Paul Thomas Anderson Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie!

Continuing the series of fun posters where we pretend the characters of a certain director have been given their own spinoff movie are six posters featuring characters from the films of the great Paul Thomas Anderson. Imagine if they had their own movie…

Those are my posters. What do you think? Any suggestions you’d like to make? Leave a comment below. Thanks.


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  1. 1 and 6 are just awesome! Would go see those movies.

  2. I agree I love number one. Heather Graham was a firm crush with me for quite a while…

  3. i am not a heather graham fan at all. despite her appearance in swingers.

    sunday bloody sunday produced a full LOL for real though

    • SWINGERS and BOOGIE NIGHTS are probably the only two movies I liked her in. Her career seems to have taken the plunge recently.

      Glad I made you laugh. That’s my personal favourite of all the posters.

  4. While it wasn’t ruinous, I thought that Paul Dano’s performance was the weakest element of Blood. He’s usually a pretty good actor; he just seemed miscast in this. (He was, as you probably know, a last-minute replacement for an actor who had already shot several scenes.) But if you put Alfred Molina’s drug dealer and Firecracker Boy from Boogie Nights together in a movie, I’d definitely be there on opening day. Could be the best buddy movie ever.

  5. I need to watch Anderson – I’ve only seen “Boogie Nights” (scorn coming, I know).

    From that Skater girl was interesting and particularly Moore’s character.

    Nice posters Tyler.

    • You DO need to see more Anderson. Four of his five movies are in my Top 100, and MAGNOLIA is my favourite of all time. You’re in for a treat with his movies.

  6. Haha, very good. I like the first and last ones. But wouldn’t it be fun having one of Julianne Moore’s character in Magnolia, called “Don’t Call Me Lady!”

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