The Weekly Movie Challenge: You Have Until 15 June To Watch This

Here’s the story: I get home from work at four o’clock and I have to leave for dinner with my brother who is down from Wellington (the capital city of New Zealand, a fair distance from where I live). I need to leave by 5 o’clock, and I want to post something to my blog. The time is 4:32. I’m unprepared. So this is something quick, but hopefully it’ll make you think.

I’ve been planning to start a new feature here for a while. It’s certainly not the most original one, but hey, it’s an idea and I think it’ll work. I’m going to name a random movie (it could be something really good, or something crap), and you have a week to see it and tell me what you thought of it. Sounds simple, right? You might be thinking, “Hey! This is easy, I’ve already seen that movie!” and if that’s the case, then good for you, leave a comment telling me what you thought of it. But if you haven’t seen it, I challenge you. Where I am it’s Wednesday the 8th of June. You have until Wednesday the 15th to see this movie, and then I’ll be issuing you a new movie. This week’s movie is…

This is the original, not the remake, but I’m sure you figured that out. So there’s your challenge. If you’ve seen it, leave a comment (perhaps even a small review) of what you thought about it. If not, I challenge you to Netflix it NOW, or within the next few days, and hopefully watch it.

Why am I doing this? Because these days when people see a movie, they sometimes wait a long time before getting around to it. I was/am one of these people. A friend lent me a copy of the Bourne movies, and I took three months to actually watch them. I felt so annoyed with myself that I waited so long, because I actually enjoyed them. This will hopefully be the start of people really focusing, having a target or a goal to achieve, even if it’s a small one like watching one movie.

If you can’t get a hold of this movie, don’t worry. This should be a weekly feature, so eventually one week there should be a movie you can easily get your hands on, or have already seen recently enough to remember it well.

But this is my challenge. Go for it! Hopefully this has not been a complete waste of your time.

Thanks for reading.

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Patient observer of all things film and music, from Béla Tarr to Boards of Canada. Foul mouthed and clinging to the edge of sanity.

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  1. I’ve seen this movie twice and both times I thought it was oddly overacted…I know I may be in the minority with my opinion…I just didnt care for the movie despite the fantastic cast !

    • Your argument makes sense, I suppose. It’s not one of my favorites of it’s era, but I used it here because I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on my blog before.

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