DVD of the Week (2/9)

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s DVD of the Week, where I take down a DVD from my shelf and ask you, the reader, for your opinions on the film (or, if you own the DVD, the disc itself in general including sound, visuals, special features, etc.) This week the DVD is:

It’s obvious that I picked this one because opinion of the film is so divided amongst both critics and viewers. I’ll refrain from sharing my thoughts on it here (though most readers should know what I think of it), but warmly invite you to leave comments on it below.


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  1. well i wanted to see it but then i heard so much about it that i just don’t think i can bring myself to watch all of it. tell me, why do you own it? why should i see it?

    • I think it’s a brilliant movie, and one of the key reasons is that each and every person sees something different when they watch it, which is unique. There is so much to take in from it, and repeat viewings are a must. Simply one of the more surreal cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. A lot of people don’t like it because they don’t understand it, and if you’re looking for something that’s easy to understand, you are in the wrong place. It’s a film full of visual delights, where plot is an option but not a necessity. I commend Lynch for his achievements.

      As for the DVD itself the film is wonderfully transferred, and the special features are amazing, such as 90 minutes of deleted footage and other materials. A must for any Lynch fan, or just a person willing to try something new and adventurous, beyond the boundaries of cinematic convention.

      • 90 mins of deleted scenes? that would make for a 4.5 hour movie! i’m not exactly a fan of lynch (straight story being my favourite of his movies kinda gives that away really) so i think i may continue to give this one a miss. i’m getting a lot less patient with movies and i’d probably end up listing it as a turnoff rather than persevering.

        its a horrible thought, being less inclined to work through a movie. but this is the way i am at the moment. perhaps i will get through it as i get even older.

  2. I tried watching this back when it was first released on DVD. After 5 mins I realised I was soooo not in the mood for it right now and put it off for another day… which has yet to come around. I’m sure it is great. I do like Lynch but the horrible digital cinematography (if you can even call it that) is a huge turn off.

    My DVD of the week is The Rage in Placid Lake because even though unbelievably annoying and redundant anti-piracy info at the start of DVDs constantly reminds us that “Australia makes great films,” you’re always too pissed off at this stupid patronising morality lecture that you forget to reflect on the fact that Australia actually does make a lot of great films and this is one of them. (Also it’s an older DVD so it goes straight to the menu screen THANK FUCKING GOD!)

    • The digital cinematography is annoying at times, but visually there are quite a few really stunning shots.

      Yeah, I fucking hate those piracy ads. That’s why I love Criterion DVDs… no such ads.

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