DVD of the Week (26/8)

I missed out on doing DVD of the Week last week, but it’s back this week with a crappy picture from my iPod of this week’s DVD. And it is…


There you go. If you’ve seen it, please leave a comment below with what you thought of it – that is the whole point. If you haven’t, get out there and see it, it’s a great movie.

Thanks for participating.


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  1. I saw this one and didn’t really like it that much (gave it a 5/10). I just didn’t think it was that funny. I guess you always have this issue with comedies as humor is so subjective….

    • I think it’s more of a suburban tragedy than a comedy. It’s point is not to entertain but to inform. There’s a lot I learnt from this film, and it’s definitely one of the Coens best, in my opinion. But since opinion is so varied, that’s why I made this DVD of the Week. So different people could share different opinions.

  2. I have it, but I have never got around to watching it. I always seem to go for the exploding robot don’t i? LOL

    • Haha, you should definitely give it a shot, but I warn you there are themes which hint less at mainstream and more at arthouse and it’s a movie you need to think about after watching.

  3. My DVD of the week is Mysterious Skin. Just bought it the other day. Only viewed it once so super excited to see it again.

    As for A Serious Man I’ve seen it twice, did like it more the second time but only because I was prepared for a Coen ‘comedy’ without any laughs.

    • I always tell people: if they want the Coens to make them laugh, stick with THE BIG LEBOWSKI. If they want the Coens to make them think, try out A SERIOUS MAN.

      • I don’t find The Big Lebowski funny either. The Hudsucker Proxy is their only ‘comedy’ that I actually enjoy as a comedy. That’s not to say they don’t have redeeming features, as I say the second viewing of A Serious Man I enjoyed more because I went into it knowing what to expect and I think it was a decent drama but still not worthy of Oscar nominations.

        But to each his own.

        • Yeah, well there’s always divided opinion over that sort of thing. I hated A SERIOUS MAN the first time round but loved it the second. And it looks like the differences between us are to continue because I despise THE HUDSUCKER PROXY (except for a few genuinely funny moments, I felt like I was watching a kids movie).

      • Hahaha. “You know…for kids.”

  4. i loved this one tyler. saw it on my birthday in a cinema that i had to travel half the country to because nobody was showing it in england it seemed. the 4 of us were the only ones laughing at the tragedy and the rest of the audience were giving us strange looks indeed.

    massively underrated coens film, almost ignored completely. certainly better than the overrated and overhyped burn after reading in my opinion.

  5. I think this was the first Coen brothers film I saw, and I must admit, I wasn’t impressed with it at all.

    It looked really great, but I didn’t find it funny – just as Nostra said.

    I think I might have been a little harsh on it at the time, but it’s probably a film I am not going to watch anytime soon…

  6. I love most of the Coens-stuff, some I just like. This one I like. There were a couple of excellent scenes, but need to rewatch to appreciate it even more. I think I gave it 6 or 7 (out of 10).

  7. a people famously lynched by smallminded racists are not exactly different to the people doing the lynching so radical is not a requirement.

    to be sensible though, it is more than a little bold of you to make the statement. NCFOM blew everyone away, people LOVE that movie. SERIOUS MAN however was largely ignored, derided, misunderstood.

    hyperbole aside, as i said this definitely runs it close in my book, especially when you think for longer than a minute about ASM rather than remember that feeling you got when the screen went dark at the end of NCFOM

    • That’s a really good point you make.

      A SERIOUS MAN is hugely underrated in my opinion, but I’m extremely grateful it got a Best Picture nom. Both ASM and NCFOM are brilliant, astonishing films in my opinion, and when they reached both their respective excellent endings, I felt exhilirated at what I had just seen. It’s difficult to compare them because they deal with such different subject matter, but A SERIOUS MAN is more truthful, the Coens’ most honest film; this is them making a movie about something they know. They’ve done that before, but never as good as they did with ASM. The concept for one of the scenes – a boy going to his Bat Mitzvah while stoned – is brilliant enough, without the film capturing life so honestly and realistically, whereas NCFOM seems much more sombre to a slightly annoying degree when compared with ASM. A SERIOUS MAN deals directly with suburban life, and thus is much easier to relate to.

      • yes! the truth of a situation. thats what they capture so perfectly in ASM. it’s that kitchen sink drama aspect but shot in a wonderfully, i dunno, hollywood way? instead of grit and grime to accentuate you get a simple poetic filmic style.

        BUT to me NCFOM is a) a perfect adaptation of the novel to the point where there’s no real point in reading the novel anymore and b) gets to the truth of people in these walks of life, sheriffs, killers, small time criminals. the truth without glamour is a very powerful thing in cinema, especially when you put it in what could be a typical genre piece if made incorrectly. i think it was Hemingway in his collection Men Without Women that NCFOM really reminded me of, that simple and haunting truth imbued with a beauty that you can only appreciate in humanity at the most trying of times.

        got a little carried away. the Coen’s best work is always those movies that have at its core the truth about humanity driving the narrative, BIG LEBOWSKI has been mentioned a lot in these comments for being fun and funny, this is surface detail, The Dude et al are true representations of human nature and that is what makes everything work so well to the point where it is verging on having a cult of Lebowski.

        • Glad we’re in agreement. Both films have their merits, but it seems to me that the people who love NCFOM often (but not always) don’t like ASM, and vice versa.

          There’s also the whole adaptation thing; where it seems unfair to compare the two films because ASM is NOT an adaptation but NCFOM is. This, to me, demonstrates that ASM came completely from the Coens’ imagination, whereas NCFOM originated from source material not written by the Coens. So yeah, it’s definitely not fair to compare them.

  8. I fr*ckin hate A Serious Man. Found it to be really pretentious and aimed totally for the Jewish community.

    • im not jewish, infact i dont know a single person who’s jewish. i’ve never even noticed a jewish community in england or australia to be fair. i can’t say i agree that it was aimed at a jewish community. it just happens to be about a jewish community. surely.

    • Going to have to respectfully disagree with you, Joel. I think this is aimed at all people, and the Coens only made it about the Jewish because they themselves were Jewish. This is them making a movie about something they know; people they grew up around, and I commend them for it.

  9. It was OK really, just not one of their best at all. Hope you like it!

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