What’s Your Movie Sin?

What's In Your Box?

Forgive me, movies, for I have sinned.

What is a movie sin? It’s a detail to do with movies, whether a preference or a secret or an admission about your experiences with movies that you consider to be negative, and will try not to repeat.

We’ve all done it now and again. Movies are so affecting in my life and the way I examine things that when looking at the most normal things, I can instantly pull out a film reference from the ever-expanding film encyclopaedia in my head.

But sins. These are the things we’re ashamed of, that the film industry and other movie-lovers look down on. And in accordance with the well known seven deadly sins of general existence, I present to you the seven deadly sins of a movie lover’s existence. Be warned.

1: Greed: This is when we splurge. Not on watching movies (see Gluttony), but rather on buying them. Last year, when I first started working on a list of my Top 100 favourite movies, I decided to go out and buy as many of them as I could. Credit cards were maxed and the cash was emptied from my pocket. Sure, it was worth it, to own all those movies, but it’s a dangerous thing to let your buying obsession get away with you. Luckily, us Kiwi men are appropriate cash spenders most of the time (yeah, right.)

2: Gluttony: This is when we have to, simply must, see all the movies we can. If there’s a classic, it must be seen. If it’s received a good review from a certain reviewer (like perhaps Southern Vision! ;-)), it must be seen. This is a non-stop need to see the movies, and this can lead us into some nightmarish, derogatory worlds which we prefer to stay out of. Do I remember the second weekend of May last year when the doors were boarded up, the curtains shut, the lights off and the DVD player on? Yes, I do. It was an awful, Ray Milland-style lost weekend (except with movies rather than booze) that I’m hoping not to repeat.

3: Pride: We like to be proud of ourselves when we acquire a certain rare DVD, fun fact or quirky collectible, but we must remember that pride and selfishness, are pretty much the same thing. I like to think I’ve seen a nice amount of great movies, but I’m sad to have to admit that amongst my movie loving peers, I have a comparitively small DVD collection (158), and my tally of movies I’ve seen (approximately 500) is a dwindling amount less than my mates’. Then again, I spend a lot of my time doing this blog so that could be the reason I don’t see as much movies anymore, but I don’t really care about watching movies as much as I do writing this stuff for you so that’s that.

4: Envy: Pride’s lower-class twin brother is envy, the Irish leprechaun with the silly hat and funny face who dances on your scalp as you realize what an amateur you are. Last time we had our monthly movie night was when I saw Citizen Kane for the first time. My sister invited her husband, who told me he’d seen it five times. He had a smirky look on his face of self-satisfaction and I felt so idiotic, waiting this long to watch such a classic. Don’t let this green monster get to you… envy, I mean, not my brother-in-law.

5: Lust: No, not the Last Tango in Paris kind. Lust is when you love movies too much. Like, so much that you must constantly rewatch it to decode its meaning. You become obsessed with it, to the point where it drives you insane. You love this film, but seeing it once, twice, thrice or… (fource?) is not enough! And with the ridiculous price of going to the movies to see a film, we must try and get as much as we can from one viewing, unless we’ve got the DVD from Netflix or whatever you use. Lust certainly isn’t the most dangerous of the movie sins, but it can waste more time than any of the others.

6: Sloth: Laziness. Like, when you go for very long stretches of time without watching a movie. It is probably the most common sin among general people, but movie obsessors very rarely let it happen to them. If you wait a period of longer than four days without watching a movie… that’s sloth. It’s annoying, but if you’re gonna watch and review movies, you need to keep a constant flow of them in your life. It can be hard to avoid, depending on how you’re employed and whether you have a family, but try not to let it happen.

7: Wrath: The opposite of Lust. This is when you hate a movie so much that you rant on about its awfulness and try to distance yourself from it as much as possible. When it comes up in a conversation, you are instantly seized by a fit of rage. The film’s name rings in your ear like an out-of-tune guitar, constantly strumming awful-sounding notes in your brain. Wrath’s a bitch, but then again, so is Gigli.

