The IMDb Movie Goofs Quiz

As you probably know, IMDb have this great (and embarrassing for the filmmakers) feature which lets you look at where directors, cast and crew slipped up while making a movie. There’s a nice healthy chunk of these ‘goofs’ for almost every popular movie, so now it’s time to test your knowledge. I’m going to give you a selection of these goofs from some different movies, and you have to name the movies these goofs can be found in. It should hopefully be harder than it sounds. Ready? Here goes:

Which Film Featured the Following Goofs?

  • Vincent unzips a case to reveal an old-fashioned glass syringe, yet the extreme close-ups of the syringe show it is made of plastic.
  • During the robbery, a crew member is reflected in the cash register.
  • In the beginning of the monologue, the time on the watch changes between cuts.
  • The boom mic is visible in the motel window when Butch picks up his girlfriend.

Which Film Featured the Following Goofs?

  • When the white van emerges from the warehouse, the passenger side mirror strikes the warehouse door. In the next shot of van’s exterior, the passenger side mirror is fully extended and instead the driver’s side mirror is flipped back. In subsequent shots, the correct mirror is flipped back.
  • When Fischer’s cab is being hijacked, numerous production markings are visible on the street.
  • During the city bending scene, reflections in the windows show the buildings in place, not bending.
  • When the plane takes off from Sydney, snow is on the ground. Sydney hasn’t seen snow since 1836.

Which Film Featured the Following Goofs?

  • The shadow of the first camera assistant falls on the side mirror of Scotty’s Datsun as he sits in it, crying.
  • In the pool party scene, the underwater swimming girl gets up, as she passes the camera pans and you can see the dark reflection in the sliding glass door of the cameraman holding the underwater camera.
  • When the stereo store customer exits the scene, you can see him make an unusually large step forward. This is because he is stepping over the dolly track.
  • When Bill is complaining to the cinematographer about his wife having sex with other men he says, “My fucking wife’s on the driveway with a fucking ass in her cock.”

Which Film Featured the Following Goofs?

  • When the mad dog is shot, it is obvious its legs are being jerked from under to make it fall.
  • During the opening credits, when the marbles are rolling, several members of the camera crew are reflected in the marble.
  • At the trial, the defense table is set nearest to the jury box. In all US criminal courts, the jury sits on the Prosecution’s side of the court room.
  • At the beginning of the film, the pennies in the cigar box are dated circa 1962, while the story is set in the year 1932.

Which Film Featured the Following Goofs?

  • In each hotel, modern models of smoke and heat detectors are visible on the ceilings.
  • When the Mexican in the motel bathroom is shot the shot passes through the wall, which should hit his left hand, but hits him in the chest. As he falls his gun is firing at the bathroom door, but leaves no holes.
  • Outside of the motel after Moss is killed there is a modern day EMS unit (ambulance) in the background.
  • When Bell is driving up to the Desert Sands Motel, a sign for Route 66 Paint and Body is visible to the right. El Paso is over 250 miles from Route 66.

Which Film Featured the Following Goofs?

  • When Carolyn drives up to her home in the final scene, the rain sounds like it has an echo, as if it were inside a stage.
  • When Carolyn slaps Jane in the face, Carolyn can be seen yelling at Jane, from behind, even though the soundtrack is silent.
  • The dining room table is set with 6 crystal/glass candle holders with white candles when Jane crosses the room to the window but during both dinner scenes/sequences with the family at the table we see only 4 holders when the candles are lit.
  • The finger pulling the trigger at the end is bare but in the next scene the killer is wearing plastic gloves.

Right. That’s it. If you’re looking for the answers, they can be found here. So how did you do?


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  1. Ooooooh, what a cool idea! I got the second, third and last ones all by myself. Well, how couldn’t I get the second one?!

    • Thanks! There’s a whole bunch of great IMDb features I use all the time. It was a matter of time before something like this came to me. It was hard to try and find goofs that didn’t have plot giveaways or character names that would immediately make it obvious, so I tried to find more subtle goofs.

  2. Got 1, 3, 5, 6. Can’t believe I missed 2. And the 4th one I’ve only seen once and don’t remember it that well.

  3. *cough* HITLIST *cough*

    HAHA This is a sure fire entry, great work tyler!!

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