Random Question: The Best DVD You Own

Time for another Random Question. This time I want to know what the best DVD you own is. The one you’re most proud to own. It could be a rare one, maybe a collectible, or perhaps just a plain DVD you feel really lucky to call you’re own. For me, it’s my Criterion DVD of The Seventh Seal:


So tell me… what’s yours?


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  1. Bo Arne Vibenius’ 1973 exploitation flick Thriller: A Cruel Picture starring Christina Lindberg.

  2. I’ve shared this before but I do so LOVE my limited edition Kill Bill vol. 1 and 2 gift box sets from Japan MIB.

    Honourable mention goes to Eating Raoul simple because you can get it on DVD. It gets an awful lot of use as well.

    My favourite Criterion DVDs are my Wes Anderson films simple because of the covers drawn by his brother Eric.

    • I LOVE the Criterion covers, but I don’t own any Wes Anderson movies.

      Apparently the Japanese KILL BILL DVDs are bloodier than the normal ones? Is that true?

      • Don’t know, never opened them (MIB – mint in box.) However I did look around for a long time for the colour version of the scene where she decimates the Crazy 88’s in black in white. Apparently it exists but the only print is probably in Tarantino’s garage.

      • I heard about that scene as well. Sounds interesting.

  3. i love my ALIEN QUADRILIOGY boxset and my limited edition BLADE RUNNER tin simply because of the amount of time spent on them by the producers. they’re so pretty and filled with extras that are of actual interest.

    my BRIEF ENCOUNTER bluray is the only one i own.

    My first Criterion disc came recently – PALE FLOWER – and although I am yet to watch it, it’s only now I have one that I appreciate how special Criterion is.

    • When I got my first Criterion DVD (Altman’s SHORT CUTS), I too fell in love with them. It’s agonizing having to wait for the Criterion release of the THREE COLOURS trilogy in November.

  4. Don’t own any DVDs, but I do own a couple of blu-rays. My favorites among them are Once Upon a Time in the West Limited Premium Edition boxset from Germany with some cool stuff inside (only 1,000 of them were made) and Se7en Limited Collector’s Edition boxset from Spain with exclusive comicbook (also really hard to get).

    I only own one Criterion: Charade, because it’s one of the only films I’ve seen that Criterion has released.

    • Oh wow. I also have a DVD of SEVEN that came with a comic book. Seriously, I’ve got it around here somewhere. I might make it the next DVD of the Week.

  5. I have a cool French made special edition of John Carpenter’s They Live.

  6. I fecking love my copy of High School Musical….

    I joke obviously, I don’t really hold my actual disks in that high regard….just a vessel for the film. I back everything up onto NAS drive anyway…

    • Ah, the technology age, how daunting it seems to me. I’ll never stop buying disks. It’s just a nice, classic, somewhat nostalgic way of collecting movies. Am I living in the past or what? I only own about 5 BluRays!

  7. This is tough. I look at most of them like my children. I love them all equally. My favorite obscure one would be “Johnny Got His Gun”. I also own a ton of out-of-region Keaton and Bergman, which is fun. I get the most mileage out of my Bowling Ball edition of Lebowski and two seasons of “Spaced”. I’m also very happy to own “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” so I can torture the crap out of my family every Christmas. I love the Universal Legacy Collection versions of “The Wolf Man” and “Frankenstein” because I love the movies and I got them ridiculously cheap ($3 apiece for something like 10 movies, including three iconic horror classics). Long story short… I get an incomplete because I can’t answer it.

    • The only thing I own that you’ve mentioned there is SPACED. I feel a bit left behind. I suppose in a few years time I’ll have hundreds, if not thousands of DVDs. I’m on a Criterion kick at the moment; I’m buying more of those than others. It’s almost impossible to describe how excited I am for the Criterion release of the THREE COLOURS trilogy in November.

  8. Probably my Alien Quadrilogy head, which holds the DVD’s and the I, Robot head. They weren’t exclusive or anything, but I just love looking at them!

  9. Touch of Evil. I didn’t just read the 58 page defense, I devoured it.

  10. Wow! Such a tough question. I own a few Criterions and several other special editions DVDs, I may have to go with my Taxi Driver DVD because it has a great behind the scenes documentary and the entire script. Wait! I just looked over my collection. Amelie is pretty awesome too (the film and the extras). And then there’s Down By Law. Oh oh oh… The Double Life of Veronique and the Three Colors trilogy! Ugh.. I just can’t decide! 😉

    • Yeah, decisions can be hard. I love the Criterion Collection because they give you so much extras and the film looks marvellous and the covers are always awesome. I can’t wait until they release the Three Colours trilogy in November.

  11. I think I answered this on another post, but the Godfather: the Coppola Restoration. It has all three movies, plus 2 discs of special features. I couldn’t find it anywhere, but then when I went to a test event for the newly opened Olympic Park in London earlier this year, I found it in an HMV near there, and I was so happy. It cost me £19, but it’s almost the best money I’ve ever spent. I also burned myself a copy of Song of the South, so I’m the only person in the world who has that on DVD.

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