So there you have it. The seven deadly (movie) sins. Now it’s time for…

Leave a comment telling me which of the sins you’re guilty of. Do you commit these sins regularly? Got any opinions on the sins? Lemme know, down below!

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Patient observer of all things film and music, from Béla Tarr to Boards of Canada. Foul mouthed and clinging to the edge of sanity.

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  1. Greed greed greed. I can’t walk out of a movie rental place without buying one or two movies, usually previously viewed, though not always. Now that I live in a remote city, we’ve been recording EVERYTHING off of the satellite so that we can watch new movies all the time.

    Gonna have to say that pride is another…where I used to live, there was a fantastic movie rental place called Gen X Video…they have an amazing collection of b-movies, horror, foreign, anime, etc. etc. etc. They even have EVERY Mystery Science Theatre 3000 film they can get their hands on. Whenever I’d go there, I’d feel proud to be in the small minority of customers that go there for their rare films and amazing finds. I miss that place now…

  2. TheDudeAbides

    Ooh, good one. My most commited ones are #’s 1,2,3,5,6 and 7. That’s alot I know. I have done and keep doing all of those listed over and over and then some. I never feel envy that much,if at all. I don’t get jealous over what others have seen and I haven’t. Well, maybe a few exceptions. Such as those who got to see the original almost 4 hour long cut of the wild bunch, one of many releases I keep fingers crossed for that will get a release.

  3. TheDudeAbides

    I say we each explain how each one applies to us….

  4. I have committed all these sins. Shame on me 😦

  5. Awesome analysis Dude!! Have experienced almost all of them deadly sins!!

  6. I’m guilty of committing all the sins you mentioned.

    Greed: I was making my top 50 movies when I started buying a lot of blu-rays. So many, that it started to shrink the size of my wallet significantly.

    Gluttony: I spent part of my last weekend to make two more lists (OCD, I know, right). One list includes the movies I haven’t seen yet, but would want to (includes classics, asian movies, french cinema etc). This list is 450 movies long. The second list is filled with movies I’ve already seen, but would like to re-watch. It’s a smaller list – a tad under 100 movies.

    Pride: Learning movie trivia and then showing it off to my friends. Also includes rare BD’s that I have bought.

    Envy: Your remark about Envy being Pride’s lower class twin brother really hit the nail. Whenever my best friend tells me about a new movie he saw (his sin of Pride) that I have yet to see, Envy comes out lurking.

    Lust: I feel that Lust is the smallest of my sins in size. I rarely go to the cinema to watch a movie twice, or three, or even four times. It’s probably because of the high prices, knowing that you can catch it on blu-ray soon enough, and (my very own specific reason) because I don’t like to watch deeper thought-provoking movies several times in a short period of time. Funny comedies I can watch as often as the sun sets.

    Sloth: Not watching a movie in the course of a few days leaves you with a feeling that you haven’t achieved a really important goal. Sometimes it’s because of your own laziness, sometimes you just don’t have the time.

    Wrath: Cheesy, not well made movies. I hate ’em. When my friends tell me about a movie I’ve seen that falls into this category (cheesy, not well made), I tell them: “I’m never watching that s*** again!” The same goes for movies which my friends recently saw and said they liked. Now when I watch these movies and they don’t live up to the hype, Wrath shows it’s ugly head. (I’ve started not to take their opinions about movies so strongly anymore, because our taste in movies varies.)

    I found your post very fun to read to. I identified with all the movie sins.


    greed for me.Ive got about 420 Blurays & about the same of DVDs.Ive done a spread sheet of titles that I want( This includes stuff that hasnt been released in the cinema yet,but I feel i will problay like…Im looking at you Captain America).whats worse is I have stuff ive brought 5 years ago & still havent watched.
    “Hi Im Dave & im a DVD addict.Its been 3 days since I last brought a disc”

  8. Movie Collector 445

    Greed, with out a doubt. my wife and I are movie people. with well over six hundred dvd titles, and another two hundred blu-ray titles spanning the gambit, me love our movie collection and hope it keeps growing, Netflix has curbed our buying as of recent and without a hastings for nearly two hundred miles we’ve been having to cut back on the instant gratification of picking up a movie or twelve on payday.

