Five Great Movie Title Sequences You Might Not Remember

A great movie title sequence sticks in your head; whether it’s the start or end credits of the film. There are plenty of lists of great title sequences featuring more popular or well-known movies, but here are five memorable title sequences that get less recognition than, I feel, they should.

Enter the Void (2010)

Everyone who has seen this trippy Gaspar Noe mindfuck remembers the opening title sequence. In fact, I would estimate that more people have seen the title sequence than have seen the whole movie. Which is strange because the scene doesn’t really get that much attention, or very many mentions across the internet. Perhaps underrated isn’t the right word for some of these, but I would’ve liked to have seen this amazing sequence get more recognition.

Inland Empire (2006)


This is technically an end-credit title sequence, but that still counts. It is an amazing summation of David Lynch’s mammoth 3-hour film, as well as a sort of tribute to his whole career, all laid up in one in an amazing dance sequence which features various characters dancing to upbeat, rhythmical music and generally having a blast, a refreshing ending to an otherwise disturbing film.

The Player (1992)

Okay, so this one does get a fair amount of attention, but I wouldn’t say it gets enough. The Player is a brilliant film from Robert Altman, and who could possibly forget the opening title sequence which is a cleverly crafted tracking shot that was really the best part of the whole movie. And the whole movie itself is pretty damn good.

Irreversible (2002)

Gaspar Noe’s second appearance on this list is not without good reason. Since he didn’t want to include credits at the end of his film, and his entire movie was in reverse chronological order, he decided to put all the cast and crew credits at the beginning, in one quite intriguing, foreboding sequence. Nowhere near as attention-grabbing as Enter the Void, but still fresh and original.

Dogville (2003)

Ah… I’ve saved the best for last. Good ol’ uncle Lars, ready to fuck with some innocent victims’ heads and make them feel incredibly depressed and saddened. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Dogville has one of the most horrifying, nihilistic, masochistic and brilliant endings I’ve ever seen. Some love it. Some hate it. But it is amazing. And what follows it is one of the most equally amazing, daring, and controversial end credit sequences ever committed to film. It features the upbeat David Bowie song “Young Americans,” which is all very nice and happy, but in the background, he includes disturbing, sickening images of the darker side of America’s past. It pissed off a lot of Americans, but whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit it really is something.

Those are five of my selections. Are there any opening or end credit sequences you’d like to give a mention that you think aren’t mentioned enough? What do you reckon about the ones I’ve listed here? Leave a comment below.


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  1. I remember posting a similar, if slightly more mainstream version of this a while back.

    The Enter the Void on still gives me a headache!!

  2. Hi, Tyler, Scott and company:

    Excellent list!

    Kudos for ‘Dr. Strangelove…’ and ‘The Player’.

    ‘Touch Of Evil’ and ‘Lord Of War’ still share top spots in my book. Though the tracking dolly shot in ‘The Player’ comes in a close second..I still enjoy the split screen title sequence of ‘Bullitt’.

  3. I’d like to mention the end credits of most Jackie Chan movies. I’ve always enjoyed them because he always has a sort of bloopers reel/stunts gone wrong in the end which are fun, and since he does everything himself, it’s even more interesting.

    • Yeah, but credit bloopers are all too common and kind of unoriginal. I can’t say I like them too much, but I haven’t seen any Jackie Chan, so it’s not for me to say. It’s just, when I think of bloopers in the end credits, I think of American comedies.

  4. The title sequence in Do the Right Thing is pretty memorable imo

  5. Glad to see Enter the Void at the top of this list. One of my all time favorites is the opening of The Third Man. Love that song and the vibrating zither strings.

  6. Getting through Inland Empire is a near impossible feat! That end credit better be the second coming of greatness ahah 😀

  7. Yet another great list, my friend.

    Yeah, once you’ve seen Enter the Void, you’ll never forget the opening credits. Total manic energy.

    Completely agree with your sentiments about Dogville as well. Tough flick to get through, even tougher ending to stomach. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it though.

    Well done.

    • Thanks!

      Glad to hear you liked DOGVILLE. It’s really mixed opinion on that one but I must confess I love it to bits. The ending makes the whole three hours totally worth it.

  8. I watched that opening from ‘The Player’ in a film studies class. It was awesome that it was a perfect 8 minute tracking shot.

  9. I haven’t seen any of these so it’s not that I don’t remember, I simply don’t know 😀

  10. Theese are unquestionably a handful of of the greatest videos that i have ever seen. Great work! Looking forward for the new collection soon!

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