Coen Brothers’ Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Last week I did a post called Martin Scorsese Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie. It got mostly positive reception, and I really enjoyed making the posters, so I’ve decided to do a follow-up, and this time it’s posters for spin-off movies featuring Coen brothers characters:

Thanks for checking them out. Leave a comment below with what you thought, and some suggestions of your own.


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  1. Donnys game is a great suggestion! I’m not that big fan of the Cohens so I won’t suggest a film of my own.

  2. I would have gone for Walter from the Big Lebowski. He’s frikken mental, and hilarious!

  3. Funny how everyone has different fave Lebowski characters.

    I would have picked Jesus. Been amazing to see the prequel storyline of how he turned into this purple catsuit wearing bowler….


  4. Steve Buscemi and Brad Pitt characters are great choices. Would love to see more of Marge Gunderson in another movie.

  5. I’d love to see a movie just about Charlie from Barton Fink. He’s such an oddly complex character.

  6. Ahaha Brad Pitt’s character in Burn After Reading was the only reason to watch that movie. Great idea for a post Tyler. What about Lucky Ned (Barry Pepper) in True Grit

    • I suppose he would do. I only did six posters for the Scorsese post, so I did the same number here, but there could’ve been more. I might make this a monthly feature, actually. People seem to like it.

  7. Haha, I love Chad in Burn After Reading. He made that whole movie for me!

  8. Hi, Tyler and company:

    Very cool topic and thread!

    I’d like to see a film about J.E. Freeman’s Eddie Dane and his early days as an up and coming enforcer and muscleman in Johnny Caspar’s gang.

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