The Most Influential Director of the 20th Century: Vote in the poll NOW!


We’ve come this far. Let’s finish it. Over the last ten weeks, I have asked you, the reader, who the most influential filmmaker of the various decades of the 20th century was. I now have clear, outright winners of each polls for the decades, and here is the list of winners:


1900-1909: Georges Melies


1910-1919: D.W. Griffith


1920-1929: Sergei Eisenstein


1930-1939: Frank Capra


1940-1949: Orson Welles


1950-1959: Alfred Hitchcock


1960-1969: Jean-Luc Godard


1970-1979: Stanley Kubrick


1980-1989: Martin Scorsese


1990-1999: Quentin Tarantino


Now, I am going to issue a poll featuring those ten films, and I want you to vote for who you think, of these ten, is the MOST influential of the entire 20th CENTURY. You mustn’t count anything they’ve made since 2000, only films from the 20th century. Now, I want you to think carefully about this, and if you can, please spread the word of this poll around. It will be open for a month, and I would like to get as many votes as possible to get a wide variety of opinions and hopefully, a clear-cut winner. So the time to vote is now!


Thanks for voting. Please remember to share this poll around, link to it, or just get people voting. More votes means a wider result, which is always more interesting than just having one person win by a landslide.


The poll will be open until the 10th of October, when it will be closed and the winner and runners up will be revealed. Until then, thanks for voting and spreading the word. If there’s anything you’d like to add on the subject, leave comments below. Thanks.


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  1. I don’t see Akira Kurosawa on the list.

  2. I am not educated enough to get involved I am afraid

    Hope you are well matey

  3. Melies is my man. He is still an influence to all sci fi blockbusters.

  4. Hi, Tyler and company:

    I’m with Ruth and going with Hitchcock. No one plays the Violins of suspicion, tension and suspense better than Hitch!

  5. I opted for Hitchcock, although if I was doing a 10 most influential list, Hitchcock, Welles and Kubrick are the only ones here that would’ve been on there.

  6. This is great, looking forward to the results.

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