15 Movie Questions Meme

One of the great minds of the movie multiverse, Anna at Defiant Success, formulated a list of fifteen movie questions that a movie geek should answer. I came across the guys’ lists at Anomalous Material and decided to give one a crack for myself. So here goes… hopefully something!

1: A Movie You Love With a Passion:

Hell… f*cking… yeah.

2: A Movie You Vow Never to Watch:

Do I need to say more? This could also be a frontrunner for most offensive movie title ever. A sarcastic thank you to Ashley Clarke at Permanent Plastic Helmet for alerting me to the existence of this awful, awful… mess.

3: Movie That Literally Left You Speechless:

I could not move when this finished. Fantastic.

4: Movie You Always Recommend:

It’s the movie on my Top 50 that is the most unseen, and for God’s sake, it’s a classic. It’s brilliant, and it’s one I can watch over and over. Other contenders: Mulholland Drive, Persona, Sex Lies and Videotape

5: Actor/Actress You Always Watch, No Matter How Crappy the Movie:

I don’t get it, there’s just something about him that makes watching a movie so much cooler. I guess I keep envisioning him as John Doe or Verbal Kint or that mean guy who fired Benecio Del Toro and gave Frank Whaley a ton of shit in Swimming with Sharks.

6: Actor/Actress You Don’t Get the Appeal For:

I don’t know why, he just… unnerves me. He’s annoying, and I don’t get him. Sorry, Ben. This is probably why I was laughing louder than everyone in the room when Larry David stabbed him in the eye on an episode of Curb.

7: Actor/Actress, Living or Dead, You’d Love to Meet:


8: Sexiest Actor/Actress You’ve Seen (picture required):


She may be the reason I was so quick to buy my Criterion DVD of The Double Life of Veronique. She’s the thinking man’s Megan Fox! Well, she was in the early 90s, anyway. She’s Irene Jacob!

9: Dream Cast:

Al Pacino playing a drug lord forced to turn his vastly growing empire to a reluctant son, Daniel Day-Lewis, while Martin Scorsese directs.

10: Favourite Actor Pairing:

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon. I’m not too old for that shit.

11: Favourite Movie Setting:

Anywhere but Pandora.

12: Favourite Decade for Movies:

The 90s, man! If not then the 70s, but gooooo 90s! Most of the films I watched growing up were these gems, and whether they were good, bad or awful, I still f**king enjoyed them!

13: Chick Flick or Action Movie:

Watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Case closed.

14: Hero, Villain or Anti-Hero:

I’m not the first person to pick it, but Michael Douglas ruled in Falling Down. Anti-Hero all the way!

15: Black and White or Colour:

I admit it. I would have liked to have seen a lot of B&W movies in colour. But I love B&W! I love it more than colour! But once you see the Bergman movies Cries and Whispers and Fanny and Alexander, it’s impossible not to pick colour.

So those are my answers. Now let me know… what’s yours? Leave a comment telling me what you thought of my picks, and continue this meme by posting one on your own site, and check out the three sites I mentioned at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow this is cool! I will go for some:

    – A movie I love with passion: Kill Bill vol. 1&2 (I consider it as one film).

    – A movie that left me speechless: Irreversible(2002).

    – B&w or Color: B&W (I just love the way light works in B&W).

    – Sexiest Actress: Monica Bellucci / Malena(2000).

  2. That “decade” question is difficult. Depending on what day you ask me, I could say the ’70s, ’90s, or ’50s. There’s just so much arthousey goodness from the 50’s. And the ’90s are when I came of age as a movie fan. The ’70s speak for themselves. Or itself. Or… whatever’s grammatically correct there.

    I can’t believe that #2 exists. I’ve heard of a lot of really ridiculous titles but that one takes the cake.

  3. Oh so that’s where Magnolia Forever comes from? 🙂 Interesting that you always recommend Cache, it’s maybe not the most accessible movie out there. But then Mulholland Dr. isn’t either ahah.

  4. We both recommend Haneke films! I have actually convinced around ten people to see funny games.

    • Interesting. And I suppose you’ve never heard from those ten people ever again… 🙂 I prefer Cache and The White Ribbon to Funny Games, though I did give it 8/10, whereas most of my friends gave it around 4 or 5 out of ten.

  5. #2 demands to be watched! Problem is you will probably never find it anywhere.

    Can’t say I like this list. Not your choices, the list itself. The majority of the questions deal with absolutes. I know its for fun but it still bothers me. If I’m gauging if someone is a ‘movie geek’ I ask one question only, “What is your favourite movie?” If they name a movie title, they fail.

    Lets face it, how can you compare Gone with the Wind to Eating Raoul? Or The Station Agent to Total Recall? How about John Lasseter to John Waters? You can’t. You don’t. You just embrace the best in everything.

    • I like the general idea behind what you’re saying, but I think there’s an important discrepancy to be made between “best” and “favorite”. I could never in a billion years name the best movie ever made. There are just so many contenders and, like you say, how can you compare something from two eras and two genres and two styles? It’s impossible.

      On the other hand, it’s very easy to have a favorite without passing any type of judgment on the quality of other movies. My love of, say, “Idiocracy” doesn’t mean I can’t also love “Some Like it Hot” or “The Wolf Man” or billions of other movies. (not that Idiocracy is my favorite)

      • ‘Best’ and ‘favourite’ are synonyms in this context. The distinction between your ‘best’ film and your ‘favourite’ film – if there is one – is moot as the criteria for which you base this judgement on is your own personal opinion.

        But as I said it is all just for fun.

  6. OMG, regarding ‘A Movie You Vow Never to Watch’… I’ve never even heard there is such a movie!!! Unbelievable. There is no way I’d ever watch that either even for sheer curiosity!

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