  9. Hit List! Congrats!

  10. I’m like John Doe, 7 for 7

  11. As Captain Reynolds once said… “Ah hell, I’m a fan of all seven.”

    Except sloth.

  12. That’s your idea of sloth? I thought I was a glutton for not going more than four days without a movie. Netflix has so spoiled us.

  13. Most defintely Wrath. The despicable “American Psycho” got me so enraged, I went on every board and chatroom I could to denounce it. And was promptly shouted down by the millions who were fooled into loving that piece of misogynistic garbage.

  14. Robert Fuller

    I’ve been guilty of all of these sins at one time or another. I’ve pretty much kicked greed and pride for good (thanks to Netflix, I never buy DVDs anymore), but gluttony is still a problem (though not as much as it used to be), and envy, sloth, and wrath still rear their ugly heads now and then. Lust, less so.

  15. Wow…an amateur. I watch approximately 500 movies every YEAR. (Yep, more than one per day, and sometimes five or six in a single day on weekends.) And your brother-in-law has only seen “Citizen Kane” five times? In 1974, I saw it six times in six months (twice in film studies class and four times at art houses and revivals). Seven sins? Buddy, you don’t have anything to worry about yet. (BTW, my sin would be something like obstinacy…I refuse to stop watching ANY film after I start, no matter how bad it is. I stay till the bitter end.)

  16. My biggest movie sin is, without a doubt, GREED. Ever since I started buying DVDs when I bought a DVD player in 2001, I’ve been snatching up every movie that even remotely looks good, or that I even sort of liked when I first saw it. Before 2001, I’d only purchased 4 movies, all Star Wars. Plus, I used to make fun of people I knew who had a sizable VHS collection. It is now 2011, and I own close to 500 movies, 100 of them Blu-Rays; I only got a Blu-Ray player one year ago. It’s so bad now that I don’t even want to RENT movies anymore. If a friend tells me we should watch, let’s say “Prince of Persia” and I don’t own it, chances are I’ll go out and buy it rather than rent it. I’m sick, I NEED HELP!!!

    Great article, but I have to dispute your movie sin interpretation. I would say that PRIDE has more to do with one’s movie knowledge than his collection of rare memorabilia. When I can name all five Fast and the Furious movies with their exact titles, without having seen any of the sequels, or tell you who directed Terminator 3, You Me & Dupree and Tombstone, and think I’m impressing my audience, that’s pride.

    ENVY has more to do with envying someone else’s home theatre or movie collection. I shelled out $1000 on a 32-inch 1080i LCD, then drooled all over my neighbour’s 1080p 50-inch that he got for the same price; it nearly drove me insane with jealousy.

    And SLOTH, I’ll have to say, encompasses more than what you’re stating. Sure, it involves the laziness that would prevent one from seeing a movie, but I also think it should take into account one’s persistence in watching a movie to the end, even if it’s not the greatest movie ever, as well as keeping one’s attention on the movie, rather than on one’s cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone or other such crap, when watching a flick.

    • I guess some of the sins might have ambiguous meanings, and your meanings definitely apply to them. I wrote this list in kind of a hurry so I never really had time to sit back and think about those meanings. The idea just came to me while watching guess-which-movie for the sixteenth time. Thanks for your thought-provoking comment.

  17. my movie sins occurred recently, im obsessed with troma movies, and as soon as i saw that they’re were selling movies for 50 cents, i thought, i ‘ll buy a few……ended up spending over 200 dollars, am i that GREEDY?!?!?!? lol

  18. Greed. Definitely Greed. Unfortunately I can’t buy movies like I used to. Ever since I got married I’ve had to seriously cut back on my purchases to keep from getting yelled at with spending money that we didn’t have. Nothing worse than incurring an over-draft fee just because you HAD TO HAVE the Criterion version of The Thin Red Line. I just can’t justify it nor explain my way out of it when our checking account gets dinged $35.

