Southern Vision’s 200th Post!

When I reached 100 posts back in July, I thought it would be November or December when I reached the next hundred milestone. But to my surprise, it was sooner than expected. On today, October 7th, I have reached 200 posts on my humble movie blog known as Southern Vision.

Today, I’ve decided to turn the spotlight to each and every one of the film bloggers and others who follow me, and have regularly contributed their voice to the comments of Southern Vision posts. I’m desperately trying to include everyone here, so if I forget anyone, then just let me know in the comments and I’ll add you in. In no particular order:

The helpful people at the LAMB were kind enough to add me as a member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, for which I will be forever grateful. They also have great features, games and a great podcast.

When neocowboy leaves me a comment, it’s always interesting, thought-provoking and often long. For that I’m extremely grateful.

micca also comments frequently on my blog, and his opinions are always relevant and interesting.

Scott Lawlor, of Front Room Cinema is a funny, charming, and glowing personality, whose sense of humour always enlightens the blogs he visits as well as his own.

John’s fantastic blog The Droid You’re Looking For was the first movie blog I ever followed, and his charismatic sense of humour and agreeable opinions make his blog a fun place to be.

Ruth at Flix Chatter has a really great blog, with her interesting opinions on the latest movie news as well as other miscellaneous trivia as well as frequent guest posts from friends.

Toby of Blah Blah Blah Gay writes insightful film reviews on foreign, indie and mainstream cinema, with a proclivity for film noir, which he is obsessed with at the moment during his current “Noir-a-thon.”

Andy Buckle’s Film Emporium is a great place to go for general film reviews, news and updates.

Alex Withrow of And So It Begins… writes great reviews that are definitely worth checking out, in his own honest, unique manner that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Colin of Pick n Mix Flix is not afraid what other people think. His reviews are concise, well-written and honest, and even if you don’t agree with them you have to admit they’re beautifully written.

Emil’s blog, A Swede Talks Movies, is creative and fresh, a look at films from a charismatic Swedish perspective.

Anna at Defiant Success is obsessed with classic film, and her quick reviews are summaries of many of her favourite classic and modern movies.

Dan, a writer for Top 10 Films, consistently manages to write great lists and reviews at his brilliant site.

Jessica writes the cozy, comfortable blog known as The Velvet Cafe, a place for reviews, lists and other musings on cinema.

Awesome Barnhart has an awesome site, a place for people to go to discuss the latest film news and comment on general cinema.

Cherokee is working on Feminising Film and her blog is a really good one, always interesting and with great writings.

Sam Fragoso, of Duke and the Movies has an awesome blog with a great layout and always interesting posts.

Dan Heaton is a Public Transportation Snob, whose movie marathons, lists and general musings on cinema are always interesting and fun to read.

Jack Deth really gets around! I see him when I visit a lot of the blogs I follow and I was happy when he started commenting on mine. A great man with some interesting opinions.

Joel Burman is a Swede in the film industry, and his advice to readers is to Deny Everything. He also writes for the LAMB and although his writings on his main site aren’t frequent, it’s plain to see he’s a busy man who nonetheless is always working on his blog and others.

Claire Packer celebrates celebrity birthdays, writes reviews and posts and always has a great sense of humour at her self-titled blog, which I only recently started reading but am really enjoying.

Nostra writes for My Filmviews, sharing opinions on cinema, reviews, and an open question to readers every Monday.

Raghav writes for numerous blogs, but his film-based blog Ticker Talks Film is unarguably the one I recommend cinema lovers check out.

Liam of All Films Considered, has a great blog where he invites viewers to share links to their own reviews of films he specifies. An original spin on the blogging scene that gets readers more involved.

Bonjour Tristesse has an amazing foreign-film based blog, where you can always rely on well-written, well-illustrated reviews of foreign cinema, and where foreign film buffs can find great recommendations for great movies.

Max Covill writes for Impassioned Cinema, where he shares interesting movie news, great reviews and fantastic, frequent posts.

Stevee Taylor is a fellow Kiwi, like me, and writes for the awesome blog Cinematic Paradox, where she shares well-written reviews on both new and old films, as well as other miscellaneous film tidbits.

Castor is the Editor-in-Chief of Anomalous Material, a place where movie lovers come to mingle and learn all about the latest news in the world of cinema.

Japecake is one of the few non-movie bloggers on this list, but his self-titled blog is more than worthy of a mention here. He specialises in dark, bitterly sarcastic humour, and his blog is definitely the funniest one I have ever read, and I definitely recommend it.

Julian is Dirty With Class and his blog features great reviews, posts and excellent opinions on cinema. His posts might not be frequent but when they are posted, they’re definitely worth reading.

Christian Hallbeck is yet another Swede on this list, but he’s just as good as all the others, and his great opinions on my posts are always welcome.

G-LO was the first follower my blog ever had, and ever since it started back in February, he’s always hung around to see what’s new. He writes for the blog It’s Just the Booze Dancing, which features well-written, concise posts on the finer things in life.

Those are some of the bloggers I follow and who comment regularly on my site, and I’m insanely grateful to all of them, and I definitely recommend you check them all out. Also check out my blogroll, on the right side column of every page on this site, which features almost all of the blogs I follow.


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  1. Yay, congrats! (BTW, I’m not obsessed with classic movies; I just prefer them more.)

    • Sorry if that sounded ignorant, me putting ‘obsessed.’ It’s just because I don’t know anyone who posts as frequently as you do about classic cinema.

