still like to get at least a few more votes in:


Southern Vision is about to become more focused on reviews, after a fellow blogger advised me it would be better to have a blog based on reviews with the occasional list rather than lists with the occasional review. I fully agree, and so I’ve been working on writing and editing reviews. This site isn’t going to be just reviews, but I’d like it to be more focused on that sort of thing. Thoughts?


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  1. I would actually like to have more reviews on my blog, but i watch a lot of movies and due to my slowness they tend to pile up quickly.

    I haven’t had a problem with the lists btw

    • I realize people like the lists, but I think I write them too frequently and need to slow it down a bit so I don’t run out of ideas.

  2. I’ve voted. As expected it was a tough choice and I’m not too sure without a lot of research I can confidently name one director. But of the choices I narrowed mine down to Godard, Eisenstein, Griffith, Welles and Hitchcock and although Griffith and Welles’ work is so vital to the history of cinema I stumped for Hitchcock because of the sheer breadth of work that is so obviously influenced by him. I think the word Hitchcockian is also used so often because his influence is so deeply entrenched.

  3. i think the rarity of your reviews is what makes you special. i love coming here because you’ve got interesting things to say about film and that makes the movies you do review even more special. you are a unique blogger tyler but it all depends on what you want from your blog i guess.

  4. actually im gonna carry on typing. on those days when everyone has reviewed something and im short on time i generally skip the reviews and head to the interesting discussion piece. mainly you my friend.

  5. I agree with blah blah blah toby. I really am a fan of the non-review pieces you do, usually they teach me a thing or two about cinema I didn’t know yet.

  6. Hi, Tyler and company:

    I was doing a balancing act between Hitchcock and Kubrick for quite a while and gave my vote to Hitch.

  7. I will miss the old Southern Vision. So many sites doing JUST reviews. It is what makes your one special

    Don’t sell out to the PR companies like me matey, it becomes quite hard work…


    Due to the recent outcry at my decision to focus on reviews, I have decided to reconsider my original decision. There are still going to be reviews posted on Southern Vision, but I will not post them as frequently as I’d originally intended. I will still write lists, rants, rambles, questions and much of the other miscellaneous stuff I usually write, as it is apparently what keeps people happy and makes the blog more original, and I aim to please. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone.

  9. I think you are making a very very good decision. I completely agree with Toby, I LOVE all the lists you have. I spent the better part of yesterday morning looking at your lists on my iPhone.

    5 Memorable Abortion Scenes in Movies
    Ten Great Movies That Aren’t Afraid To Push the Boundaries
    Most Disturbing Films…

    All great, unique lists. So, if you’re asking our opinion… I love Southern Vision just the way it is.

  10. I know you’ve already changed your mind but I must echo what everyone else has been saying here. I don’t mind the lists at all. They’re cool as. Very creative, and different from what everyone else is doing. Plus, reviews get kinda boring after a little while, especially coz everyone does them. I’m trying to deviate away from them, but you’re far more creative than I am!

    • Creativity doesn’t take a whole lot of cleverness. I try to get the readers more engaged in what I’m writing, even if it’s about a film they haven’t even heard of. I’m working on a special foreign film guide to help foreign film newbies become more accustomed to my blog without having to watch a whole bunch of movies.

      I like your blog; besides, most of your reviews are of new releases, which people like to read more than crummy old reviews of movies they’ve likely already seen. You’ve got a good thing going, Stevee. Stick with it.

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