  19. David Hollingsworth

    It has to be a three-way tie between greed, lust, and envy.

  20. I Will go with, GLUTTONY: Last week I was at home resting (doctor’s order) and a friend of mine lend me about 10 or plus movies. I was anxious just to see them all at once. This happens to me all the time I most watch every film especially classics.

    PRIDE: I like to collect movies and I want everybody to see my little collection (100 +) but I want more!!!

  21. Max Eastman

    I have to go with Sloth and Pride. Sloth because I live in a family that argues with me if I don’t want to watch Antichrist with my family, and then i’m stuck watching friggin’ Lifetime out of guilt. Pride because whenever I watch an artsy film, I feel smart. I also suffer from the sin of rarely ending a movie no matter how much it sucks. Except for rare cases such as Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (family made me watch it) or Special Dead.

  22. Oh definitely Pride! I can be such a movie snob sometimes and get frustrated by people who cannot partake in my cinematic obsession. 86% of my speech is movie quotes. This is the sin of which I am probably most ashamed, but I feel no remorse for my Lust or Gluttony, not even my Wrath (I’m sorry, but What Happens in Vegas makes my heart cry.) I used to be a slave to Greed, but since becoming a starving college student, that is simply no longer an option hahah.

  23. Oh god I do all EXCEPT Sloth! Movie Hell, here I come…

  24. I am guilty of everyone except, 1,4,and 6.

  25. I don’t know where I fit, but I’ll buy movies because they are notorious, or they have special anniversary packaging, or I’ve never seen it not offered out of VHS and suddenly it is on dvd. Then, I never watch them. Probably the biggest sin I have is having the Coffin Joe set in a collectible coffin, and I’ve only watched the first one. The owing outways the watching for me. At the moment I’m tracking down anything with Soledad Miranda, and I have about 3 of them. “She Died in Ecstasy” and the Dracula remake where she was Lucy are the only two I don’t have. I spent years finding “The Devil Rides Out” under $90 (found it on Amazon). Finding movies where Christopher Lee is the hero is difficult. I guess I would be “pride” because I want people to admire my collection and the work it took to accumulate.

  26. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I’m 7 for 7 on this list. I also own the Fincher film, so I found the article to be ironic in a different type of way. When you own close to 1400 (nasty habit, aren’t they?) you’re getting close to critical mass. It’s time to start giving them away. 1400 DVDs are tough to move!

    To be extremely creepy, have you noticed yourself watching more movies about summer IN the summer months and movies about winter events during the winter months? I find myself watching football movies a lot during the fall, for instance. I find myself watching other sports in season, so I’ll be watching Slap Shot soon.

    I also know the feeling of owning unopened DVDs. As a friend of mine said, “Things like that have to be opened.”

    • That thing about seasonal movie watching habits is an interesting thought, and I suppose I agree. I’m envious of that 1400, but I don’t know if I’d be able to give any of them away.

  27. Wrath: Specifically when the movie “Crash” is mentioned. Don’t get me started.

    • The curious thug about Crash is that there’s such divided opinion on whether it’s good or bad. I, personally, think it’s an awful piece of shit but I’m critical like that.

  28. TheDudeAbides

    Ah ok so I do have wrath. Wrath towards Wes Anderson, don’t get me started on my passionate loathing and hatred for he and his work, twilight, that’s an obvious one,and just your general,formulaic obviously not trying well,anything. Notice, I left the usual suspects, i.e Michael Bay, Uwe Boll,Brett Rattner etc, off for specific reasons not of which you might think they are.

    Mecca’s list of sins pretty much sums me up and my movie sins.

