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  1. You sound like an interesting person! And thanks for the link back…I didn’t think of the idea myself, but it was a really good idea…lots of fun!

    • I’m not that interesting… according to my girlfriend, a plumber could come up with a better list of characters than this 🙂 She’s just joking… I think. I’m off to check out the people you borrowed the idea from, too.

  2. Hmm very interesting, It seems that you have a very similar character to myself. I would have picked Macy too if I did one of these (so that has fracked it for tomorrow). My misses would love the choice of any Jared Leto character, he is one of her boyfriends.

    Quite a subtle list I must say though. I am willing someone to do a list of superheroes, would crack me up….

    ‘I am just like superman and batman mixed together, I ROCKKKK’

    Brilliant job Tyler, as always, Thanks for sharing!

    • If you’re gonna do one of these posts, Macy is welcomely yours. He’s a great character and it’s easy for us to compare ourselves to him.

      Superheroes? Hell. No.

      I thought it would mix it up and add a bit of controversy if I put Bateman on here, but I think he actually has great tastes in music and pop culture… if you can look past the fact he almost shot Chloe Sevigny in the back of the head with a nail gun.

  3. OMG, I was scared for a second there that you’re a psychopath like Bateman!! But glad you clarified that you shared his taste for pop culture… and Huey Lewis/Phil Collins songs 😀 Interesting post, Tyler, I really don’t know which movie character I’m like… gotta think about that a lot more.

    • I was excited about doing this post at the start before realizing how hard it was to pick characters. Bateman was a risk, but I don’t think I’m a psychopath, despite the fact I can’t stop laughing every time I see him.

      • Well, that business card scene is funny indeed. Can’t say I’m laughing when he starts butchering his colleagues and women.

    • No, you’re right there, that isn’t funny. And running around naked with a chainsaw is a bit dangerous with your jewels-a-dangling, but the scene I always laugh at is when he starts doing a moonwalk across his apartment floor before he kills Jared Leto. Hilarious.

  4. From these choices and the constant “I would never such crazy things”, I think you are a seriously disturbed person Tyler ahah 😉 j/k

    • Ha. The hard thing about doing this list was that I only wanted the good sides of these characters but almost all of them have bad sides.

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