The Movie Snapshot Quiz 2

About three and a half weeks ago, I posted a ‘Movie Snapshot Quiz,’ where I gave you closeup images of snapshots from movies and asked you to name the movie. I’ve now decided to do it again, just for fun. I think this one will be a little easier than the last one. So here goes:
















There you go. The answers can be found here. How did you do? Was it too easy? Hard? Leave a comment below.


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  1. HAHA I did OK, I think it is mainly because you have featured a few of these images before on your blog. Also as I am getting better at this movie lark!!

    Great quiz dude…. My score?

    A better than I though half marks…7/15

    • 7/15 is pretty good. I tried to include a fair mixture of foreign and mainstream movies, and I couldn’t help but copy and edit images I’d used before. Dunno if I’ll do this again though. I’m working on some more quizzes but not another one of these.

  2. Have seen 8 of these, but got 10 correct.

  3. Hi, Tyler and company:

    Another collection of cool photo!.

    Some were easy. Some weren’t.

    I missed #7, #12 and #13.

  4. I started off strong getting 1-6 easily, than I just fell apart. I only ended up getting one more with #13. So 7/15 for me.

  5. That was fun. I got 8 of the first 9 right, then stumbled home with just one more. I did miss two that I’d seen, but still feel pretty good about 9/15. This should be a regular post.

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