Edgar Wright Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie!


Continuing the series of movie characters who deserve their own movie, this time I’m highlighting some of the characters of the hilarious Edgar Wright. Enjoy!



Any other characters I’ve forgotten or not chosen? Leave a comment below.


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  1. I think Wallace definitely deserves a TV series. Some of the best lines of that film come from that little cracker.

    • Haha yeah. I’m curious if the actor who plays him has been in anything else major?

      • You’re kidding right? Kieran Culkin has a better filmography than brother Mac even thought they were both in Home Alone. Paper Man, Igby Goes Down and Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys are all decent indie films. Paper Man is the best. In fact been a long time since I saw Igby is should watch again as it could actually be naff, I don’t remember.

        • I’ve heard of those three films you’ve mentioned, but I haven’t seen any. In fact, looking at his IMDb page, I’m surprised to say I haven’t seen any of his films (other than HOME ALONE).

  2. i could watch knives chau all day, it could be a really interesting gus van sant teenage coming of age drama.

    or the story of ralph spall’s drug dealer in shaun of the dead, especially if rafe spall played him again.

    • I actually considered doing both of those two; I dunno why I hedged on Knives, her one would be great. I just had to put someone in from SPACED though.

  3. Ah…Wallace Wells. Always my favourite part of Scott Pilgrim. He does need his own movie!

  4. All of these are awesome- I especially love A Twist in the Tale. As far as fan musings go, I’d love to see any of the Spaced characters in their own movie. Brian and Marsha for sure.

    • It was hard picking the right SPACED character for a spinoff. I was going to do Brian (you know, something like THE BIG TOPP) but I caved and went for Twist.

  5. and almost any one of the “Spaced” characters could be deserving of their own! Love Edgar Wright!

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