    Funny you all mentioned crash,as I was thinking about this earlier, which I can now add to the list of things that have happened to me fairly recently which seem weirdly coincedental, I agree. Crash is a really half assed medicore movie. I call it the politically correct,sensitivley condescending,treating the audience like kids,push button emotion,made for tv movie look at themes such as racism,prejudice etc. If you want to see a real,and real scary look at such themes along with hatred, well, I think it’s safe to assume you’ve all seen American History X, which I like and think is a great and powerful and is exactly what I said, however I can see how some might get sick of hearing about it,understood,and also Romper Stomper, simply put, it’s the Australian American History X as a basic sum up, but different story. It came out before American History X, was one of Russell Crowe’s early performances, and it’s intense to say the least. So check that one out if you haven’t already.

    • Great comment. American History X and Romper Stomper are great. Agree with you about everything except Wes Anderson.

      • TheDudeAbides

        Well, what can I say? I loathe Anderson and his poor excuse for work(s) with a passion for many reasons. I tried. I really did try to get into it, but then,enough was enough. Why or what do you like about his stuff?

  29. TheDudeAbides

    I haven’t counted in a while, but I’m pretty sure I have well over 1’000 mix of dvd’s blu rays.

  30. Lust and Wrath. I’m very passionate about movies.
    Lust especially shows itself with Shutter Island, I saw it 3 times in theaters and now if anyone I know even thinks about watching it I have to be there. I’ve forced all of my friends to see it. My lust for this movie has driven me to decode every little bit of it to the point where any discussion of it is dominated by my vast opinions on its various themes.
    Wrath comes out most with The Knowing, it had so much potential and then they RUINED it! I can’t discuss this one without giving away the ending, but even that doesn’t always stop me.

    • If you liked Shutter Island, you’ll be interested to know that a LOT of it was influenced by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman’s brilliant horror movie The Hour of the Wolf. The shot of DiCaprio with the lit match is taken right out of it.

    • TheDudeAbides

      Not to be judgemental, ok, maybe a little bit, but shutter island,really? Out of all the things that could possibly merit multiple rewatches,shutter island barely comes close. I mean, it pretty much took me, and everyone else it seems, one viewing to figure it all out. Yeah, the setup is promising, but the delivery isn’t disapointing as much as it is, “Oh, OOOOOKKKKKKKK.” I mean, inception,total recall,or out of the sci-fi/thriller genre,let’s say goodfellas and probably a prime example, the big lebowski, warrant such rewatches.

  31. Oooh, great article dude. Congrats on the hit list, too.

    Well, for me, the biggest ‘sin’ is probably sloth but not out of laziness but because I simply don’t have the time to watch a movie on weeknights. I try to catch up on movie watching on the weekend but w/ 40+hour workweek, gym, etc. I don’t even have time to watch TV. Maybe I should blog less and watch more movies, he..he..

    • Thanks!

      People’s movie watching habits depend on their lifestyle. I like to think of myself as a hardcore movie geek, but I’m beginning to realize I don’t have as much time for movies as I used to. Sure, I can watch one or two each night and five in the weekend, but work and social life can get in the way so easily. I’m happy with what I have though. I like writing this blog and I like watching movies. I’ve found a timetable that works for me.

  32. Bless me Father, for I have sinned (but not that much).

    Being slothful is quite easy here in Pakistan, but I have managed to avoid that.

    Being wrathful is also an easy-as-it-goes option, but I have managed to duck that too.

    Being envious is not option. All of my friends are far more ignorant than me in movie matters. Guess what? they look to me for guidance! What’s the world been coming to!

    But I have been greedy, I have been lustful, I have been proud and I have been gluttonous (I have just watched both parts of the Transformers twice — non-stop. Take that, you buffs!)

  33. Wow, great article!

    My sins are definitely greed and gluttony. I buy more movies than I can watch, but I want to watch more movies than I have the money to buy!

    Coincidentally, I am helping spread the word for a site that is all about sins. It’s a site where you can confess, report and share your thoughts on the seven deadly sins (and any other sins you can think of). THe URL is, planetsin.com!

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