The Weekly Discussion: The 30s in Cinema!

Last week in The Weekly Discussion, I tried to start a discussion about the 60s in cinema. Nothing happened. However, fortunately, I also provided a poll about who the most influential director of that era is, and nine people voted. It was a close tie: 2 people voted for Ingmar Bergman, 2 for Luis Buñuel, and 2 for Alfred Hitchcock. But the winner, with 3 votes, is Jean Luc-Godard. Well done! Also in the poll, who didn’t receive any votes, were Francois Truffaut, Louis Malle, Federico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa.

For the next 9 or so weeks, I’m going to focus on every decade of the 20th century (even 1900-1910) in random order and who the most influential director of those respective decades is. But you are the key ingredient… I need YOU to vote, and hopefully start up a discussion about the topic in the comments below. I didn’t expect this idea to catch on quick, but hopefully it will do so eventually, perhaps even this week.

This week the decade is… the 30s!

Here’s the poll:

Thanks for voting. Now, who wants to start this week’s discussion? Anything on your mind about the 30s in movie history you’d like to write? Now’s the time.

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  1. One of my favorite films of that Decade is La Grande Illusion (1937) directed by Jean Renoir.

    Also I think we have to add Sir. Charles Chaplin to that discussion, he made in that decade 2 of the most relevant films of all time and of course they are also in mi all time favorite list:

    City Lights (1931).

    Modern Times (1936).

  2. Sadly I have seen very few movies of that decade, maybe only one or two from Chaplin 😦 A blind spot I need to correct some day!

    • Yeah, well it’s not the most productive decade for truly excellent film. You had your Chaplin, your Capra, your Hawks and etc., but in terms of actual business-changing films, there were surprisingly few.

  3. Others films to consider in the 30’s decade:

    – M (1931) / Fritz Lang.

    – The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) / James Whale.

    – The 39 Steps (1935) / Alfred Hitchcock.

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