      Thanks for the congrats.

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for the shoutout πŸ˜‰

    And i am actually trying to get some guest posts from a friend of mine to help with the lack of updates.

  3. Southern Vision is one of the very best blogs I’ve discovered since becoming a LAMB. Love you’re work, keep it going. Here’s to many many more posts!

  4. your content is almost always of the highest quality (i won’t go out on a limb and declare you the greatest blogger who ever lived just yet) so thank you for the praise and thank you for being so interesting and well written yourself.

    • Aw, thanks Toby! I’m working on keeping up the good stuff if that’s what people are enjoying and I also think you are one of the best, most concise and accessible bloggers I have ever come across.

      • thank you, i just need to work on my dedication to producing the content at the moment! i think summer arriving is going to hinder that if i’m honest.

      • Hehehe I’ll be taking some time off during summer too, but this whole blogging thing really gets addictive (for me, anyway). Don’t worry about the lack of blog updates; a good way to make up for that is to be on Twitter as often as possible to chat with readers in a manner you would normally do via writing posts, so that readers who are more passive don’t lose interest.

  5. Yo Tyler!

    Congrats on Post 200! I keep coming back because you put out a great product. Your heart and soul is on display for all of us to see. You also have excellent taste in cinema. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next 100 posts.

    And thanks for the mention and the shout out!


  6. Congratulations Tyler, and thanks for including me in this remarkable list.

    I really love the inventive lists you always come up with.

  7. Congrats on the 200th post! My goal now is to be included in your next list of blogs. I’ve got to step up my game. Needless to say, you do awesome work. I constantly marvel at the volume of writing you do, but mix that with the quality of the writing and you’ve got a helluva blog here. Good work, man.

  8. Congrats, and thanks for the linkage! Here’s to another 200 articles.

    /clinks shot of jager crassly on bar, downs it

  9. Woot! Woot! Congrats Tyler, you are truly an exceptional blogger with a one of a kind style. I’m amazed at the quality of your posts, always personal and insightful, and most of all, unique. So thank you for including me on the list, what an honor. As others have said, keep up the great work man. Cheers!

  10. What a beautiful way to celebrate a 200 post anniversary! Cosy is the word I’d use for your blog as well. The bed on the top sets the tone. We all assemble on the beach on the other side of the world to hang around with you, talking about our passion.

    Here’s to many more posts to come!


    • *Wipes tear* That’s beautiful, Jessica. You have such a way with words; it’s a big part of what makes your blog so amazing! I’m so glad I discovered it.

  11. Congratulations on that and thanks a lot for the mention. I’m almost at 400 myself.

    Hope you will keep going as long as you can as you write with a passion and about movies which I sometimes have never heard of. Great work!

    • Thanks, Nostra. By my calculations I shouldn’t reach 400 until June or July of next year, but I should definitely still be blogging at that time.

  12. Congratulations, Tyler! Here’s to 200 more. Keep up the great work, and thank you for the shout-out. πŸ™‚

  13. Congrats, bro! And thanks for the shout-out. I’m sure you’ll get to 200 more in no time at all!

  14. WOOT WOOT!!

    Well done matey!! I bet you are feeling pretty chuffed at this milestone.

    You have a great place here, and I know it is not always my cup of tea, but I always read and generally learn something!! Keep it up and do not change a thing!!

    Thanks so much for the link and kind words!!

    wuv u bruvva

    • Fanx bruvva, wuv u too!

      Seriously, though, thanks for sticking around Scott even when not all my posts are to your liking. It must take a lot of time and effort to follow all the blogs you do, and I’m incredibly grateful to be one of them.

  15. Congrats to 200 posts Tyler! You are one of the most reliable bloggers in my RSS reader putting out great content all the time.

    Also thanks for including me in your celebration links even though I’m currently on my biggest blogging hiatus since starting out. I’m up to my neck with work after being promoted to co-production manager which is adding some work hours to my day.

    • Don’t worry about work; if you have to do it, you have to do it. I think we all can appreciate how time consuming it must be.

      Congrats on the promotion, and thanks for being a great and fascinating blogger.

  16. Congrats on reaching 200! And here’s to 200 more πŸ™‚ Thanks for the shout out, I’m totally honored.

  17. Congratulations! And thanks for providing a whole new group of blogs for me to follow.

  18. ‘Grats on the milestone, Tyler, and thanks for the mention. Brought a tear to the ol’ hardened eye of mine. Almost made me wish I wasn’t shutting ‘er down next month.

  19. Congrats on 200 posts Tyler. A sweet achievement, given that so many blogs never make it even half-way there. Thanks for the mention! πŸ˜€

  20. Congratulations, Tyler! That’s a fantastic achievement. I’m sitting pretty at 190 so I will soon join you. Here’s to the next 200! Thank you for the mention, too πŸ™‚

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for the congrats. It’s a nice feeling to be reaching such a good number. It seemed like only yesterday I reached 100! Maybe I blog too much. Even so, I ain’t stopping here! Onwards and upwards!

  21. Congratulations, and thank you for the many blog recommendations!

  22. Hi, Tyler and company:

    Congratulations on your 200th post!

    Looking forward to enjoying many, many more.

  23. Congrats on your 200 posts, I mean, that is pretty amazing stuff. It’s gonna take me a long, long time to get there, but well done to you!

    Thank you so much for the mention, too! And indeed, cheers to the many more posts to come!

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