Random Question: Odd Movie Moments That Have Made You Tear Up

During a recent rewatch of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s lifechanging Three Colours trilogy, I found myself wanting to cry at the final scene of the third film, Red. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know the scene I mean. It wasn’t a particularly sad scene; no-one we knew died, or anything, but there was a combination of several things that made me want to have a good sob (though thankfully, I held it in). One was that it was Kieslowski’s final film before his death at the young age of 54, meaning it was the final scene he ever directed. Another was the sheer beauty of what was being conveyed on screen.

It prompted me to think about scenes that have made me feel incredibly sad, despite the fact that nothing terribly saddening might be happening, so I pose the question: what scenes (or films, or even just single moments) have made you feel sad or want to cry, although realistically and physically, most people might not find it that saddening? Private movie moments that’ve made you feel that way that wouldn’t have the same affect on the rest of us. If you can think of any, please share them below in the comments.

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  1. I cried a lot at my first viewing of Inception. I still to this day don’t get why it’s so cry-worthy for me…but I always shed a tear every single time I watch it. I’m so weird.

    Mind you, I’ll cry in just about everything!

  2. I cry at anything to do with a Dad and a child. Anything. I am such a Wuss. I literally well up at any mention of ‘I love you Daddy’….

    I mean Seriously???

    HAHAH Need to man up

    • Haha, can’t believe it! Custard shows a sensitive side! Hahaha, lol jokes, thanks for commenting. Dad movies make me a little emotional too, even though my Dad’s still alive and we have a great relationship.

      • The first two things I thought of were the end of Field of Dreams and the end of Big Fish… which are both all about the Dads.

        • Hmm, you and Custard both get a little sad for Dad movies. Might there be a connection?? Do all men get a little teary for father-son endings? Will look into this further.

  3. The Final sequence in the Bicycle Thieves. It is just great and it made me cry just by watching the face of the Man.

    • That is a brilliant film. I desperately need to watch it again, it has been too long. I also need to see Umberto D., which I hear is just as emotionally moving.

  4. Christian Hallbeck

    I agree that the final scene of Kieslowski’s “Red” is profoundly moving! Good choice! Having seen the film countless of times, tears still fall quietly down my cheeks before those final images. A work of genius! The scene doesn’t have to bee explained. It’s emotional impact is still overwhelming! Regardless of meaning, you know that you’ve experienced a great work of art! Sometimes you don’t ask for more.

    • Kieslowski has to be one of the greatest directors who has ever lived. The first time I saw Red, that scene affected me, but after watching more of Kieslowski’s movies and falling in love with his style and love of storytelling, I had a completely different take on it when I rewatched Red. Just knowing that this was the last scene he ever directed, combined with the beauty of the distraught Irene Jacob’s face was just too much and I broke down. No director has made me feel the way Kieslowski has. An amazing man.

  5. I’ve cried more in movies released this year than in any other year. There was The Fog of War in 2003 and Blue Valentine and Tree of Life this year. Devastating. I think it’s the broken relationships between characters and the right thing to say at the right time in the right way just gets me.

    • Yeah, I was feeling ultra-sad after watching Blue Valentine. Still got to see The Tree of Life, it doesn’t come out here until the 25th. Thanks for sharing, Paolo!

  6. Hi, Tyler and company:

    I lean very heavily towards either Kenneth Branagh’s speech at Agincourt in ‘Henry V’ or George C. Scott’s address to the troops at the beginning of ‘Patton’.

    Oh, and the end of ‘Old Yeller’.

    • Yes! All those scenes are great picks! I haven’t seen Old Yeller, but I’m aware of the ending in question. I’ve seen the other two, though, and I definitely agree!

  7. If you want weird … one time for me was Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, which doesn’t have a single scene that might be described as remotely sentimental. I think I was just overwhelmed by the brilliance of Hitchcock’s craftsmanship, imagination, and vision as a director.

  8. I never had these moments…I somehow feel what a director wants the audience to feel. Examples are the moment in E.T. when he’s died and the final scene of Black Swan.

    • Yeah, I suppose so. But sometimes our past experiences can effect our emotions while watching a film, and often directors will exploit that, but I was trying to think of times when I had an unexpected response, and I suppose those don’t apply to everyone.

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